The Mtc Touch Quest Marketing Essay

MTC touch is 1 of 2 mobile providers in Lebanon currently with more than 2 million subscribers. Since 2002 the mobile telecom sector is had by the federal government and run by 3rd party companies, thus MTC Touch is no anomaly, it is owned or operated by the federal government and monitored by Zain Group.

As for competition MTC Touch is contending with its Rival Alfa the next mobile operator.

MTC Touch mission

Clearly identified missions can be handled better, to help evaluate MTC Touch business mission we will follow the four details: Purpose, Strategy, Conducts and Value (Campel & Yueng, 1991)


MTC Touch is focused on excellence and obviously states that Boosting people's lifestyle is one of its top missions through program and maintenance of Quality management system that is ISO compliant (Touch, n. d. )


MTC Touch is embracing every possibility to improve and optimize its products and services and become a dynamic contributor to the community (Touch, n. d. )

Behavior Standards

MTC Touch is betting on its high level of professionalism and internal coordination by providing a special place to work (Touch, n. d. )


MTC Touch is convinced in adding value to its Stakeholders and its customers through ongoing innovation, performance and quality

MTC Touch Marketing

Lebanon was notorious for its poor internet, In Past due 2011 MTC Touch launched its 3. 9G network and offered five new data packages, ranging from 10$ to 99$, and three new blackberry services, which range from 1. 5$ to 4. 5$ a week, urged by market forces to develop variety of marketing mixes (Borden, 1964).

Market Orientation

MTC Touch performs domestically in a Business to Consumer marketing fashion; it is worth looking at the Market Orientation and its own development within MTC Touch, and evaluate the primary components: customer orientation, competitor orientation and inter efficient coordination (Stanley & Narver, 1994).

To accommodate to its customer value chain which is innovating with time and create superior value for its customers MTC Touch was urged to consistently improve current services and start new services.

By knowing its rival Alfa short-term weakness, which was in the process of introducing 3G, and with the introduction of more complex and latest 3. 9G technology, MTC Touch demonstrated well developed rival orientation procedures.

MTC Touch knew that for successful release of the services they need to create a swat team to organize internally which proven strong concentrate on inter-functional coordination shown by the kick off of its products in sync with network update, advertising campaign and syndication facilities.

It is clear that the market orientation is serving the global strategy goal declared in MTC touch quest, Thus giving us how near the client they try to be and exactly how effective they may be in giving an answer to market changes (Baines, et al. , 2011).

Effective marketing strategy requires homogeneous segmentation of market in response to advertise heterogeneity, understanding the needs and providing the right products (Baker & Hart, 2008). The next illustrates the segmentation and different factors known as the marketing environment influencing the MTC Touch marketing blend.

The Marketing Environment

Factors that have an effect on the marketing mixture are known as the marketing makes, this section will shed the light on those factors that damaged MTC Touch marketing blend, in a differentiated marketing procedure.

The Socio-cultural environment pressed MTC Touch to release variety of products for business users, young adults, light and heavy users, as failing to adjust to such changes through changes in products combination will in the end have bad impact on companies (Baines, et al. , 2011), it is always good to understand the variation in income in individuals' life time and its affect on buying fads (MarketingTeam, n. d. ).

The inexpensive environment which has direct effect on consumer behaviors (Borden, 1964) where it identifies how much people can spend buying products, urged MTC Touch release a products at different prices.

The Technological environment which is shifting more towards mail and online marketing in current technology progression era (Sclater, 2005) was exhibited through MTC Touch advertisements utilizing Facebook, websites, tweeter and YouTube.

The Legal and governmental environment in Lebanon which companies have to check out strict legislation over pricing, deals and advertising (Borden, 1964), The Dilemma here was to harm competitors network and products considering that direct comparability is restricted.

The commercial environment displayed by realizing the scale, strength, motivations and attitudes of direct competition (Borden, 1964), which is ALFA this circumstance, because of this MTC touch rushed to update its network and responded to the pressure of flourishing Smartphones and the incredibly data starving applications to satisfy its customers.

The Ecological environment places more pressure induced by Government and MTC Touch being committed to be eco-friendly, as individuals are becoming more worried about the impact of products on the environment (Baines, et al. , 2011);MTC touch inexperienced success comes in the form of replacing outdated generators and use eco friendly ones to lessen pollution and also shown by the launch of several renewable services such as ATM recharge, online recharge, credit copy, expenses e-pay and online provisioning (Touch, n. d. ).

Apart from exterior factors in the above list another forces influenced the marketing blend that happen to be related to consumer behaviours.

The consumer action factors which we consider, the average person part where customers are in dependence on broadband internet to stay connected to work and sociable hubs in a world of smartphones, Roamers are in need and looking for high speed internet services that match with with their home countries, MTC Touch was lacking huge amount of unidentified revenue, the sociological part shown through the effect of other consumers either friends or family members that are already aware of such products such as inbound Roamers (Baker & Hart, 2008)


This section will examine the segmentation steps utilized by MTC Touch that have been based on profile, behavioral and mental health standards, good segmentation identify the communities that are worthwhile considering, the underserved and the dissatisfied (Yankelovich & Meer, 2006).

Behavioral predicated on consumer's usage of mobile internet, sociable, functionality and people being so attracted to technology

Profile based on demographics such as age group, income, profession and education

Psychological based on consumers' interest, personality and their life-style.

MTC Touch launched products concentrating on roamers and considerable intake customers as marketing today is now more centered on smaller but profitable segments in a way to become more reliable and effective (Duncan, 2002).

The Marketing Mix

Marketing is an integral management self-discipline (Marketing, n. d. ) Where MTC Touch considers it as a idea for reaching clients by offering different marketing combination to different segments, and to be considered a successful one it should have four privileges: product, place, time and price (Marketing, n. d. ).


Through the product mixture offerings MTC Touch tried to improve customer notion by maximizing the customer good thing about their offerings (Borden, 1964), they were able to reach new business segment through their blackberry products, this start was in conjunction with several intangible services such as Credit Copy, online provisioning and free mobile app to manage and screen usage


By launching different products, MTC touch attempted to focus on different market segments business and personal, they even launched same product in different prices but different intake cap, which empowered them to reach both low and high income market segments.


To promote their new products, MTC Touch protected different aspects ad, PR and branding where it made use of Tv set, Radio, website, creating weekly episodes to maintain online buzz and connections and billboards (Lynx, 2012). with the release MTC Touch had lots of offers such as free prepaid to postpaid swap, Free evening data consumption, 40% discount on night voice calls and all day on Weekend.

The "Bati2" marketing campaign, in English (too poor), won the first award in Dubai international advertising campaign event, MTC Touch challenge due to restrictions was to talk to customers that the new 3. 9G network is faster than the competitors 3G network and the answer was 'speedy and amigo' with a mission to find anything faster than 3. 9G. Results were instantaneous, "Bati2" was just about everywhere in tweets, jokes, commentary on athletics, politics and the latest media, on facebook, it was even on popular Television set programs. As a result MTC Touch added over 200 000 new subscriptions within 6 weeks (Lynx, 2012)


MTC Touch grows to everyone anywhere, recharge cards available in MTC Touch retail stores, market Shops, Petrol Stations, Mobile outlets, online charging is also another option, ATM recharge and even Credit copy between MTC Touch customers.


Aligning their branding strategy with product packaging, MTC Touch strains on the "High Speed" communication, all recharge cards comes out with 'Speedy and Amigo' on the cover


MTC Touch fell short in this area, They didn't have the competitive advantage in both presales and post sales support, appropriate training was not provided for call center employees, there is absolutely no process defined for submitting a support solution, The Retail employees don't possess enough information about the released products and weren't a help to customers to best choose the product that fits

Evolution of influencing Forces

We are moving into a dynamic world with constant changes of conducts, which the successful company has to adapt to those changes and shall forecast consumers and opponents reactions to its products, a company that is definitely seeking opportunities and creating them, a firm that has foresight and observing market signals whether they are natural, cost-effective, social, commercial or technical (Borden, 1964).

The marketing mix is only a remedy to issues at a given time and should never be regular or fixed, markets evolve and be more difficult, marketing mixture should be as well in ongoing motion responding to market segments, to consumers, to competitors and to other external makes (Borden, 1964).

MTC Touch and influencing Forces

The cost-effective factor; Lebanon is moving through difficult times and the mobile rates are still highest if compared to the region regardless of the current decrease in prices. Further reduction in prices may be faced with legal constraints from the government.

The Technological factor; in the era of social marketing where people posting their bad belief of products online and in reach of everyone,

The Legal, governmental and political factor; changing prices is limited by government, political issues continue to progress in Lebanon and the whole region that will have impact as Leading politics parties will usually aim to have significantly more control on the telecommunication sector through changing the management team, thus impacting the whole firm strategy. The federal government is planning to release a third permit in Lebanon, as a result this will redistribute the marketplace talk about, another negative take note would be low prices offered by the new entrant as it'll be given a grace period in conditions of offers and prices.

The industrial factor; Telecom sector is dynamically changing and modern tools could be obsolete by tomorrow, MTC Touch competitor is in plan to up grade their network to 3. 9G at that time MTC Touch will lose their technological advantage, Data consumption is surging because of the advantages of smartphones.

Consumer manners are quickly changing, high speed internet and being socially connected is now more a do not need to a demand, and Individuals are looking for services that fit their needs.

Response to Changes

MTC Touch should be creative and innovative in terms of growing and altering its marketing mixture, should follow the trend and react to its customers by always being up-to-date in terms of solutions and offered products, should always target the underserved consumers by offering new products or by adapting its current marketing mix.

MTC Touch must have more give attention to Marriage marketing with consumers and distributors to increase their sense of commitment, to activate consumers in growing or modifying products; more concentrate on involved marketing through communicating with consumers, try to answer their questions, get their feedback; more concentrate on Internal marketing through aligning the eyesight with stakeholders and employees, providing them with sense of participation.

Marketing Research

Marketing research is the procedure of gathering, inspecting and interacting information to provide the business with understanding to aid taking marketing decision for future activities to successfully meet consumers' through understanding their needs, motivations and ambitions (Baines, et al. , 2011).

Marketing research methodology process involves different stages with a continuous responses loops to help return back and evaluate work done or take corrective activities (MarketingTeam, n. d. ).

The process starts with defining a challenge or an opportunity where the precise definition will aid shaping the marketplace research aims through better knowledge of the needed information. Possible causes are market conditions, competitor actions, market talk about or consumer habits.

Research Methodology development, decides how to proceed with the activities, what data is needed and the way to gather it, how to coordinate internally or with the researcher to help make the research more comprehensive.

Research design development, selects the research solution to be followed whether it is descriptive, exploratory or informal research, this level also decides selecting research organization, whether to move in-house or outsource.

Data Collection and sampling, Data resources can be extra or major data and will be collected based on preferred research method, this might include observational, Qualitative or Quantitative method, while Study Methods can take any of the following varieties: by telephone, interviews or by email (Malhotra & Peterson, 2001).

Analysis and presentation, examination will be performed With regards to the nature of accumulated data and collection method used (Baines, et al. , 2011)

Reporting, this step is as important as the complete process as it is the communication method to convey the research message in a well interpreted and understandable format to decision taking people.

Market Research in MTC Touch

Marketing research in MTC Touch is induced either by identifying a problem or a chance.

MTC Touch utilizes two resources for marketing research activities, Internal marketing team or consultancy research Agents with regards to the identified issue. Outsourced activities are categorized as the research agency responsibility with MTC Touch being a support.

Case Research 1: Mobile market penetration is low (53%)

MTC Touch in cooperation with Lebanese ministry of telecommunications (MoT) which are the owners of the telecom sector in Lebanon noticed that the marketplace penetration is as low as 53 % end of 2008; they induced a marketing research to address the condition and identify possible solutions (TRA, n. d. ).


Mobile market penetration is low at 53%, while neighboring countries are enjoying 100+% mobile penetrations

Research Studies:

The research targeted at understanding the habits of customers, the marketplace structure, difficulties and drivers. The study covered different categories such as mobile, internet and data. The primary purpose was to reveal issues such as penetration, use habits, improvements and needs.

Research was conducted by way of a consultancy market research firm including surveys in face to face conferences and interviews fashion, with home customers, corporate and business customers in a way to repay representative quotas for years, gender and socio-economic classes and various business sectors covering all Lebanese counties, also concluded interviews with providers covering issues like: objectives, strategies, service offerings and regulatory implications.

The data gathered demonstrated that 47% of the mark group is non-mobile users and the reasons were either they don't need a mobile, apparent among old people (55-64), or because of expensive call rates. Other issues were highlighted like the brief validity of pre-paid cards, Very low awareness of value added services and contacting rates among customers.

As for regions of improvement the results arrived as follows, 89% of respondents were happy for decrease in costs whilst 43% for better service (TRA, n. d. ).

Main problem was related to product, price, advertising and customer satisfaction.

Recommendations and Activities:

Focusing on the study finding and advice, MoT in cooperation with MTC Touch decided to embark on a 40% discount on all phone calls in offpeak hours, introduced new pre-paid credit cards at new rates and different validity time where cost of possession is 55% cheaper and new deals are 27% cheaper than active packages, new recharge vouchers at different validity time, new SIM cards and codes, New postpaid credit cards at new rates up to 36% discount on local phone calls and 20% on local sms, discounted rates on international text message and message or calls up to 20%. Introduce new friends & family ideas at a 40% discount for two selected figures.

Apart from above referrals, the research brought up several service improvements and client satisfaction recommendations. Things like permitting clients to recharge during validity period, Provide comprehensive training to employees, Point of Sale (PoS) and customer support centers to support new offerings, Enhance circulation agreements to expedite promotion of new offerings and unveiling marketing campaign to raise customers recognition for new products.


Post execution results as of December 2011; shared by MoT and MTC Touch, confirmed great success, a 28% increase in mobile penetration, upsurge in profits as reported by ministry of telecommunication and increase in client satisfaction, mtc touch taken care of its authority position at 59% market share.


The case study illustrates marketing research approach with MTC Touch and how it impact decisions related to marketing combine for new offerings.

The study implies that the situation was related to Product, Price and advertising in specific, communication and understanding.

The research started out by defining the situation and then selecting best approach to handle it and prepare the right combine. It gives facts that a well designed market research responding to real cause of the problem will achieve splendid results; it shows the way the segmentation of the situation helped to handle it in several ways.

Market Research Improvement

The technology evolution and the globalization of markets introduced companies to new markets and new means of conducting market research, information being available and in reach of customers urges the management to the need of experiencing consumers, better understand their needs, ambitions and actions, thus marketing research became the mean to web page link management and consumers (Malhotra & Peterson, 2001).

Technology improved the success and efficiency of market research and resulted in increase dependency onto it, The option of huge data warehousing improved it through computer assisted techniques, The availability of industry and federal research reports managed to get much easier to acquire information, The ability to save huge number of trades increased the correctness and The option of internet and its own nature being available to everyone and the amount of information reachable made execution faster, easier with lower costs. (Malhotra & Peterson, 2001)

To improve its General market trends and marketing blend, MTC Touch should become more active in the social advertising domain, as cultural sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter can be found to everyone, MTC Touch should pay attention to what customers say, understand their needs and actions and perceive reviews on its services.

MTC Touch should be more involved with analytical analysis methods, as Data often lends itself to statistical analyses to remove just as much information as is possible (EmblemsvҐg, 2005). The huge amount of data they have including customers' usage records, network developments and customer actions, the amount of tools they need to monitor customer experience and network performance, All this can play an important role in interesting customers passively in their general market trends, can help them understand the effect of all factors on the marketing combine and evaluate its efficiency to help model new marketing mixture. They can use such data to find patterns, conducts and correlations and use such correlations to optimize the marketing combine.

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