The object and subject of industrial marketing - Industrial (B2B) marketing

The object and subject of industrial marketing

The subject of industrial marketing is the relationship between organized market entities that arise from their business activities. Such relations can be relations of purchase and sale, technical and economic cooperation, business negotiations, financial relations, etc.

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Organized entities are legal entities that purchase goods for their use in the production of other goods, resale, leasing for profit.

Such organized consumers can be:

1) manufacturing enterprises that use the acquired goods in the production of their own goods;

2) intermediary structures that purchase goods for further resale, being wholesale, retail and retail enterprises;

3) government agencies that purchase for national, regional and local tasks;

4) non-profit organizations that purchase goods to carry out their own activities aimed at solving certain tasks, for example, social problems.

The subject of industrial marketing is the industrial market, which will be discussed in the next section.

Industrial marketing performs a number of complex functions , which include certain sub-functions and allow this type of marketing to ensure a clear and organized operation of all B2B market.

1. Analytical function includes:

• study B2B -market: its capacity, specialization, geographical location, level of competition, market conditions, etc.);

• research of consumers (size of companies, special requirements for goods, behavior in the market, etc.);

• research of commodity market structure (existing and potential assortment, standards and technical requirements, etc.);

• research of firm structures (contractors, competitors, intermediaries);

• Research of the company's internal environment (organizational structure, the state of research and development (R & D), assessment of labor and financial potential, analysis of the competitiveness of the company and its products).

2. The production function includes:

• development of new products and new technologies;

• the organization of material and technical supply;

• quality management and product competitiveness.

3. Sales Function includes:

• the organization of the system of commodity circulation;

• providing logistical issues;

• organization of service and installation;

• the formation of a pricing policy.

4. Management function includes:

• activity planning and concentration of resources in priority areas;

• Information and communication support.

In general, the development of industrial marketing in United States companies, allows to form the image and attractiveness of not only the company that uses it, but also the image and investment attractiveness of the region in which the company is located. After all, advanced marketing on the B2B -market allows you to create a basis for using effective market mechanisms, both at the macro and micro levels.

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