The Pet Enthusiasts Centre Marketing Essay

In 1973, two brothers Robert and David Ng, founded your pet Lovers Centre. This is as the culmination of these passion for pets having been brought up in a farm with all kinds of animals and dogs. Presently, the PLC is Singapore's most significant retail and service chain. Once the brothers opened the first shop, it was at a kind of a hobby business. As the company grew in leaps and bounds, the next era of the Ng family overran the running of the business. The business enterprise grew quickly not only in Singapore but also in Malaysia.

PLC is popular for offering its customers with the 'freshest and widest, warm and prompt service'. Initially, the business enterprise exposed the first store and offered everything a pet would need in inexpensive. As the demand for pet-related retail service increased, the business enterprise changed into retailing. The move was successful for the business as pet ownership became popular. The owners of the household pets realized the need to give their dogs appropriate foods as opposed to leftover foods. As additional time and was being invested by both brothers in the endeavor, the decided to kick off their own R&D including turning home carpets into felines' damage pads. The fast growth of the business has seen the company learning to be a franchise-able brand in 2008.

Pet Lovers Centre Macro-Environment

The Singapore and Malaysian pet food markets are contemporary influenced by a number of factors. A few of these factors act like those that have an impact on human food movements.


In 2007, contaminated protein transfer from China was found in dog and cat food. Some importers in Malaysia possessed purchased the products without full understanding of the status of the food. The polluted food was eventually linked to kidney failures in most pets that possessed consumed the polluted food. Consequently, there have been multiple litigations that affected the industry. Further, a sizable size recall was order by specialists that significantly impacted most your pet food manufacturers. The occurrence continues to impact your pet food industry today. Pet owners are ever sensitive to the materials and food quality.


PLC is well versed with the government policies within Singapore having operated in the country foe almost four generations. However, venturing into the international business industry requires the business to learn the insurance policies of the host federal since different governments function under different procedures. Venturing into new areas may require the management to learn the rules, rules and legislations that will make the business enterprise friendly to the sponsor country. This may require scheduling meetings with government bodies in those countries, calling unions and federations so the business can operate within the laid-down parameters.


Intensity of rivalry

Although PLC currently dominate the pet food industry in Singapore and has indicate upsurge in market talk about in Malaysia, there are other medicine stores, supermarkets and discounters that pose a danger to PLC's dominance. These opponents employ tactics that suggest bitter rivalry with PLC. The encroach regions that PLC has a wide customer base and place competitive and better quality products on the market. This is a significant risk for PLC which is often required to respond aggressively to keep up market share and competitive benefits.

Bargaining electricity of customers

Threat of entry

PLC has been increasing its source chains in various locations in Singapore and Malaysia. Your pet materials industry is inherently fragmented with a wide variety of supermarkets, area of expertise and independent retailers, and merchandisers. Each one of these players take into account major entry factors in to the market. That is especially the case with Malaysia which lately has seen your pet food supply and services increase tremendously. Lots of the retailers are offering a variety of product selection at competitive prices. There is also a rapidly growing selection of pet services. These factors make it hard for unbiased merchants such PLC to enter new markets credited to limited product selection. However, PLC stand an opportunity to enter new markets of it focused on the brand that it has built over time.


In merchandising, food and discount retailers, pet products have become a growing category of products. Historically, such suppliers only offered a limited assortment of products which mostly feature pet foods. The introduction of new entrants has made your pet food industry to be more competitive as manufactures devote significant amount of money into research and development to provide new products in the market. Further, an array of sellers are reported to progressively devoting more shelf space to high grade pet products. That is aimed at meeting increasing demand from customers.

Major Factors that Have an effect on PLC business

Naturally, any business entity is often afflicted by some factors irrespective of the success of the business, the scale or the competence of the organization's management. PLC in spite of the success the business has achieved since its founding, they have perennially been suffering from two factors that significantly impact the organization's business. These factors include economic and environmental.


The ever before present financially challenging times often lead to owners to become more value conscious. The business has always been affected by intense increases in development costs. These affects the consumers as manufacturers are pressured to raise the unit prices. If the economy stabilizes, your pet food industry is often likely to remain robust. Further, the organizations that offer in pet food are expected to truly have a positive progress in the medium to long-term. Whereas the prime food for household pets remains popular during recessions and challenging monetary times, customers who place value on the domestic pets continue purchasing the products for their pets. This is why why most of the well established organizations continue being profitable particularly because the household pets are cured as surrogate children are highly humanized.

As manufacturers spot opportunities in the increased market segmentation in relation to the premium tendency, retailers target life-stages and specific breeds. This has been one of the areas that PLC has been well-augmented in your pet food industry. The business enterprise has resulted in new low calorie/low extra fat pet foods that have been gaining popularity. This has been as respond to the growing pet obesity which irrespective of the economic problems, pet owners have been considerate about the welfare of the dogs and cats.

On an international scale in which PLC inserted and has been executing significantly well, functionality and quality has been a essential aspect that the business has been very sensitive to. PLC research and development department has forecasted that functionality cases will continue steadily to perform well in terms of success as customers continue wanting to provide their pets with optimal dietary benefits. Dog or cat foods offering dogs and cats with fortified minerals, vitamin supplements and other associated nutrients are likely to continue carrying out well in the market considering that the marketplace has not been significantly affected before by these considerations.

Although PLC has always reported profitability during previous economic downturns, the products the business offers including organics will probably continue facing economic challenges as the clients increasingly continue become more price conscious. However, the brand that the business has established for the last four ages has guaranteed that the business has competitive advantage on the competitors. On the other hand, remaining before competition always demand that the company continuously continue to invest heavily in every natural/organic lines that tap into other trends. This includes the utilization of functional materials which present the business with the opportunity for differentiation.


For centuries, experts have been worried about the food humans consume. In recent decades, the attention has significantly shifted to the food that dogs and cats eat. A lot of the foods that dogs and cats such as dogs and cats consume are created from what humans do no eat such as bones, tissue, organs and scraps (Rostagi, 2010). PLC has been faced by this obstacle for long. It really is considered by environmentalists that pet food is some sort of a recycling procedure. Dog or cat food companies are thought to take the waste material and discover appropriate use for the coffee lover in the name of pet food. It offers often been argued that PLC plays a part in environmental degradation when the waste material are recycled into pet food. The central point would be that the by-products from pet wastes are not recycled as successfully as the merchandise that are used to manufacture the foods.

How the functions of planning, arranging, leading and controlling can be employed to PLC to make it far better and efficient

The management of any group is critical in ensuring that a business effectively achieves its organizational goals. The functions that are the inherent responsibility of management include planning, managing, leading and managing. These functions need to be applied effectively irrespective of the industry a business manages in. These functions typically participate in the very best management. This ensures that the organization achieves its goals since the top management is often better knowledgeable regarding the goals and targets of the business compared to the lower ranking professionals and employees.

The most paramount dependence on a business that is forward-looking in the progressively competitive business community today is to develop a built-in and a logical management system that provides the business with alert command with profit-oriented control and planning. This means that the business is streamlined as a competitive organization (Allen, 1973). The look function of the management can be subdivided into 'activities' by classifying the major group of works that must definitely be performed by the management to predetermine a plan of action. Regarding PLC, this function has been dominated by the management of the business enterprise being family-oriented. However, it is very important for the management of the business to recognize that such a setting of management operation might not exactly auger well in the cotemporary business setting up regardless of the system having proved helpful in the initial phases of the establishment of the business enterprise. This is mainly because business entities have since changed the method of management which have significantly impacted how organizations are run. In organizations, planning is recognized as a course of action while in modern management terms, planning is only a goal-seeking management action that the management commits itself to. The planning at PLC should include forecasting, establishing targets, programming, arranging, budgeting and creating organizational steps.

After applying the initial planning, the management of PLC should endeavour to arrange the functions of the business. This involves planning and relating the task to be performed so that it can be accomplished most effectively by the labor force. The organization culture of PLC identifies with bureaucratic composition of management. The business requires launching organizational changes that will place proficient professionals in the hierarchy as opposed to having heirs dominate the running of the business enterprise. Since the managers will be pros, they'll be in a position to put organizational set ups set up that will ensure the engagement of employees by any means levels of the business enterprise. The organizing by the management will identify between the relation and the set up of work and the desire of the workforce. The agreement will ensure that the positions available are distinguished from the holders of the positions.

The success of any firm depends upon the grade of management that is exhibited within the business. It is imperative to recognize that not absolutely all managers are market leaders but a innovator can be a manager corresponding to Gemmy Allen and Georganna Hall (1998). Authority involves the energy of persuasion over others by others to stimulate the actions necessary for the accomplishment of organizational goals. It is hence imperative for the PLC management to ensure that they are able to stimulate the workforce to an elevated level and direct themselves to the tasks and duties designated through the planning process. This approach will inspire the workforce to attain the goals of the business and overshadow rivals at national and international levels.

Controlling identifies the process that means that the strategies are effectively and properly executed. It brings the management functions to a complete group. The performance standard of the business is communicated and established within functional categories in the organization. The control will allow the business management to delegate tasks to teams within the business.


Pet Addicts Centre is a respected business business that deals in pet food and services. The business boasts of numerous pet foods which were launched lately. Within the locations that the business operates, there is an impressive pet human population and the business has managed to establish a wide customer bottom part centred on quality products and excellent customer interactions. However, give the changing movements in pet food and service improved by competition, research and technology, it is important for the business to fully understand the specific needs and the styles of customers in the highly fragmented industry to be able to influence potential opportunities for penetration and differentiation. Modern day, there is a variety of opportunities for new, useful, innovative and organic and natural products for the marketplace. Likewise, there will emerge opportunities at the private brand level as consumers seek both cost-saving and advanced products. Despite recessions that significantly impact a number of industries including the pet food market, the sector offers a variety of opportunities for sellers.


As PLC packages its strategy that will ensure the delivery of the organizational goals in the next five years, it is critical for the business enterprise to ensure that the labor force is committed to organization's quality. This can help avoid the spoil of the business as it looks for to make organizational changes. The organization should live to the beliefs that clarify the organization's goals and aims. This will be achieved through proper planning planning. The management should ensure you can find quality in the results that are attained including customer relations and quality of your pet food products. Because the corporation has branches in a variety of locations, sustained use of the program is essential.

The management personnel ought to know the subordinates and what they are capable of such that it can organize the most valuable resources as a business. The managers also needs to be dependable in keeping communication lines open up between different departments to eradicate any organizational issues from building.

The management also needs to motivate the labor force to attain the organizational aims. The managers can use open communication and be able to give directions at individual and team levels.

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