The process of persuading and informing consumers, Strategic...

The process of persuading and informing consumers

The most experienced and successful organizers of all marketing communications strive to build a structure and system of relationships with the consumer in such a way that the target audience is given information about goods or services with a clearly defined angle of view. The description, instructions for use, technical specifications, contents of brochures and brochures are not directed to general awareness of all the qualitative indicators and properties of the product without exception, but to concentrate attention client primarily on attractive for him aspects. Anything that could adversely affect the overall impression and adversely affect the decision about interaction, or is mentioned casually as something insignificant and not affecting the final effect (usually - printed at the end of the general text, in small unreadable font with the addition of a huge amount of really unnecessary extra information ), or - is generally omitted. This is done in order to attract attention and interest the consumer or to influence his negative attitude towards the product, to make it positive, if a negative opinion has already been formed, ie. convince him of the need to change his mind. For successful and effective construction of this element of marketing communications, of course, we must scrupulously and carefully, systematically and systematically, thinkfully and creatively study its target audience. Firms sellers to convince consumers can use any information, arguments and incentives. In the current conditions of the information boom and the increased opportunities for obtaining all kinds of information of any kind, producers and sellers need to listen more actively to the voice of buyers. For example, the phone number of the reference service, indicated on packages with diapers, is one of the most successful tools for establishing marketing communications, since young mothers can always use it to express their comments about this product or to consult about its use.

Strategic objectives of marketing relations

All marketing communications are aimed at the development of certain commercial spaces and boundaries. The tasks to be solved, in turn, must in turn correspond to and correspond to the objectives of the enterprise's communication program. These various goals include, for example:

- creating a consumer's sense of awareness about this brand, maintaining his impression that this product is among the leaders for very significant quality indicators (that is, he is the brand leader of his segment);


- increase the level of availability of information about the product;

- the formation of a positive attitude both to the trade mark in particular, and to the image of the manufacturer as a whole;

- improving the level of service and customer service, as well as the general level of market culture, etc.

The above goals are local nature of the application value. Achieving every single goal of the communication program is certainly important, but only a complex approach can lead to the achievement of < strong> the main strategic goal of any commercial enterprise - by selling your product and making a profit, investing the resources in your business for its preservation and development.

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