The Promotional Mix Of Coca Cola Marketing Essay

The product which I select for evaluation is one Coca Cola second is Shampoos and soaps. As different kind of FMCG can be purchased in the marketplace with different brands and name. The business is basically processing and involved with producing the shampoos, soaps and other consumer goods related to the spa industry. The company is highly efficient and possibly distributes and provides more than the 100, 000 systems in per month. Both tier marketing route is involved from the making to the circulation to the hands of the consumer, the maker, the wholesaler, the shop and then the final consumer. The promotional mixture of Coca Cola is very included with a personalized promotional material for each region or country according to the knowledge of the neighborhood customer. The music employed in the television advertisings of Coca Cola are personal of their school of thought of delight, refreshment and enthusiasm. The colors and character types in the television advertising are also related to the fascination in each region of the world

Price of the merchandise:

The price for our products will be depending upon the competitors costs & also the capability of customers to pay. Coca Cola's prices range no more than nominal values because of its customers. Similar is the truth with shampoos and soaps. Once we are making some of the quality product which may be used one common user. By giving quality product the amount of user will increase, along with it the amount of sales will also be increased thus it will help our company to create revenue and can become more profitable to the company (Kotler, Armstrong, Brown, Adam, & Chandler, 1998). The company can make possible that there may not be scarcity in the products and can simply be accessible to an individual, thus the product of the sale depends upon the number of an individual as an individual increases the production increases.

Pricing Objective:

The pricing aim plays an essential role. You will discover three main strategies of pricing i. e. earnings oriented where some kind of the earnings is stored by the business and the price of the merchandise is kept that much, sales-oriented strategies is the other enter which all the concentrate is done on the sale max sale are created to be possible, within the 3rd status-quo strategies where the concentrate is the brand and qualities.

The strategies which we will perform are status-quo strategies. Even as might not be compromising on the grade of our products, this means that we should keep the best quality of the merchandise. So that the consumer is satisfied and makes the minimum profit but should keep the standard. Yes I am strongly decided with it because to make best and regular individual will be increased.

Product Demand:

The product is common on the market and is based on the consumer requirements. Thus the product makes it possible to have both attributes demand and supply. As the product quality is looked after thus an individual are increased daily. Based on the five factor of elasticity which can affect the product are option of substitutions, price relative to purchasing electric power, product strength, other product uses, and rate of inflation. Thus the key factor that your company can be used is sturdiness and substitution supply (Kotler, 1994). As both these can create a lot of income as well as the brand may also be improved.

Product life pattern:

Different stages get excited about the production of the merchandise.


In this level the creativeness and planning the products is done. To be able to know whether it work or not does it generate some income for the company and can it be accepted on the market. The merchandise is finally presented on the market.


After getting approval of the merchandise among customers, it go to the next level which is expansion phase. On this level best design are made to be able to get max volume of customers, which helps the company to expand and FMCG would be advertising at its maximum.


Maturity means the product reaches its final maximum sales level. Maturity basically makes revenue for the business at its maximum. But this period is very dangerous as few collapse following this phase and few further movements ahead by keeping their positions on the market and among the customers.


Decline stage likelihood of this garment industry are although very low as people hold their position once founded on the market.


Last but not the least exit strategy is seen very rarely but nonetheless few achieve this task. When organization does not follow any market craze it loses its value and well worth which makes the business close its procedures.

Product life pattern:

Competition is vital part of any business and specially the main one we have chosen in garment industry. Competitive strategies impact the price strategy of your product because other brands do have effect on our sales. Others, the mode of syndication, or the internet factors also play very significant role in dealing with the merchandise which we sell. Method of circulation for a garment company is just like key to success, so this is the critical factor which changes the tendencies of sales if not managed. Online offering is also one factor which needs to be considered meticulously nowadays. As companies have been making their online existence very attractive thus making the customer more closer to the merchandise, thus this factor should also be considered well.

Price & amp; Quality:

The price in our product communicates about its quality, Yes it can. Is it value-based as it is one of the major market products and fulfills basic needs of the customers and also the retails people. Folks have high needs for the merchandise which causes it to sell well. The business is basically making and involved with producing the FMCG and other consumer goods related to the spa industry. The company is highly productive and perhaps distributes and offers more than the 100, 000 systems in per month. Both tier marketing route is engaged from the manufacturing to the syndication to the hands of the buyer, the manufacturer, the wholesaler, the shop and then the final consumer. Product is well recognized and thus benefits quality factor which is necessary to maintain the business's existence. AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. Looking up at the various promotions of Coca Cola Company and its own various products one recognizes that it pulls the Attention of the customers very well by the desire of color of its adverts, using animations that blend well and music personal of Coca Cola's school of thought of Passion, Pleasure and refreshment.

Discounts and Rebates

Discounts or rebates have been offered on FMCG product to market them. Cash discount rates will be the most attractive ones, as people are enthusiastic about knowing what they are really keeping. But along with that a combo of other promotional discounts could be offered as well. Sales Campaign of FMCG is utilized at various regions of the world from time to time to pace up with the gradual periods of revenue (Lloyd, S. (1999). Personal Advertising is not utilized by FMCG to sell its products probably due to reason that a product like FMCG does not require a person salesperson to persuade the customer to buy a product that does not involve a lot of engagement and decision making. Beta evaluation with Facebook has empowered to monitor closed-loop sales from site contact with in-store purchase with very encouraging primary results that are above norms for what with other advertising sometimes appears.

Pricing Tactics

Price tactics our product works together with includes Fixed & Competitive and Head Pricing. This fundamentally means that the merchandise which we are selling, you are coca cola and its own price is set price and having competitive pricings. While in case there is shampoos and soaps the prices derive from leadership strategy where in fact the product would cost less when compared with competitors while keeping the product quality to boost the variety of customers (Gentle, 2000). The retail locations and the stores could be easily chosen where the large community is mixed up in daily or the every week shopping as the product is a substitute product to numerous of its varieties the special promotional strategies could be used in the retail section as well including the promotion through the point of purchase near the cash counter. Additionally as the products are closely related to the beauty and spa for the increased consumer awareness the saloons and spas could be come to in order in promoting the product and be the other kind of the retailer in order to build the recognition.

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