The REASON BEHIND The Convenient Store Business Marketing Essay

1. 0 Executive Summary

The Commercial building is located 5 a long way south of the city of Muscat and 2 tiny walk distance by city's main street, which is employed by a large number of commuters on daily basis between to the center of city or perhaps going for a shortcut to south of city. In the key road is being used by residents of city's south and south east to be able to attain Muscat city's main center. While going to work, a person along for the trip could stop and buy a sandwich or smooth/ cold drinks etc. Similarly along the way home, the same person along for the drive on main road, could come ABC Convenient Store and buy something like household items.

1. 1 Shareholding Structure

ABC Convenient Store is a registered Singular Proprietor. It's managed and maintained by Mr. A.

1. 2 Objectives

The main aim of almost all of the small convenient stores in is to earn maximum profit margins by retailing quality products. Therefore ABC Convenient Store is designed to provide highest possible quality products at competitive rates for the neighborhood residents of Muscat city particularly. Furthermore, ABC Convenient Store plans to provide movie accommodations, non-food products and check cashing services in order to build and increase its revenues and hence gains. The other targets of ABC Convenient Store are

One of ABC Convenient Store's main objectives would be to capture whenever you can talk about of the commuter traffic on the south east area of Muscat city.

ABC Convenient Store will offer its customers better-quality products at an competitive price.

Achieve at least 30% minimal gross profit margins (selling price less purchase/ general cost) from start.

Achieve a lucrative profits on return within five years.

Achieve average development in market share by 10% every year.

Achieve average progress in earnings by 6% every year.


ABC Convenient Store is a fresh Startup convenient store business within Muscat city. Mr. A, who owns ABC Convenient Store will occupy convenient store put in place two units' commercial building on rent, located 5 miles south of the location of Muscat and 2 minute walk distance by city's main road. It is the key street completely city and is employed by a large number of commuters on daily basis between to the center of city or perhaps going for a shortcut to south of city. The building consists of two systems where tiny restaurant happens to be available and being effectively run by other individual.

3. 0 Vision and Mission statement

Mission:, ABC Convenient Store can make healthy revenue margins for its owner and offer a satisfying work place because of its employees in forseeable future.

3. 1 Keys to Success

The tips to success in this business are

Location: The location of convenience store performs an essential role in success of any store, and therefore is one of the primary key factors for successfully running of convenience store. The location must be near customers reach like where they work, live or on their normal option while returning and going to home/ work. As ABC Convenient Store is located 5 miles south of the location of Muscat and 2 minute walk distance by city's main street, which can be used by a large number of commuters on daily basis between to the center of city or simply going for a shortcut to south of city. We feel that right location provides value to customer and convenience both.

Speed of Service: As nowadays consumers are always in short supply of time and would like quality with rate of service, therefore it is also one of the major keys to success factors for convenience store industry in the current environment specifically. Convenience and value are both achieved only once the customers can certainly locate the items they want to buy, where in exchange they get fast friendly and useful service. In a nutshell the store is simple to look.

Availability: Availability of products/ items is another main factor for success of any convenient store, as each customer have different style and needs, hence they may have their own favorite brands that they would like to purchase, which any good convenience store must hold in order to fulfill potential clients needs. Alternatively the Omani people specifically are brand mindful and want items with big brand names, where residents of other nationality living and working in Oman, tend to be more price conscious. It is therefore necessary that products/ items for both customers section must be produced available.

4. 0 Government support and rules and regulations

5. 0 The explanation for the Convenient Store business

The living benchmarks of the Omani citizen are growing daily as Administration of Oman has used major steps within last twenty years to boost the living specifications. Therefore as of the majority of Omani citizens are upper middle income who are brand mindful and prepared to pay anything to buy product required. Alternatively the convenient store industry has been growing on daily basis as people are shifted towards convenient store due to convenience and scarcity of amount of time in today's world. According to Federal stats and research the convenient store in Oman is growing constantly for a price of over 110% over last ten years.

5. 1 Industry Evaluation Summary

Porter five makes model has been used broadly with the purpose of analyzing a specific industry with a view to look for the level of intensity in conditions of elegance and competitiveness within industry. This model consist of forces which are extremely close to any company and that can affect its capability terribly to generate income for owners by portion its customers effectively. Porter five pushes model uses the next: Risk of potential new entrants, bargaining vitality of purchasers, bargaining vitality of suppliers, Threat of substitutes and Determinants of Rivalry among Existing Challengers, in order to investigate the type of competitiveness in any industry.

Determinants of Rivalry among Existing Competitors

The rivalry among existing competition in Oman in retail store industry is being regarded as high, as organizations are competing seriously with other with a view to fully capture high customer market talk about. There are lots of giant convenience stores in retail industry especially in Muscat, that has gained most market show, where on the other hand small convenient stores like ABC Convenient Store, are competing each other to capture the remaining market share, specifically of convenient store's bordering area at least. Therefore they are trying new developments in marketing, introducing new promotions, imagination of innovative ideas, which includes led small stores achieved their focus on degree of market talk about. Hence competitive rivalry in Oman's retail industry is considered a high risk for existing convenient stores.

Threat of potential new entrants

Threat of new entrants in to the retail industry within Muscat, Oman is medium, as there are extremely less product distinctions between products provided by convenient stores; furthermore cost to enter the marketplace is relatively low. It really is further assumed that convenient store items/products are easily purchased at low cost or discount rates at bulk acquisitions.

By analyzing all factors including high progress in trends for Oman retail industry only, further obstacles to accessibility are relatively suprisingly low compared to other industries; so that it can be neglect that ABC Convenient Store may face further competition with new entrants.

Threat of substitutes

There are only few substitutes designed for convenient store goods that do not totally replace the utilization of existing products by customers but may generate new innovative suggestions to develop new products or reduce the direct costs in producing the same products. In particularly the substitutes of any products may limit the level of generation of profits and hence earnings, within an industry by keeping the income down. However, the higher the convenient stores could create uniqueness for his or her products the higher the likelihood of success. Furthermore already discussed the availability of products, customer service and located area of the convenient stores would be the key factors, that could not only create ecological competitive benefits but could add significant value in overall revenue of the ABC Convenient Store. Therefore threat of substitutes is recognized as lower in retail/ convenient store industry.

Bargaining electric power of suppliers

The vitality of suppliers for small convenient stores like ABC Convenient Store can be prejudiced by key players in supermarkets and food chain stores. Because they are having the ability to negotiate better discounted and promotional prices in comparison to small convenient stores from suppliers/ manufacturers, which small convenient stores cannot match scheduled to high purchasing prices of same products. Therefore there may be major hazard as huge players always dictate the prices and buy massive amount quantity simultaneously, where small convenient stores are left with fewer products at high prices. Hence it has been examined the bargaining electric power of suppliers is high especially for small convenient stores.

Bargaining ability of buyers

Nowadays customers are aware of everything and they have more selections to buy from, therefore customers' works are considered as powerful drive to make prices down. If any product is expensive in any store than they can go and purchase the required products from other convenient store providing minimal or low priced prices. In addition because product is a kind of item item and consumers haven't any choice but to keep intake, therefore we can see high expansion in small convenient store if and only prices are matched with large players in the industry. On the other hand, location and types of products provided may reduce this bargaining power. In addition the entire environment, customer support and location of the ABC Convenient Store would catch the attention of the customers. We are able to assume that large numbers of small convenient stores will be providing similar products and services as ABC Convenient Stores. Because of these reasons the overall industry looks more attractive and profitable.

6. 0 Market Size and Growth

According to our research, the primary customers are men and women, ages 15 to 40. Furthermore, matching to recent fads in Oman, many small and large stores want to capture market share of people with age greater than 40, specifically females. We expect that by providing better customer services, we would be able to increase the range of customers of aged over 40.

7. 0 THE DECISION of Location with reasons thereof

ABC Convenient Store is a fresh Startup convenient store business within Muscat city. The commercial building has convenient store for rent out. It is located 5 a long way south of the location of Muscat and 2 tiny walk distance by city's main road, and is the primary street all the way through city and can be used by a large number of commuters on daily basis between to the middle of city or simply taking a shortcut to south of city. Therefore it's the best location for convenient store. The full total section of convenience store is around 500 sq foot, where most the part will be used for cabinets.

8. 0 Proposed Customers

9. 0 Competition Analysis

The ABC Convenient Store may face little competition from other small and large convenient stores. Furthermore the main competition that ABC Convenient Store may face is from large companies that have established convenience stores within fuel stations. But we are expecting our location will generate competitive gain which shall handle your competition may face by ABC Convenient Store in near future.

10. 0 Buying Habits and Sales Strategy

The convenience stores are generally small retail outlets with portion of 500 to 2000 sq toes. The merchandise or items normally sold at convenience store are: over the counter medicines, household groceries, carbonated drinks, cold refreshments, some non foods, cigarettes, and dairy products. The convenience stores are usually located on busy main roads and are regularly wide open 24 hours per day seven days a week. As name suggests, they not only sell products or items but also convenience to customers.

ABC Convenient Store will aim to provide typical components of convenience store at a competitive price, so that items which customers purchase shall desire to go to again, which will increase the average sale per customer. The primary target of sales personnel will be on customer support and always inquire clients if they have had the opportunity to find and found the whole lot that they need. In case, they may have not found they need, then these specific items shall be made available in stocks after question by customers.

11. 0 Strategy and Implementation Summary

ABC Convenient Store will be utilizing a strategy of impressive customer service. Where, company's first emphasis would be to build same reputation as before, so that potential clients within town are targeted comfortably. The ABC Convenient Store's main competitive border will be its visible location, as it is effortlessly on the part of where everyone must complete in order to leave and returning home, it also allows the neighborhood community to walk or journey a bicycle to the convenient store.

ABC Convenient Store intends to stock the shelves with items local residents need and want, with items ranging from milk to over the counter drugs and everything among. If customers have requests for items not in stock then ABC Convenient Store will stock them.

11. 1 Home Analysis

12. 0 Competitive Advantage

The competitive advantages, which ABC Convenient Store will have over its main rivals within Muscat, are

ABC Convenient Store's main competitive advantages is its position and its location as before Main Road. ABC Convenient Store is situated on the part of where everyone must pass in order to leave and returning home. Currently there are no other stores through this location. Due to these facts, local residents will naturally choose ABC Convenient Store as their key choice, as a result of fact that it would be closest with their homes. They will quickly become aware that ABC Convenient Store offers high quality organic and healthy products at a typical convenience store prices; In addition it'll become local resident's number 1 store for small household food items and other household purchases.

While coming back home from offices the commuter will now be able to buy their home groceries to take home. We expect that anticipated to our quick service, commuters will soon respect ABC Convenient Store as helpful time saver convenience store.

13. 0 Advertising Agreement and Marketing Strategies

The products or items normally sold at convenience store are: over the counter medicines, household groceries, soft drinks, cold refreshments, some non food items, cigarettes, and dairy products. The convenience stores are mainly located on occupied main highways and are often open 24 hours per day seven days a week. Our main emphasis would be to accomplish customer needs therefore we will ask customer whenever if indeed they have been able to find items easily and also have found they looking for.

The city is within great need of change and this is the perfect chance to bring about that change. In a long time ABC Convenient Store will be known locally as more than just another neighborhood business, this provides the community alongside one another giving locals annual block people and rewarding the youngsters when they bring article cards and honor certificates with free chocolate etc. The convenient located area of the ABC Convenient Store means that ABC Convenient Store will have to carry out tiny bit above the fall into line advertising, but ABC Convenient Store will spread flyers within encircling areas on regular basis so that local residents are made aware of ABC Convenient Store.

14. 0 Products and Costs Strategy

The ABC Convenient Store will provide typical items found in any convenience store; however, items will be "top end" than many convenience stores. ABC Convenient Store will offer a product range from over the counter drugs to cigarettes and everything that's bought from a convenient store. The products will be same as traditional convenience store items in the same number, quality and product packaging sizes as other convenient stores provide. Some of the products include: soft drinks, cold drinks, fruit drinks, household grocery store items, newspapers, publications, hot and frigid snacks, bread, auto products like petrol addictives plus cleaning materials for autos, condiments, teeth pastes, over the counter medicines and newspaper products etc.

ABC Convenient Store will price little increase over rivals but almost all of the merchandise prices will be matched up to the most large convenient stores within Muscat. On the other hand top selling brands will be sold at a low price even lower than most of rivals prices, so that ABC Convenient Store can create competitive edge over its immediate competitors and be able to sustain in coming years to come.

15. 0 Various resources of money available and the foundation selected

The company will require around RO 23, 000, total preliminary requirements for capital expenses. The Funding options for ABC Convenient Store will be mainly from the shareholder's opportunities. Really the only shareholder, Mr. A will add full amount of RO 23, 000.

The total first capital requirements will be around RO 6, 100 which includes

Computer for cash counter and point of sale software with scanner and receipt printing device at a price of RO 400

Shelves will be put in major part of convenient store for positioning & displaying of different kinds of convenient store items/ products, so that potential customers can discover these convenient items comfortable. In addition price tag and banners would be displayed for each type to items. The shelves would cost around RO 2, 200 in total.

Other convenient store's gadgets includes banners, prices, chairs, ice machines, beverage gadgets, ice cream machines, Microwave oven, safes, AC UNITS, exhausts etc. This will cost around RO 3, 200.

Cash counter installation would include counter-top workplace, chairs etc. This might cost around RO 300.

Legal expenditures would include business and only proprietorship permit, and license to start convenient store business and other legal fees necessary. This would cost around RO 500.

Initial marketing bills would be around RO 900 for banners, circulation of flyers, printing of business cards, purchase of printing documents for receipts, printing of cover letter etc. However we have very small marketing budget in the beginning but as business starts to expand the marketing budget would be significantly increased as well.

The convenient store will be obtained on regular lease of RO 500.

The initial inventory would be of around RO 15, 000, which include all major convenient stores items like: carbonated drinks, cold drinks, fruit drinks, household grocery store items, newspapers, journals, hot and chilly snacks, bread, auto products like petrol addictives plus cleaning materials for autos, condiments, tooth pastes, over-the-counter medicines and paper products etc. This amount of items in the beginning will be less; however as business begins to grow the amount of each particular item or products would be increase significantly to be able to meet customer requirements. Furthermore, special demands from customers will also be fulfilled thinking on the actual fact that ABC Convenient Store must meet every customers needs by making each types of brands labels products or items offered by the entranceway of ABC Convenient Store.

The break-up of startup requirements is shown in the table below

Table 1: Start-up

16. 0 Key People and Job Functions

ABC Convenient Store is a registered Bottom Proprietor. It's managed and been able by Mr. A.

The owner will engage employees to help run their convenient store. A company Full time Director will be chosen. He'll be overseeing the functions at the store like supervising the personnel, working with various suppliers, undertaking managerial jobs and producing marketing strategies. Furthermore, administration and financial aspects will be been able by the owner, Mr. A himself.

17. 0 Financial Plan

The Financial Plan involves Breakeven Examination, Pro-forma Earnings and Loss, Cash Flow Projections and Pro-forma Balance Sheet.

17. 1 Important Assumptions

17. 3 Break-even Analysis

Table 3: Break-even Analysis

17. 4 Projected Earnings and Loss

The Pro-forma Income and Loss implies that, ABC Convenient Storewill be able to meet Net profit percentage more than 20% throughout five many years of operation.

Table 4: Revenue and Loss

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