The Record And History Of Galaxy

Galaxy is a delicious chocolate milk brand. It had been created by Mars Incorporated. He launched the brand in 1810. Galaxy Delicious chocolate covered a large selection of products including milk delicious chocolate, fruits, and nuts with its kinds, ripple as well as others. From Mars's Chocolate, Maltesers, M&M's, Milky Way and Twix. Galaxy Company produces several types of chocolates; there is certainly Galaxy smooth milk, Galaxy Minstrels, Galaxy Bubbles, Galaxy Ripple, Galaxy Counters, Galaxy orange and shortcake, Galaxy Hazelnuts, Galaxy Carmel, Galaxy cookie crumble and Galaxy Bites.

Every market must have a process where companies create customers value and create a strong relationships in order to capture value from customers in exchange. This Marketing Process goes by through four concepts in order to attain the capture value of customers in exchange which called the Five Central Marketplace Ideas.


To understand industry and customers' needs by his needs and wants and the demand. The Real human need is to ban the sensation of deprivation. It includes the physical needs like food, basic safety, clothes, shelter and communal life. In addition, it includes the average person need like knowledge. Desires is formed by the culture and the personality. If he needs to obtain something sweet so he could eat Galaxy chocolates. As the demand, people want and dependence on a product which is most value and satisfaction them. Chocolate really helps to low the strain and make the individual feel happy and satisfied.


By the end of the understanding the customers, it is satisfied through the marketplace offering which include the product, services and experiences that wanted to the market to be able to meet a need or want.

Marketing Mix:

It is includes 4ps: Product, price, place, promotion. The merchandise of galaxy that this produces an array of chocolate varieties like nuts, fruits, milk delicious chocolate and others. The grade of the taste is perfect in addition of the chocolate bar design. The price is with respect to the condition of the bar. It starts off from 1L. E. also sometimes it creates discount rates like buy two bars of chocolate and gets one free. The place where the customers could find it easily is in the supermarket, hypermarket, and the mall and at the kiosks. The advertising of Galaxy, People understood it from the TV or the internet. It usually shows a fairly girl dressed up in brown dress eating the delicious chocolate which can make her to dropped in the sweetness of the taste.

Each market has its strategy. This process involves Market segmentation, Focus on marketing and Marketing Placement.

Market segmentation:

Galaxy Divides its market into Geographic, Demographic, psychographic and behavioral. It targets a certain level of people and a certain years in order to achieve a certain degree of satisfaction.

Market concentrate on:

The Galaxy Company concentrate on one or several segments to focus on it, as it must be Comfortable for the customers, the tastes is unforgettable and the look of the chocolates on its logo design name and the form of the bar.

Market placement:

Galaxy's position among the contending companies is saturated in the market. It is one of the better companies that produce chocolates. It includes many competition like Cadbury chocolate, Kinder, Bounty and Equipment Kat. Each of them have a minimal position.

Marketing Orientation:

There is more than one idea that Galaxy Company can take to be successful. The production notion is which has to be affordable and designed for the customers. The product theory is which Galaxy should offer the most quality and features chocolates for the clients. The advertising Product is which the customers won't buy Galaxy Delicious chocolate unless there exists a large range selling in the market. The Marketing concept is which Galaxy Company achieves an organizational goal which will depend on the needs and wants of targeting markets. Finally, The Societal MARKETING THEORY, which is some concept that enlightened Galaxy Company which makes good marketing decisions.

BCG matrix:

This portfolio clarifies the development and downsizing the product on the market. Matching to Egypt, the merchandise that includes a high market development and high market show is Galaxy and Maltesers which is the superstars. As the Question Grades are Jewelries chocolates since there is a Hugh product in markets with low demand from customers. The Cash Cows is like M&M's that contain high market show as the market growth is low. The Dogs is the Milky Way Delicious chocolate as it offers low market show and low market development.

At the finish, we could say that Galaxy Company had achieved its mission the market.


I made an interview with the manager of Galaxy Company Mr. Khaled Roushdy.

- The Galaxy Companies explains the best firm's orientation is Production.

It employs the ways of marketing concept which is begins with constructing the products in the market

Their focus on is on customer's desires and needs.

Finally the customers will be satisfied.

- Galaxy's primary goal for business is to make a quality product that would beat other rivals with contending prices while maximizing the earnings.

- Galaxy's eye-sight, At Galaxy chocolates company they want to supply the customers the best of life's Pleasures.

- While its quest would be that the want the people to trust their favorite brand, to being a manufacturer of some of the world's most liked chocolate, confectionery, nicotine gum and food brands includes a responsibility to advertise them in appropriate ways, especially to children and when using digital marketing programs.

- The Aims of Galaxy Company marketing plan is:

To raise the life time value of the customers.

To increase the volume of items purchased per deal.

To raise the rate of loyalty customer retailers.

To raise the number of the clients and the clients.

To boost the satisfaction of the clients.

To increase visibility and memorability of brand identification.

- Galaxy Company will employ the service of a advisor for SWOT evaluation.

(a diagram for the SWOT research)

- The key opportunities to success in Galaxy Company is

a) To have a vision. It is one of the most crucial things in running a business.

b) To build up a plan that related to the eyesight.

c) Knowing the marketplace.

d) To have the team. It really is difficult to achieve a certain goal with a team don't realize the Company's eye-sight. When Galaxy hires people, they have to be sure they understand their goals and perspective.

- From the key Competitive Threats

a) To threat a fresh competitors access.

b) To bargaining electric power of suppliers.

- The competitive features of Galaxy Company offer different type of Chocolates to beat Galaxy like Bounty and Kinder.

- Galaxy Company do not face many moral issues in our firm, but mainly what might happen would be having a down side on the marketing / advertising on taking too much expenses on some little work.

- For the Political Environment, It does not really have an effect on our field of work. It is merely a chocolate. While the Economic environment might influence our expenses so it will also impact our prices which can affect our customer satisfaction. In the Community environment is a two times edged weapon as when people speak good about your product it will be a great advantages while on the other hand it would be a great damage if you don't satisfy your customers plus they start giving you bad reputation.

- The Technology affects all commercial aspects in lots of ways with emerging systems making mass creation less expensive that will definitely lead to making our products with fewer prices.

- ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY issues do not necessarily affect our creation as our factories are sealed and air conditioned but they might influence our transportation whenever there are some bad weather times that will definitely involve some bad results.

- From your ways to enhance the customer romance management in Galaxy Company is to consider a quick be successful and prevent financing. Also training is the very last thing of an execution because it receives least results and funding. From the ways to improve the Customer romance management is to choose a champion of change. From your considerations too is to ask the expert whenever we face problems.

- There is certainly some techniques Galaxy Company takes it to beat its competition. First, it has to imagine and to innovate. Also, to dissect.

- Galaxy Company Offers durability by the nice flavour of the delicious chocolate. Also the Brand Name takes on an important role in appealing to the customers. The long Record of the brand allows having an enough experience for what the client need from this product.

- There are some laws and regulations regulating to Galaxy Company. The Ministry of Health asked them not to put some certain elements in the chocolates in order to avoid the diseases.

- The size of Galaxy Company on the market is mainly 70 percent. As the Progress Rate of Galaxy Company is mostly 80 percent in the market.

- There are a few sections where Galaxy Company keeps growing fast. In Nasr City, The demand on Galaxy chocolates is high since there is a high rate of people. In Luxor, The speed of the demand on Galaxy is low since there are a few people there.

- Galaxy Company always has a high growth product and it is seldom when it downsizing because people like to eat something great and sweet, so they always concentrate on to the chocolate especially Galaxy's Product for its amazing flavour which gratify them enough.

- There are a few other companies which work on Galaxy Company which means focus on the same market to improve itself. Cadbury Company does this, it Produce smooth chocolates and work on the same laws and regulations and steps in order to achieve its goal and beat Galaxy Company.

- Finally, Galaxy Company could leverages to overcome its competition. Galaxy Company studies its opponents well and is aware of their weakness and power to be able to beat them and try by marketing intend to overcome the opponents.

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