The Record Of Haleeb Foods Marketing Essay

Haleeb dairy was the market head in the dairy products industry, in order for Haleeb to gain back its market talk about they need to focus on on, and create consumer understanding and differentiate from other milk products. Haleeb since it actually began has been using the same presentation, which includes not been helpful in creating a positive perception in consumers brains. Haleeb needs to revamp its packaging in a brand new way keeping consumer wishes and perceptions in mind. Companies change their look and feel of products or kick off new products to maintain with the fast paced changing market. Haleeb must escape its safe place and relaunch its milk products with a fresh new look, using impressive advertising, fancier logos, and better packaging. Haleeb is dependent on Tetra Pak for the presentation of its whole dairy products. Tetra Pak is the only choice available to Haleeb and other milk providers for presentation because they have got monopoly over the packaging sector in Pakistan. This gives Tetra Pak a bargaining electric power of suppliers. Consumers' perceptions and price differentials can cause a threat for the business. Loose dairy is cheaper than packed milk, this is one of why people choose loose dairy from local "dud wala's" over packaged milk products. This is one of the barriers lowering into Haleeb milk's profit margins. Haleeb needs a new design, a fresh innovative custom logo and a brand new package shape. The best option would be tetra pack carton with a removable and screwed top which is often open easily and it is user friendly and dispose off. The colour can be altered, color is its personality and needs as new fresh look. A choice is to possess different colors for 3 different categories of milk, whole milk, 1% excess fat, and 2 %excessive fat, an interesting daring logo and a big change in carton condition. The screw top is a reach as Prema comes with an attractive packaging as well. Below are a few of the ways Haleeb will increase their market show. Promotion is very important as at this point Haleeb has not promoted itself in the past few years. Based on the surveys, individuals are affected most by TVC's accompanied by street ad and last but not least by publicity and pr. The reason why sales decreased was because of bad person to person and highly negative publicity. Haleeb will now design a drastic promotion portfolio and through its variety, gain an increased market show.

Competitor Analysis

The brand competition for Haleeb dairy includes those milk brands which are in direct competition with Haleeb. Haleeb is rivalling with three (3) major competition on the market.



Good Milk

All these rivals are in direct competition with Haleeb. Haleeb has to compete with many of these. Its competitors have made a strong place on the market by using different competitive strategies i. e. advertising, marketing and various promotions. In order to compete with the opponents, it has to give attention to marketing, advertisements and marketing promotions of its product. Haleeb should provide higher quality than its rivals to sustain on the market. It should also focus on competitive strategies that its opponents are employing. Its rivals mainly give attention to advertisement. For example,

Nestle MilkPak has been advertising its product in the market by using the slogan, "Nestle MilkPak Banaye Mazboot Gharana".

Similarly Olper's has been advertising its product using slogan, "Subha Bakhair Zindagi"

And Good Milk has also created its goodwill by advertising before using slogan, "Roz Roz Good Dairy Piya Karo".

Haleeb should advertise its product through the marketing and communication programs and use different promotional campaigns to draw in the consumers and contend with its competitors. It should create recognition in the consumers' thoughts and in order to contend with its opponents that its milk isn't just to make tea, additionally it is for drinking purposes.

The Unique FEATURE (USP) of the Haleeb milk is that it's the thickest, purest and high quality dairy available for sale stuffed in the hygienic and safe packing. Which is best for making tea and espresso. Haleeb will not bargain on quality. For Haleeb, quality is everything. The grade of Haleeb milk is the motivational factor for the consumers that will lead the consumers to switch their personal preferences and motivate them to try Haleeb milk.

Marketing Strategies


Haleeb Milk comes in all sizes. i. e. 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 liter and 1. 5 liter.

For Haleeb Dairy, the quality is everything. It is the thickest and purest dairy available in the market that is crammed in Tetra Packs.

The product packaging of the product is innovative as compared to the competitors because it has a twisted cover which may be closed after the seal packaging is removed. So that it will remain safe from germs and bacteria. While the others milk brands has not the twisted cap packaging of the milk product.


The price of the product set based on the competitors prices. The cost is tried to make less and less and the price is set at the market penetration strategy. The prices for all the four different size packages are as follows

250 ml -Rs.

500 ml -Rs.

1 Liter -Rs.

1. 5 Liter - Rs.


Haleeb Dairy is focusing on the mass market so the syndication of the milk is defined as it is a convenience good so that it is provided at maximum stores.

Distribution network includes distributors, whole vendors and retailers. It'll ensure that the merchandise is available on all the top and major stores. i. e big departmental stores, bakery stores and small khokhaas.


The product will be promoting through advertising and communication programs. Newspapers, billboards, radio and tv commercials will be used for advertising the product. Television channel is the primary medium that is most positively being utilized by the companies for the advertisement of the products. And tv set commercials are the only medium which can contact every one if their tv set is turned on. So the tv commercials will be utilized to create consciousness among consumers regarding the product.

Different promotional activities and promotional campaigns will be utilized to promote the product. For example, if the consumer buys a full carton then the consumer will get 10% discount.


Positioning is the only path through which a company can increase the efficiency of its product and can portray it as a far more useful product. Haleeb will position its product by its attribute and by its utilization. Haleeb will position itself not only a tea making milk but also used for enjoying purpose and to make great dish as well. It'll make the belief in the consumers' imagination that it will gratify their all requirements regarding milk whether it will be for drinking, to make tea and caffeine or for other kitchen purposes. i. e. cooking and making lovely dishes. It'll position itself as a thickest and purest dairy brand available in the market. So whenever the consumers think of the purest and thickest milk, they will recall Haleeb Milk and it will influence their purchase decision and consumers will favor to buy Haleeb Milk when compared with other brands milk available for sale.

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