The Retail Industry Is Greatly Influenced Technological Advancements Marketing Essay

The sharp rises of Internet usage, as well as, the systematic progress of IT have transformed the way goods are bought and sold, resulting to the exponential expansion in the number of online shoppers. Because of this much of the entire retail sector is development in UK and the all over the world in past ten years.

According to the IMRG E-Retail Sales Index UK, online shopping sales grew by simply 5% this past year, the lowest twelve-monthly progress rate. The E-Retail market is the golden opportunity in UK. However the E-Retail sales' annual growth rate has truly gone down by this past year.

Therefore tons of researches are doing their research upon this issue to discover the possible reasons. This research is dependant on the issue considering the factors in line with the previous books review. This research is concentrating on the factors to evaluate the reason why for the low development rate of the E-Retail market in UK.

The leading retail market Tesco is the based on this research and everything research object and result structured and targeting onto it business strategy in Tesco.

E- Business is fundamentally changing the way consumers shop and buy goods and services. Today the retail industry is greatly affected by technological improvements, demographic shifts and changing perceptions in the UK and globally.

According to the IMRG E-Retail Sales Index UK, online shopping sales grew by just 5% this past year, the lowest total annual growth rate. The online shopping is the gold opportunity in UK retail market. Therefore identify the reason why of tough economy for continuing progress potential client in UK E-Retail market.

This research is dependant on one of the world greatest retail market Tesco in UK. This research will help defines to recognize the reasons weaker growth, difficulties and opportunities in UK E-Retail.

The goal in this analysis to identify the reason why what factors determine whether internet end user reasons for using online shopping rather than using online shopping, consumer anticipations, perception of online stores and substitute support in Information Technology concepts.

I will review online retail attribute like the amount of links into the web store, image sizes, volume of products, and store navigation features by figuring out key features that impact traffic and sales. This will increase amount of online shopping as well as to improve consumers' satisfaction about their shopping.

It also examines the influence of route knowledge and identified channel resources. Finally suggest an E-Retail strategy for Tesco to improve the online retail twelve-monthly growth.

Objectives (research questions)

Reasons for using online shopping & not using online shopping.

Consumers' objectives and perceptions of online stores.

Problems in online stores.

What will be the reasons to result lower annual progress in UK E-Retail market and exactly how resolve the issues.

What will be the substitute Software, Hardware and tools to boost of the online consumers' behaviour as well as organisational strategy?

Literature review

Today, the internet has become of the very most swiftly growing retail platforms, According to the Magee(2003), the development in the amount of online shoppers is greater than the growth in internet surfers.

Ernst and Young (2000) reported that Internet users purchased online because of good product selection and competitive prices. In the reserve worried about the factors that affect or hinder of shopping costs, insufficient opportunity to verify the products, as well as, the confidentiality of bank card and private information and Lee (2003) explored consumers' concerns about payment security and its own romance to online shopping attitude and actual purchases.

Similarly, popular literature cited simple shopping contrast, low prices, timely delivery, convenience, time cutting down, low shipping costs, improved customer support, tax exempt status and quick e-mail response, as key reasons for the upsurge in online shopping (Lorek, 2003; Magee, 2003; Maloy, 2003; Retail Merchandiser, 2003).

The next category for the web store is customer support and campaign. Customers want careful, continuous, useful communication, across geographic obstacles (Lohse and spiller, 1998). These qualities are frequently identified as a salient dimensions to determine the store choice behavior in both online and off-line stores (Jarvenpaa and Todd, 1997; Kolesar and Galbraith, 2000).

The second attribute category for the online store is customer service and advertising. Customers want careful, ongoing, useful communication, across geographic obstacles (Lohse and Spiller, 1998). These capabilities are frequently determined as a salient dimensions to determine the store choice behavior in both online and off-line stores (Jarvenpaa and Todd, 1997; Kolesar and Galbraith, 2000).

Customer service includes questions, and credit, go back, and payment guidelines. Customers want aid in product selection, a FAQ section for fast answers, and information about shipping and delivery and handling costs.

This research has all made important contributions to understanding of the dynamics of online shopping field. However, there is a insufficient coherent understanding of the impact of relevant factors on online attitudes and behavior and an inconsistent recognition of relevant self-employed and dependent parameters. This makes comparisons of different studies difficult, applications of research studies limited, and the prospect of synthesizing and integrating the empirical literature in this area elusive.


I am to find the primary reasons that effect of lower twelve-monthly expansion rate of E-retail market in UK. I am likely to base Tesco the earth leading Retail Company in UK. My preliminary research is to learn the reasons for the problem. Finally I will suggest new idea for further research and development. I'll also present today's Information Technology strategy for e-retail market in Tesco.

This review will start to review the related literature to determine the main factors for the issues. After that begin to do research on that factors to judge to possible outcome. Mainly I am likely to do Interview in several degree of consumers. Aswell as about the technology are integrated with e-commerce web site currently.

This is research will evaluate new technique for Tesco to enhance the annual rate development in e-retail market and studies will point out the evaluation through their observation and experiences about the new research results. . This will likely lead into in-depth conversation on how the customer perceived the value of the website and likelihood of regarding into bad connection with transaction or vice versa.

As increase in e-retail market there are large variations between a physical store and its digital store. The familiar structure of the physical store becomes a maze of pull-down menus, product indices, and search features. Therefore the online shopping depends to a great extent upon the interface and exactly how people connect to computer. This is research will find out the user friendly website to do shopping on the internet for the Tesco consumers.

As well as I am looking at about the shopping cart software and really should consider about the shopping cart software development because paid to response swiftness of website, the security of customers' data and stability.

Data & Information

As main data for my research I am likely to gather through questionnaires. The principal data can choose to do interviews, observation, experiments and questionnaires. The purpose of my research, the questionnaire methods can approach the topic and be able to acquire the answers in acceptable manner.

From books review I am going collect the Secondary data, such as books, journals and articles. It's the data that may be collected form. I am to judge possible consequence of this research.

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Research Planning

Information Gathering

Information Analysing

Propose System

Dissertation Draft

Editing & Rewriting

Dissertation Submit

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