The Revlon Organizational Stakeholders

Revlon cosmetic makeup products industry takes new step toward the technology part. Revlon was founded in 1932, by Charles Revson and his brother Joseph, plus a chemist, Charles Lachman. Ever since this Revlon industry has been growing rapidity in advancement and technology in producing makeup products. Competing with other companies and keeping a growing market show n the entire world marker is a concern task. On the market we're able to find many skin care products that happen to be for females. This industry is a segmented market which aim for ladies in all agers such as teen parents and old women.

Situating a huge number of real estate agents round the world and taking a multitude marker share with a rivalling market on other cosmetics industry. Because of this growing market the technology that keeps today will not be a challenging market tomorrow. In order to contend in tomorrow s market, new products should be included and unveiled. Stakeholders play a crucial part by making an investment large amounts of money on the industry to get profit someday.


1. 1 The types of organizations that is available in the market

As there a wide range of organizations in today s market, it can help to keep a balance economy in the market. Organizations act in various ways on the market, but almost every organization has the same goals such as income, sales, progress, ROCE, etc. In business organizations there are two types of areas. Pvt. Sector, Pub. Sector. (Yapa, 2010)

Pvt. Sector Pub. Sector

Sole Traders

Gov. Departments


Gov. Corporations

Joint venture

Gov. Companies

Private Limited Company

Sole Trade

One of the tiniest and the easiest business set ups is the sole trade. This sort of business is run by a single individual with his own price. As having the complete control of the business enterprise, your liability is infinite. In single trade the possibility of evading tax is not compulsory because sole merchants organizations are taxed as individuals plus they pay tax at personal taxes rates. As the liability is endless there are no legal personalities.


There are two different types of partnerships, these are limited partnerships and general partnerships. This business could be shaped between several people. Partnerships are normally formed to make revenue. A legal record is been made to certify that two individuals are conducting a solitary business.

Rules and Rules apply to P/S

P/S ordinance of 1890

Prevention of frauds ordinance 1840

Business names ordinance 1918

Other regulations (Yapa, 2010)

Joint Ventures

A jv is a brief term business relationship between two legal organizations to accomplish a specific process. Joint projects could involve various kinds of business exchange. These business organizations is actually a single individual, communities and companies. Every joint holder intending to make earnings, sales, progress and market talk about increase by placing a huge share risk and investments on the business enterprise. (Legal Information Institute, 2010)

Private Small Company

There are many types of contained companies. Partnerships and owners of businesses incorporate together set up a limited liability for their shareholders also to themselves. As the responsibility of the companions and the owners are limited, the firm capital increases offering the company growth and a huge market share. (Business Disctionary. com, 2012).

Limited companies (LLC)

Company limited by guarantee

Unlimited companies

Offshore companies

Foreign companies (Yapa, 2010)

Limited Companies (LLC)

This is company that provides limited liability to its shareholders. this is more likely a partnership structured company. A adaptable profit distribution is been added in to the shareholders to secure a profit to the risk they take by investment. There are some restrictions on the ownership. (Business Disctionary. com, 2012)

Unlimited Companies

The shareholders liability is unlimited to their share investment. Unrestricted liability really helps to avoid two times taxation like a limited company. As unrestricted liability company, twelve-monthly reports are not required to get to the registrar. If there were to be any loans of the business the owner himself should take action responsibility not the company itself. (Business Disctionary. com, 2012)

Offshore Companies

It s much more likely to be always a local company with the headquarters in its countries but may often move just offshore to become an just offshore business organization company. Offshore companies are offered with a foreign nation. Thus the headquarters is based in country, the business operations carried out in different country. Running offshore companies is more benefiting cause of the taxation is leaner. (Investor Glossary, 2004)

Cosmetic product


1. 2 Identifying and classifying Revlon Organizational Business Structure

Revlon business corporation is an operating structure. A functional structure is several members working jointly in a firm in different efficient departments such as marketing, accounts, sails, research, etc. Special planks of directors, chairman steer the business while CEO, CFO provides out the directors muster strategy by taking care of the company. Given below is the Revlon business organizational framework. (Sticky Marketing. net, 2004)

CEO- Alan Ennis

Accounting, Control & Intern-GM

CFO- Steven Berns

Tax- MS

COO- Chris Elshaw

Chairman of the panel- Ronal Perelman

Treasurer & Buyer Relatio-GE

Vice Chairman of the mother board- David Kennedy

Administration- RK

Canada- SW

Science- AM

Director- Barry Schwatz

United Expresses Region- JC

Supply Chain- XG

Director- Kathi Seifert

Asia Pacific Region- DT

North American Sales- KO

Director- Meyer Feldberq


Legal- LG

Director- Tamara Mellon

Latin America- MB

Legal & Secretary- SM

Director- Debra Lee


Marketing- JG

Supply chain & Manufacturing-AF

1. 3 Revlon organizational stakeholders

Stakeholders are individuals who are interested in a company and willing to invest money in order to make gains to them self s. There are different types of stakeholders they are owners, shareholders, managers, employees, customers, suppliers, community and authorities. We could separate stakeholders directly into two parts inner and exterior stakeholders.

Internal External







Staff and employees


Characteristics of stakeholders

Owners and Shareholders

According to size of the company which is a big firm, owners perform their functions.

In a large firm such as this, there are a large number of stakeholders getting small parts of the business.


Managers make decisions to handle business organizations. They set up, plan and control to make growth in the business.

Employees and personnel

When it comes to employees depending the sort of work they are really doing, qualification, skills, age group, locations and other factors their pay level will be chosen.

Employees perform the managers orders to keep up and handle the business.

1. 4 The purpose of the organization

The customer is the key purpose of the business enterprise organization. The client is more important than the stakeholders or management. The client is the ruler, without customers there are no businesses in the business. The company main purpose is to meet the customer. To be able to satisfy the client the products and services should good. There should be a eye-sight and mission affirmation. The objective should be clear to the client. The organizations should target their quest and achieve it to build up the organization

Mission and Vision business statements

Mission: A quest statement defines the goal of the business organization. In addition, it shows the products and services which they feature to the consumers. Mission statement provides purpose of the business to the shareholders and also to the shareholders. (Alan, 2008)

Vision: A image into the future we seek to create is a vision. It also creates a important purpose to both organizational and specific to a high level of motivation and success. Through experience the organization pushes the near future vision to its limits and creates new future visions to the business. (Joel Barker 1998)

The quest and perspective of Revlon

Revlon s quest is to emerge in the growing market as the first choice in plastic. Revlon takes take great pride in in manufacturing plastic the top skin care to please both young and old woman equally.

Revlon s eye-sight is to fulfill the wants of their customers with glamour and thrills and development through quality products with a smile at affordable price.

Critical examination on objective and perspective of Revlon

A vision statement views five years a head into the future and defines a superb success which that not even be possible to set-up today. A mission statement defines more likely a brief term achievement just what a company currently does indeed to keep a growing market share. Also a Strategic planning process is been added to prepare the mission statements. Bettering products and services to the highest quality and delivering on time and how the firm competes in others available on the market. The perspective and the mission, comparing both assertions what we want to be and that which we are is the near future and today's. Planning another mission for the organization following the current mission been complete, SWOT research could be used to identify Advantages, weaknesses, opportunities and risks. An internal evaluation could identify the strengths and weaknesses through efficient department. External evaluation could identify Opportunities and risks through a external factor such as overall economy, technology, labor, governmental rules.

1. 5 Responsibility and Moral issues of the organization

Responsibility of an organization is to identify functional areas where customers and stakeholders are involved. Giving them an insurance plan of regulations of the business and maintaining their legislation is an integral part of their responsibility. Internal obligations is been deal with by the HR team. Below given are some of the tasks of a business facing today.

Social responsibilities

Environmental responsibilities

Management responsibilities

Ethics and business

Legal obligations (Yapa, 2010)

Social responsibilities

Social responsibility is the responsibility that the business has to the stakeholders, customers and the environment. Giving the customer what the client wishes is huge responsibility to the organization. Having a growing market share, advancements on products and presenting services to the marketplace holds a little responsibility. (Yapa, 2010)

Environmental responsibilities

Environmental responsibilities is creating a product with resources and not affecting the surroundings. Challenging the growing market and keeping up to other rivals with the lowest environmental pollution is a responsibility of the business.

Critical research on Environmental responsibilities

By using innovations technical solutions environmental pollution could be decrease rapidly. A wide array of resource and investment is necessary in order to create such solutions. Producing plastic requires chemical substance and other natural elements which the majority of them are chemicals. Wastage of these is released to the environment in three various ways liquid, stable and air. Polluting this inflatable water, land and air could bring harm to mankind itself in many different ways. In the company setting up a specified section to analysis environmentally friendly pollution will help to decrease the pollution.

Legal responsibilities

The legal obligations of a business are the promise which the company gives to the customers that their products are safe to make use of. Most importantly the product that your consumer uses should be safe to use on the skin. Such chemical damage to your skin could cause effect to the company name for using harmful chemicals. As the responsibility of the business, the health good care of the consumers should be the first priority. Subsequently the product quality should maintain a good standard for the buyer to utilize. Satisfaction of the customer, stakeholders is an act of Legal responsibility. Sharing finance survey with stakeholders, launching annual reports, pr announcements are Legal duties.


2. 1 Types of market that prevails in the market

A market is place for clients and sellers. Both of these teams could meet physical such as retailers or meet by telecommunication across kilometers a long way away. They meet to buy and sell goods and services. To get a seller to market goods or service he should know about the marketplace he is providing. There are various competitors trying to sell the same product. The sort of market you operate and how he market the merchandise will have a large affect on his success. Below given is a few of the marketplace types that commonly found in today s market.

Perfect competition

Perfect monopoly

Monopolistic competition

Oligopoly (Yapa, 2010)

Perfect competition

Perfect competition is large numbers of sellers independently retailing goods. The freedom of entering in to the industry and exiting out from the industry any time is common fact of this market type. Identical products can be purchased by all companies. Even the original product is also costed as the duplicated product. The reason is the market received t accept the same product in two different principles. If a retailer sells something for 2$ and another retailer markets the same product for 2. 5$, the market will not acknowledge the 2 2. 5$ product. The perfect knowledge of charges and marketing is necessary in this small firm of marketing businesses in order to obtain a small market show.

Perfect monopoly

Perfect monopoly is an individual seller independently advertising goods. The difference between perfect competition and perfect monopoly is, variety of vendors in perfect competition and a single seller with an individual maker in perfect monopoly. Perfect Monopoly is an entire market framework with complete market control. A perfect monopoly has its power over the purchase price. Perfect monopoly will not change the purchase price high but it charges to the price for the largest profit it could get. An ideal monopoly market looks for to the maximum profit to get and it s capable of reaching such a concentrate on by handling price and quantity of their product. (Petroff, 2002)

Monopolistic competition

Monopolistic competition is a huge variety of small industries selling goods similar however, not identical products. Independence of entry into and exiting from the industry is common truth. Due to the small market share the industry gets more and more firms become a member of this industry to gain profits. Each industry can demand their own prices range based on the products and the quality they make. Virtually all the firms have the same market capability, which means everyone faces the same market competition. To be able to get a good market the industrial marketer should be considered a challenger to market their product. (Petroff, 2002)


Oligopoly is a sizable industry with few businesses which produces homogeneous products. The firm is small enough to provide each industry some market show. There are several types of oligopoly. Flexibility to go into or exit out of the industry is a common simple fact. In oligopoly a game theory is been used to contend with other industry. That can be played the overall game theory the industry should understand what the other companies are, what are their products and characteristics. Focusing on what they do the industry should develop itself like considering a strategy move like participating in a chess game. (yapa, 2010)

2. 2 The marketplace condition that Revlon is competing

Revlon is a huge Cosmetics industry customized in women cosmetics. Revlon cosmetic makeup products industry belongs to the 'perfect competition market type. A lot of sellers advertising the same product make the company the largest market type. Market talk about increases by the number of seller involving in selling the product. In U. S cosmetics brands are generally well accepted by consumers. Brands such as Maybelline, Revlon, and Clinique industry have done well in capturing the neighborhood market. Consumers have not yet been subjected to many of the top end brands, such as Estee Lauder and M. A. C. You will find hundreds of industry produced brands and other prestige cosmetics from China and Thailand, targeted for the mass low income consumers. Among foreign cosmetic and skincare products are gradually gaining in acceptance among consumers the reduced income consumers. International brands such as Revlon, Maybelline, Avon, Clinique, Estee Lauder, M. A. C, Lander, Constitute Forever, Religious Breton, Orlane, Lancome, L Oreal, Cliven, Clarins, Roger Gallois, Kiss Me personally, Kanebo, Kose, Shiseido, Debon, Coreana, Oriflame and Aramis are sold in Vietnam. Most of the product are from Western european and U. S. Develop countries in Asia such as Japan, Korea are leading aesthetic industry. A number of international companies have opened representative offices in Vietnam to oversee the syndication of these products and also have appointed exclusive domestic agents to take care of these and (Vietnamoverseas. com, 2007)

2. 3 The demand and offer of Revlon

Revlon industry encounters good demand on their products especially to the American market European market and just a little to the Asian market. Annually product is been unveiled to the market from all the most significant cosmetics industries in the world. The demand of these raises and the old product loose the market. There for Revlon has new products coming in each year to the market. It helps to keep a market share and the customers.

The supply chain of Revlon industry is high. In deferent countries there are extensive agents to market this product. Supplying product to the client s services is challenging to the industry. Facing the demand the supply could be controlled.

The prices of resources &

Production cost

Supply goods

Technological improvements

Supply goods


Supply goods

Price of goods

Supply goods

Future prices

Current supply goods

The degrees of technology, researches and development the organization has

Revlon is a well known cosmetics industry on the globe due to its various types of product and the technology been used. In the growing market to gain market show Revlon technology run critical part. Creating new innovations to the marketplace through skincare product is the technology what consumers want to see. The most recent technology created by the industry is an eyes tool. An eyeball tweezers and eyeball lash tool with LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology added. The purpose is to curling while delivering a smooth, beautiful curl and better view while using the product.

The international popularity of Revlon

Revlon was founded in 1932, by Charles Revson and his sibling Joseph, along with a chemist, Charles Lachman (Revlon, 2011).

Since 1932 Revlon has been around the market, and today its one of the world s famous cosmetics product manufacturing company. After several decades handed Revlon still have a big market share. Associated with the various product of the company keeps it jogging. Technology improvements, studies, and effort has bought the industry to its maximum level. And today Revlon cosmetic makeup products industry can be an award winning company.

How could it be accepted internationally (Beauty Accolades 2010 )


Readers Choice Awards

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in

Soft silver Rose


Beauty Awards

Revlon Luxurious Color Perle &

Satin Eyeball Shadows

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick


Beauty Awards

Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara


Beauty Awards

Revlon Luxurious Color Perle &

Satin Attention Shadows


The Grammies

Revlon Nail Enamel in Revlon Red

In Style

Best Beauty Buys

Revlon Color Stay Mineral Finishing

Powder in Brighten

Marie Claire

Top 25 Products That Changed

Our Lives

Revlon Color burst Lipstick

Natural Health

Beauty Awards

Almay Smart Shade

Anti-Aging Makeup


MVP Beauty Awards

Revlon Luxurious Color Perle &

Satin Eye Shadows


Beauty Awards

Revlon Just Bitten Lip stain + Balm


Shape of Beauty Awards

Revlon Image Ready Makeup

Working Mother

Beauty Awards

Almay Pure Blends Makeup

Simper Mujer

The 50 Best Beauty Products

Revlon IL luminance Crme Shadow

in Wild Orchids and Not Just Nudes

People en Espa±ola

Semi Annual Beauty Awards

Revlon Photography Ready Makeup

Revlon Color burst Lipstick

O, The Oprah Magazine

Spring Make-up O-wards

Revlon Luxurious Color Perle Eye

Shadow in Lilac Shimmer


Healthy Beauty Awards

Revlon Luxurious Color Perle &

Satin Eyes Shadows

Almay Intense i-Color Mascara with

Light Interplay Technology

2. 4 Appearing market

Emerging market of Revlon in different countries keeps a good position of the industry. Predicated on segmentation market the corporation runs it. A lot of numbers of seller are becoming a member of the market ever before month due to the earnings they gain. This increases a huge market talk about to the company

Cost of capital

ASSETS Creation Corporation

Cash and cash equivalents

$ 20. 5

Trade receivables, less allowances for doubtful accounts

91. 0


76. 6

Deferred income taxes- current

34. 4

Prepaid bills and other

72. 5

Intercompany receivables

895. 1

Investment in subsidiaries

229. 8

Property, flower and equipment, net

89. 4

Deferred income taxes- noncurrent

214. 0

Other assets

55. 8

Goodwill, net

150. 6

Total assets

1, 470. 1

The cost of capital is the company full amount of property they have to be able run the company under loss in company.


Main Similarity of fiscal plan and monetary policy

Used to effect the performance of the economy in the short run.

Main difference of fiscal plan and economic policy

Fiscal Policy

Monetary Policy

government make decision

Central Bank implements

Level of authorities spending

Influencing the supply of money

Levels Taxation

Setting basic interest rates

To reduce demand and inflation, the federal government can increase tax rates and slash spending

Improve the overall economy rate of growth (GDP)

Fiscal insurance policy and monetary policy in UK and Sri Lanka economy

UK Tax rate

SL Tax rate

Income Duty Rate : 50%

Income Tax Rate : 35%

Corporate Taxes Rate : 28%

Corporate Tax Rate : 35%

Sales Taxes / VAT Rate : 17. 5%

Sales Taxes / VAT Rate : 12%

Due to Gov. shelling out for development TAX rates are high.

Increasing fees could decrease the inflation of its country.

Central Loan provider implements when inflation is high


Revlon Makeup Company is a growing industry on the market. As we're able to see, Revlon has stood up to its reputation, objective and vision. We could see that by the international popularity of Revlon has achieved lots of global awards winning cosmetic products.

When it comes to the management framework of the organization, we could realize that Revlon is plainly a functional structure. It s been manipulated by a Table of Directors. Choosing an operating structure is the first most success of the business.

Stake holders respond in such techniques they could get a profit for themselves. Some invest for a long-term and some invest for short terms to get their income. Doing short-term investments could lower the company when the profit goes high. The explanation for that is, when the income should go high all the stake holders sell their stocks in order to get their profit. When the greatest stake holder markets its shares, the business could be bankrupt. I find that is one of the dangerous situations that could happen to a firm.

As we know than in virtually any organization, the company always considers the customer is king. Customer satisfaction is the first goal.

The eyesight and mission assertions are true by looking at the industry itself to emerge as the marketplace leaders. Revlon is the most notable rank market innovator to provide quality product. Their top quality products have even received global awards. The organization is very successful in creating them. The eyesight they wished to accomplish five years ago has been achieved and I think it is time they should set out a new eye-sight.

Speaking of the responsibilities, I find the most dependable thing that your organization should concentrate on is environmentally friendly and legal responsibility. As the global warming raises, the business should be responsible for the action they take. I believe, spending more on researching about the environmental issues they face, can help them to prevent such damage to the surroundings by their activities. The legal responsibility of the organization is to keep their customer intact. Because of healthcare reasons, the clients may stop buying skin area products. So, to prevent that happening, the organization should spend money on research work. Dropping customers is the last thing any organization acquired t to obtain so investing in research work every once in awhile would be better.

Revlon cosmetic industry is contending in dangerous market in america. There are several cosmetic industries in america and the Revlon market continues to be rivalling with them.

The reason of Revlons recognition is usually that the name is a household name from 1932 since it was built. Revlon products are for the center income category. Customers do not want to improve their product. Revlon has developed their overseas market in the European and Asian continents. The brand new innovations and technology have taken the company beyond to a whole new level in getting a stable international market.

The opportunities on the market are high for the new masterpieces and scientific development.

The goal I see in Revlon is to emerge on the market and to keep it standing in the fast growing market.

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