Toyota Prius Green Or Greek Machine Marketing Essay

These days none can travel or make a trip without running a car. Your choice which car suits right for every person individual is made by the tips each individual have. Our planet is dying reason behind the ozone level and the greenhouse effect so everyone would like to help protecting the environment so far as they can. One move that can make the secret is to place catalysts inside the evaporations of the automobiles or buy the new hybrid autos that are friendly to environment! Throughout the age range car companies attempted to gratify the needs of the customers and of them is the development of the cross cars which can be innovative, successful, and friendly to the surroundings.

Toyota Company was first came out in the us on 1957 and after an unhealthy start with an automobile called the "Toyopet, " Toyota returned strong in 1965 with the popular 90-horse power Corona sedan. Then there was the Corolla, Camry, Toyota trucks, the Lexus luxury brand, Scion, and the world's first gas/electric hybrid Prius. . . a car who was simply builted for the 21st century. On the way, Toyota has upgraded a lot and today is one of the top-selling brands in America and its cars are known all around the globe.

On January 4, 2004, the Toyota Prius became the first Toyota vehicle to gain the renowned "North American Car of the entire year award presented at the UNITED STATES International Vehicle Show in Detroit.

At the 2004 Academy Accolades a number of celebrities attained the wedding ceremony in the all-new Prius. The arrivals' produced 230 experiences, and around $1. 8 million worthy of of advertising coverage.

Toyota presented the Prius cross gas-electric vehicle in Dec 1997 at a press event with the ESV-14 alternative gas show the same month it continued sales in Japan as the world's first mass-produced hybrid vehicle available to open public. Before arriving in the United States in August 2000, the 2001 model yr Prius was offered to dealership and made available for order via the internet. Between the start of pre-sale and its arrival in dealerships, 1800 Priuses were sold with an MSRP of 19. 995$.

Question 1

How do companies decide what price to charge because of their products and how will they be drawn to the clients? Why some people are prepared to pay more to buy a product than another person? That is where microeconomics are taking place and providing answers to people questions.

Microeconomics focuses on the role consumers and businesses play throughout the market, with specific attention paid to how these two groupings make decisions. These decisions include when a consumer acquisitions a good and for how much, or how a business determines the purchase price it will fee for its product.

Microeconomics as Ivancevich et. Al (1997) claims that in its purest form, it is just a philosophical inquiry in to the procedure for resources allocation. The center of microeconomics though is the ability to anticipate and control which often includes understanding, microeconomics has a set of basic elements which can be: goods and services or goods, prices, markets, economic real estate agents, rationality and methods of analysis.

Hal Varian (Feb 1999) on his publication "Intermediate microeconomics" expresses that Economics proceeds by expanding models of communal phenomena. By the model he means a simplified representation of reality. The emphasis here's on the word "simple. " Think about how precisely useless a map on a one-to-one scale would be. The exact same is true of an economical model that attempts to describe every aspect of truth. A model's electric power stems from the elimination of irrelevant information, that allows the economist to give attention to the essential features of the economic actuality they're wanting to understand.

Microeconomics has some basic elements which can be: Price, Market, Rationality, Customer, Employees and method analysis.

1 Price

Price is lots which express the value of the product. The higher the purchase price is the better the product quality is also. Price is an abstract unit found in making brokering entries. If one device of a item is sold, the profile is credited with a certain quantity of units of profile, if the commodity is bought, the same volume of units it debited from the accounts.

2 Market

A market can be been around only if one or two individuals are prepared to enter into an exchanged transaction without thinking enough time or the place. That is clearly a general definition the way the market economics will work. A system where they allocate resources after the interactions of market pushes as the supply and the demand.

3 Rationality

Rationality identifies the success of goal attainment, whatever those goals may be.

4 Customer

Organizations survive on the basis of interacting with the needs, needs and providing benefits for their customers. Failure to do so will lead to a failed business strategy. Customer is the main force on a business. Its needs are innovating the products and everything is depending on his will.

5 Employees

Employing the correct staff and keeping these personnel motivated can be an essential area of the strategic planning process of a business. Training and development plays an essential role particular in service sector marketing in-order to get a competitive border. To construct products that suit the clients it has to be done by the clients themselves.

6 Method analysis

It's the method which each person individual is using to identify something or a need which it can be suitable for him. All of the steps that are taking location to decide or a purchase are being recognized by our action and the method we are using.

All those things are playing an important role to the launch and sales of Prius. Its price along with all the current comfortabilities it can provide makes the prius a car of a fresh generation and that's impacting its sales.

The strategy Toyota is using is very successful even though when first Prius come on the market had not been that accepted by the clients. Its price was too high for people to buy it but a completely different car like that made the difference. Prius was the first hybrid-friendly to environment car and Toyota took good thing about that and slipped its price when the economic crisis strike market. Along with the advertising and its strategy and thanks to the operations administrator Toyota have better a lot as a corporation and now it have three cross automobiles on its arsenal the Prius, Camry and a jeep called highlander.

Question 2

James C. W. Ahiakpor (2003) in his publication traditional macroeconomics-some modern variants and distortions state governments Classical macroeconomics involves applications of their theory of value-the dedication of the exchange value of commodities by their supply and demand in the brief run, and by their cost of development in the long run. Thus, to comprehend clearly classical macroeconomic analysis, it can help to comprehend their theory of value; getting their theory of value right is, in a sense, the modern exact carbon copy of training the "micro-foundations" of macroeconomics.

Kotler (2004) highlights that the business and a great many other economic forces are affecting the business itself and performs an important role on the macroenvironmental factors. Some of them are

Economic environment: the financial environment includes factors that forces the clients to buy products, their judgment to become more specific and spending associates throughout the world.

Natural environment: The providers must show to the clients that except their products also, they are concerned about the surroundings and exactly how it is changing from other creations. Avoid pollution, harmful wastes, and help recycling

Cultural environment: each country has its own traditions which almost all of the people want to be satisfied by the merchandise they buy.

Technological environment: the technology is an always changing factor that takes on an important role on human's life. New things are invented every day all of them to improve the life-style and to meet some specific needs.

Demographic environment: The analysis of the characteristics of real human populations, such as size, growth, density, syndication, and vital figures.

All these macroenvironmental factors are extremely important to Toyota because they need to satisfy every need of the client and also be cautious with the surroundings. Toyota wanted to motivate people also to improve and to become more careful and interested in their decision. Do they need a new trend expensive car which pollutes air when the engine motor starts or an inexpensive friendly to environment and incredibly comfortable car like a Prius? In my own view Toyota is improving steadily and along with advertising and customer research can be a trustworthy company for the customer and for the surroundings.

Question 3

Slack (2007) identifies the five performance targets that every business want to improve or even to achieve and he is characterizing them as in another country stakeholder targets. These five objectives can be seen and applied in every business. Below we can examine them plus they have been devote a priority order that Toyota can be involved.

1 The quality objective

The most successful organizations are the ones that give customers what they want. Satisfied customers are faithful to people suppliers and therefore they will make repeat buys and recommend the business to their friends. Businesses that do not give attention to quality will begin to find out that there are costs need to be paid. Products with low quality also have low prices but customers seems to want best quality and the should go the price it is very important for a small business to be associated with quality. Competition can close down big companies that do not enhance their quality and the customer needs. Quality is highly important because it ensures the living level of a small business. Without it the business may survive but it won't reach its maximum earning probable.

2 The velocity objective

With acceleration we mean the time is necessary for a person to request a product the time the merchandise is delivered to the client. For the organization, speed is much less on top of their priorities as quality, nonetheless they must still give it a higher priority otherwise they will lose customers. Once we can see in the event review Toyota between July and Oct 2000 sold 2610 priuses and its own was very hard to maintain with demand. The production was low and the demand was really high so many customers were disappointed by the hanging around list that they had been put.

3 The stability objective

Dependability is an elaborate mean which includes reliability, basic safety, security, and availableness. Dependability also has the same effect inside the operation because of the fact that the internal customer rely on each others techniques in delivering materials and information with time. With dependability the business saves time and money and it offers more stableness to its procedures.

4 The overall flexibility objective

Nowadays the competition is very high and every business to make it through it must change its strategy and need to be flexible enough to attain its goals. Here we should say that somewhat than tradition or some standarts the business has to enhance to meet customers needs which are changing every day. Only a firm who is flexible may survive that competition and can get the attention of the clients. That's where Toyota took benefit of and tried to entice more customers by the creation of the Toyota prius. Weather is changing so will the company if you want to protect the surroundings who's changing then you have to produce a car which is friendly and it don't pollute the air. It had been a risky try but Toyota contend with the others who hadn't experienced a cross yet and received.

5 The price objective

Cost is also very important but it is the last on our list. First all the other aims must be satisfied and the price comes previous. Companies always compete about the price and the merchandise with the low price and the bigger quality is victorious the fight. At Toyota electric motor sales they are very proud because they claim the quality development and reliability goals.

Question 4

Prius entered the market in 1997 as the world's first mass-produced cross types. The name Prius, "to move before" in Latin, became symbolic of an automobile that was launched even before environmental awareness had turn into a mainstream social concern.

From the start, Toyota's full-hybrid system was developed almost completely in-house and has turned into a driving force behind advanced vehicle technology. The company's exclusive Hybrid Synergy Drive System was released in 2004 on the second-generation Prius. Since that time, more than 700, 000 have been sold in the U. S.

In making the new, third-generation Prius; Toyota designers mixed a careful refinement of existing systems with an competitive way of measuring new technology necessary for the future of automobiles.

During the introduction of the Prius, more than 1, 000 applications for patents were submitted worldwide.

The third-generation Prius expands its record of constant improvement in gasoline overall economy. The first-generation Prius, that was ranked 41 EPA blended mpg, was changed by the current model, which is EPA graded at 46 mls per gallon (mpg), merged city/highway. Utilizing a combination of solutions, gas efficiency was increased to an EPA projected city/highway mpg score of 51 in the town, 48 on the road and a blended 50 mpg for the new Prius.

A greater and more powerful 1. 8-liter Atkinson-cycle, four-cylinder engine will produce 98 hp at 5, 200 rpm in the new Prius. As well as its electric engine the hybrid system in the new Prius will create a combined world wide web horsepower of 134, a noticable difference of 24 hp over the prior generation. Contrary to conventional wisdom, the bigger engine unit actually helps improve highway mileage. By making more torque, the new engine unit can run at lower average rpm on the road. When operating at lower rpm, the new engine uses less energy. Mileage is particularly better in cold-start conditions with higher rates of speed.

Use of an electric drinking water pump and a new exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system also contribute to the engine's efficiency. The 1. 8-liter Prius engine motor is the first Toyota electric power plant that will require no belts under the hood for better gas current economic climate and less potential maintenance.

A multi-information display panel that displays gas and energy ingestion is standard. It provides responses on the Prius' efficiency using three different exhibits to help the driver acquire economical driving a vehicle habits. Unlike most other hybrid vehicles available, Prius has been an uncompromised "full" cross types since introduction. This allows it to perform on engine exclusively, battery by themselves, or a combination of both. The machine blends the best of parallel cross types and series cross designs to attain the ability to operate on the electric function alone, and to demand the batteries as the car is jogging.

Cutting Advantage Styling

In planning the new Prius, aerodynamic performance was an important factor. The goal was to make a beautiful silhouette, without diminishing function. Designers conserved the energetic triangle form of the

current model--instantly recognizable as a Prius--but made modifications to the entire account, pillar position and position. The front pillar, extended frontward, helps refine the performance-focusing, shaped form.

The overall height of the Prius is the same, however the roof account is modified by moving the very best of the roof 3. 9 inches wide to the trunk. This emphasizes the wedge condition, and also permits enhanced rear end headroom and improved aerodynamics.

The design of the new Prius' front and rear edges are pointed, sporty and aerodynamic. Strong aspect character lines, rising from front side to rear, specify the glazed geometric condition. Viewed from the rear, wider rear end treads give a solid, firmly rooted position.

Dimensionally, the new Prius gets the same wheelbase as the current generation. Overall period is slightly increased by 0. 6 ins, partly by moving the front cowl forward.


The new Prius was designed to comply with class-top level collision basic safety performance in each global region of sales, and to support increasingly strict basic safety requirements in the future.

In addition to advanced drivers and front traveler Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) airbags, forward and rear part curtain airbags, driver and passenger seat-mounted aspect airbags and driver's knee airbag are standard equipment. Energetic headrests are being used in both forward seats to lessen the possibility of whiplash in a collision. Anti-lock Brake System (Stomach muscles), Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD), Brake Assist (BA), digital traction control (TRAC) and Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) are included with Toyota's standard Superstar Safety System.

A Active Radar Sail Control system, using advanced millimeter influx radar, can be an available option. The machine also enables Lane Keep Assist, which helps the drivers stay safely within the lane, and the Pre-Collision System, which retracts seatbelts and applies the brakes using conditions when a crash is inescapable.

Next-generation Intelligent Car parking Assist features simplified configurations to help guide the automobile into parking spaces.

A backup monitor, who offers a view of rear obstacles when change is engaged, is obtainable with an optional voice-activated navigation system. Basic safety Connect, Toyota's first security and safety service, includes automated collision notification, taken vehicle locator and an SOS call button. Protection Connect will be accessible a few months after start.

Fuel consumption

Fuel usage, or fuel-efficiency in autos is generally measured as distance journeyed per unit volume of fuel, such as a long way per gallon (mpg), or as the volume of fuel required to cover confirmed distance, just as liters per 100 kilometers (L/100 km). Diesel fuel has about an 11% higher energy denseness than fuel (petrol), so that needs to be considered in 100 % pure energy-efficiency calculations and comparisons. Fuel-price-efficiency calculations will vary between various parts of the world, with diesel fuel pump prices being higher than gasoline prices in some countries, whilst in others it is less costly than gasoline.

First and most important, this quintessential cross types is the most fuel-efficient mass-production car presently on sale. When you pay a premium for those that hybrid style, you're rewarded with considerably more refinement when compared to a typical fuel-efficient subcompact (such as a Honda Fit) provides, and there is something to be said for worthwhile Toyota's technical invention rather than Exxon-Mobil's capacity to refine crude essential oil.

Beyond its fuel-sipping ways, the Prius features loads of available high-tech luxury goodies, which should appeal to those who are trading out of your pricier luxury car, as well as those cross-shopping the Prius against midsize sedans like the Accord and Camry. In addition, the Prius stands out against such sedans by supplying a funky but uniquely space-efficient body design. Contrary to popular belief, there's more backseat legroom than a Ford Crown Victoria, with adequate hatchback cargo capacity to boot. It may well not look big from the outside, but climb inside and you'll find the Prius astonishingly large and utilitarian. It really is a tad thin, though, and taller motorists will see the driving position off-puttingly uncomfortable.

There are other standout cross vehicles designed for 2009, each offering similar gasoline-electric systems while providing something different. The Toyota Camry Cross offers a more luxurious and typical travelling experience. The Nissan Altima Cross is the fun choice for those who think of automobiles as something apart from just an appliance. The Ford Get away Hybrid is the decision for those looking for an elevated traveling position, all-wheel-drive and added tool. Finally, the Honda Civic Crossbreed is an cost-effective choice priced much like (but smaller than) the Prius.

Nonetheless, no car combines fuel- and space-efficiency quite like the 2009 2009 Toyota Prius. In the end, we think this is the crossbreed that will best meet up with the needs of "most people

Toyota prius is certainly a car that will bring a fresh time in the hybrids and a complete new way of car structure. Toyota experienced made a long step by creating this car which includes been a reliable improvement until now.

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