Understanding consumer behavior in tanzania

Tanzania is a producing country that is portraying a steady and positive monetary growth. The united states is divided into 26 regions and has around 38. 5 million people. Like any other growing country, Tanzania still faces a lot of challenges. To name a few, included in these are budget deficits, unemployment, inflation, poverty and electric power cuts. The Gross Household Product (GDP) of the country grows at a rate of 9% and poverty is just about 48%. The leading sector is agriculture which employees around 80% and contributes around 52% to the GDP and the industrial sector comes next by 13%.

The Internet, sometimes called simply "the web, " is an internationally system of computer networks which users at any one computer can get information from another computer (and sometimes talk directly to users at other personal computers).

A pc is any general purpose computer whose size and capabilities makes it useful for individual to use directly by an end user with no intervening computer operation.

Digital marketing is a form of electronic advertising where data is stored in digital (as opposed to analog) form. It could refer to the technical facet of safe-keeping and transmission (e. g. hard disk drives or computer networking) of information or to the "end product", such as digital training video, augmented simple fact or digital art.

The term broadband describes a telecommunications sign of increased bandwidth, in some sense, than another standard or usual indication (and the broader the music group, the greater the capability for traffic).


Market size can be analyzed on the basis of population size, availability of electricity, income size, scientific understanding, education levels, changes in tastes and preferences and the economical trends.

Currently there's a growing market of internet, PC, digital press and broad group. Many people are actually using internet in their homes, office buildings and teaching corporations. This is mainly due to the necessity of acquiring knowledge. World wide the computer consumption rate at higher learning level, is now at 30% and growing speedily. In Tanzania the amount of internet providers has increased through the years Eg, Cats Net, Raha. com, TTCL, and Seacom just to refer to a few.

Due to the high increase of computer use, the market for personal computers has increased hugely in-turn increasing the need for use of internet. It is a normal scenario to find people using computers at the work place, in homes and in various learning establishments. This knowing of computers and internet in-return has increased the market for digital marketing.

A Market section consists of a group of consumers who react in a similar way to a given group of marketing work. In the internet market, for example, consumers who would like commercial and fast internet services would constitute one segment. Consumers who would like domestic and cheap internet service constitute another market section.

The Computer market in Tanzania is also segmented according to the nature useful of the tool. For example, a home end user would like something more accommodating and sensible for the house e. g. a desktop that blends in with the rest of the house while a profession person would like a mobile Laptop or computer e. g. a laptop that they could use even when travelling.

The market for digital mass media and broad band are also segmented in a number of ways such as income, physical location, age group, gender, and use. Digital mass media such as CDs are mainly for high income earners and video tutorial tapes for low income earners. Display drives are for local users among others for commercial users.

Generally, the marketplace trend for all the above items is increasing due to the favorable awareness and growing need useful of it.

Video loading is a fresh multimedia technology which allows video producers to talk about their work inexpensively with an internationally audience. This service has not been around for years in Tanzania and also to date, it is often used by Television, r / c (media residences) and newspapers through their websites where they play different information images


Business businesses have targets that they look forward to reaching through their sales and revenue maximization. For these to be achieved significant amounts of competiveness will be enforced among firms. Inside the Tanzanian economy, there may be competition in the market of online sites providers, PCs, digital advertising and broad strap. Your competition rotates throughout the marketing combine elements as below.

Product, the goods and services provided by the organization to the market. Here your competition is in conditions of quality, variety, design, Features, brand name, packing, and services. Looking at online sites providers, for example, the competition is based in terms of quickness, bundles and use. For Computer and digital press, the competition is situated in conditions of storage area size, accessories (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc) and bran (Apple, Sony, HP etc)to mention a few.

Price, the money customers need to pay to get the product. Here your competition is in terms of the purchase price incurred (list price, special discounts, and allowances) and the prices system (repayment period and credit terms) used in the market. In Tanzania online sites provided has decreased to as low as 10, 000/= shillings per month, there are also promotional prices provided for PCs and digital Marketing items

Place, these include company activities that speak the merits of the merchandise and persuade goal customers to buy it. Here your competition is in conditions of distribution programs, coverage, location, travel and logistics. In Tanzania for example, the location of the merchandise is also accountable for the style of competition on the market. Internet outlets are located near those areas of high usage such as city centers and education institutions where they can certainly be reached. This as well pertains to the digital multimedia out let us and Laptop or computer plus broad band out lets.

Promotion refers to the actions that communicate the merits of the merchandise and persuade goal customers to buy it. Her organizations are conducting a lot of advertising, personal advertising, and public relations because of their products to get competitive advantage over another firm's product. Considerable promotional methods are being used by firm's as mean to remain relevant to consumers.

The Tanzanian market provides preset media (Tv sets, multimedia, electronic billboards etc) situated in places of high activity (bars, hotels, restaurants and educational establishments), which help to provide permanent services in those areas which creates an extra value to the customers; Where as the mobile advertising (mobile phones, PDA's etc) allows for events to occur in various locations as possible moved from one area to some other.


Consumption patterns ranges in the Tanzanian economy whereby there are situations when usage is high and when it's low. The routine of competition relates to the marketing combination factor as illustrated below.

Bundling of services such as internet and digital advertising items has increased their demand. PC's are also sold with additional items such as sound system, earphones and program CDs.

Prices are so competitive that they have contributed to increase in demand of the items in the market. The internet prices have gone down and the costs vary in line with the speed, usage, bundles and durations. The usage of Personal computers and digital press in addition has increased scheduled to fall season in the prices.

Place describes the location where the said products are readily available for the customers. The fact that many of these out-lets are situated in area's where there is a high customer ration it offers contributed to a rise popular of the products.

Product includes the many improvements which have made that contribute to an increase in the demand pattern. Internet rate has been increased, Laptop or computer and digital media plus broad music group has also been upgraded a lot. The products are also varied in order to meet up with the needs of different customers

Promotion methods have been executed in numerous ways, for example, the level of ad has increased which includes helped in attracting more customers hence upsurge in the consumption pattern.

In synopsis the marketing combine parameters have contributed a great deal towards increased demand patterns.

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Task 2 - 15 Marks


The motivation for purchase or intake for both participants and receivers includes the next

With this service, distance will no longer be a reason behind not participating a far away event as it'll be able to view the function from a considerably.

The high move costs of movements is also a motivation for sale of the service as there will not be any longer need to incur high carry costs on motions towards attending distant events.

The disability concern is also resolved by the service as its provision may well not require any need for movements.

Lastly, another desire for the purchase is to recreate the ram whereby people have the ability to see their friends and family who are faraway and those who have not had the opportunity to see one another for a long period of time

The added value calls for all the excess features on the service more than those expected. Value put into both the participants and receivers includes the following

Good customer care to the receivers and participants in the service

More satisfaction to the both participants and receivers as they'll access everything required.

The additional behavioral concern such as the possibility of editing and enhancing allows the customers to erase any images not necessary.

The perceived advantages to both the participants and receivers of the service will include the following

Stress concerning distance and cost of carry for the receivers will be fixed by the service due to the fact that distant friends and family members can view the proceedings of the function as if they where in physical form present. The travel costs will be saved and no more problems of the need for movement to attend distant occurrences such as weddings.

The participants may also be in a position to see their family that they had not seen for an extended period of time


There is difference in value between a person being present at a meeting and distance involvement because being present at an event has a lot of added value and benefits in comparison to being faraway, as seen in below.

Being present provides the opportunity to take part in the events activities physically which portray that you value the folks concerned as well as your dedication to them

Being present gives you to be able to give advice when needed

Being present enables you to get everything and taking place first hand as you are physically present

The value to be present as oppose to distance contribution can be seen in happenings such as funerals and marriages. In Tanzania, for example, being present at a funeral shows that you are concerned, moved and touched and was able to take the responsibility of being available.

In case of happy situations such as marriages you are able to enjoy all the related entertainment incidents such as exchanging of vows, trimming the cake, dance etc.

On the other hand distant participation has the following differences when compared with present contribution.

One will not have an opportunity to participate immediately in the activities of the function and for that reason have less contribution.

It is totally possible to miss some of the occurrences as all can't easily be included in the camera and in case there is technological problems, you will see some interruptions

Demography is concerned with inhabitants characteristics such as get older, gender, social class, education, profession, family size, denseness and so on. The demographic members in the event will be based upon a number of factors such as time of the function, type of event etc.

Age divides society into baby boomers (people born through the baby boom pursuing World Warfare II until early 1960's), Technology X (people born between 1965 and 1976) and Technology Y (children of seniors born between 1977 and 1994). In funerals, for example, this group that normally attends is the baby boomers and Era X.

Social course divides population in line with the degree of income, the higher income earners can enroll in a myriad of situations as they can afford the move costs however the poor may be limited by issues such as transportation.

Gender looks at population in conditions of men and girl. Normally occurrences are went to by all males and females however in some scenario some are only attended by females for example bridal parties.

The demographics of members create problems when two extremes of the factor are asked to the same event. At a wedding, for example, if the bridegroom is English and the Bride-to-be is Tanzanian, extra arrangements should be made to allow both people to understand, enjoy and be able to participate completely.

Occasions where these services may be appropriate are those of happiness and sadness such as: marriages, funerals, birthdays etc. Enabling the next

Easy coverage and transmission of the recordings in terms of images and sounds.

Even communication between the coverage time and out put to the receivers.

Downloading and taking of the image for personal use.

REF: Principles of Marketing, Philip Kotler and Gary Armstrong, 11th Model, pg 69-80

Task 3 - 15 Marks


Advocacy is the act of supporting, recommending or pleading for some one to buy a good or service of a specific firm. Advocacy is important as it can help to present and express views effectively allowing a person to obtain 3rd party advice and appropriate information. Advocacy will help to change the frame of mind of many so therefore enable to purchase the service so with advocacy increased sales will be made

Direct consumer advertising includes advertising directly to the concerned consumer. This helps to get more attention from those concerned for example advertising tally lessons right to the accountants. With direct advert the service will be advertised directly to those who may need the service for example giving out fliers to soon graduating students at the university gate. Immediate consumer advertisement will help to catch more customers as it will be more effective by clearly handling the worried.

Any event has a number of jobs to be completed thus requiring lots of participants to arrange the incidents. These participants have to work hand in hand with the function coverage team as well become advocacy for the service.


Globally the time zones differ among continents and countries in various geographical areas. For instance, in a single country it could be morning whereas in another country may be nights. In a few countries as people are getting ready to go to work, others are preparing to keep coming back from work. The global time zone differences impact cultures and just how people plan for their way of life. As regards to the services, there will be more dependence on planning when there is a notable difference in enough time zone between the region of coverage and the receiver area. It really is clear that throughout the day the quality of a graphic is far better than it reaches night. The internet velocity, for example, also is different at night when compared with your day; the internet quickness is slower throughout the day due to many users and faster at night.


A variety of behavioral issues need to be considered with regards to this service you need to include the next

Editing really helps to produce the best quality through the elimination of the unwanted materials. Thus the service should give better concern for use of the tool by the recipient to allow them to eliminate whichever they might not need.

Downloading and saving will enable recipients to download the images and looks, eventually keeping or transferring those to any digital press.

Communication should be high and barrier absolve to alert the recipient in case there is a network failing.

Different options of browsing should be an option empowered to every receiver to provide desired use out put. For instance, it should include the possibility of taking a look at using cell phones, computers, TV's etc. This gives an opportunity for most to view the coverage of the function.

REF: IIT Pupil Manual, Matter 20-5

Task 4 - 20 Marks


Market research is the process of collecting and studying data associated with the demand for a good or a service in a particular market. Any business would always want to determine how many people would want to buy the product that it is planning to offer on the market. Market research can be main or extra as illustrated below

Primary research is data which is collected at first i. e. for the first time. It consists of interviews, tests, observations etc.

Secondary research consists of data that had been accumulated for another purpose. Secondary options include news papers, government magazines, and internet etc

The following research methodologies might be most appropriate to test the above ideas

Questionnaires involve preparing organized questions for the public to answer. These questions cover type, quality, weakness, price and technical specifications required to use it.

Interviewing requires the firm's associates asking users and potential users for their opinions immediately. It consists of place questions that are registered when replied. The questions will evolves around problems useful of training video recordings, prices, quality etc

Observation entails the firm's representatives visiting different occasions to see how the training video recordings are done, how many camera's are being used, duration etc

The good thing about using the above methods is that

Information gathered will be detailed and qualitative

Information gathered is a Customer opinion

The interviewer will describe any question that the interviewee doesn't understand


When making research it is difficult to gather data from all the folks required credited to constraints such as time, money etc thus there's a dependence on sampling. An example is group to be asked from the many but despite sampling, a huge group is likely to give more significant results. There will vary types of sampling such as arbitrary sampling, stratified sampling and quota sampling.

Many examples will look at a amount of factors to be able to get rid of sampling errors, included in these are

Different income groups

Different degrees of education

Rural and metropolitan users

The total number of men and women in the whole sample will comprise of 300 people and 100 in each of the category of the sample. These will be asked questions or given questionnaires to answer. Listed below are kinds of questions they'll be asked

What types of events do you utilize recording?

How long will it take to get the final copy Compact disc or video cassette?

What will be the prices billed and what are a few of the factors considered in costing?

How is it possible to allocate where you might get the services?


In-depth research techniques require techniques that are a terrific way to talk with customers to learn what they want exactly. That is very important as it possible to know very well what the precise required information is.

For example, Interviewing will involve asking lots of questions to video taking customers and then noting down their reactions. Considerable amount of the time should be given to each respondent to be able to clearly share their ideas and o allow for enough time to ask all the required questions in the clearest manner.

Focus groups consists of identifying a particular group of men and women with potential information required, put in one place and speaking about those regions of interest in your research.

The in depth research techniques will creates complete information which may help to hide gaps in the other information got from other sources

REF: IIT Student Manual, Consumer Behavior, Topic 4

Task 5 - 20 Marks


According to my finding, the Tanzanian market is a viable market because of this kind of service. Viability of market for a certain good or service depends on advantageous market conditions on the commodity. Market viability requires an examination of factors that determine the potentiality of the marketplace such as the competition, affordability etc. In the Tanzanian market, for example, the factors that determine favorability of market being feasible include

Competition where in fact the service is still in the initial periods and many firms providing the service that will not reach consumer expectation.

Uniqueness of service the exclusive individuality of something increases its chances of survival, reputation and demand on the market.

Price this is a significant factor that decides the favorability of a product in the market.

The Tanzanian market is within a transitional period traveling from socialism to capitalism which starts more investment doors for the private traders and creates more freedom of choice by the consumers.

Internet availableness and broad music group service also make the market more viable scheduled to a larger improvement and use of internet services in Tanzania which creates more demand for the service


Competition is a norm in any market causing businesses to combat for "being the best", this in-turn benefits the clients in providing them with room to judge what product suits their needs. Listed below are the competitive benefits for customers and receivers of the service

Lower prices allures customers to the merchandise increasing the businesses market size

Quality of service to the client must be increased to increase their satisfaction of the product

Variety of service will widen consumers choice i. e. amount of recordings, image shade, image quality etc

Information conveyance to customers will allow these to make clearly grasped alternatives. Thus every firm should do its better to up-date customers on any new trends.

Innovation and technology should be fast among the list of organizations to allow better technology in video coverage, better branding, better customer support services etc


CB blockers are common when adding goods or services. They have to be dealt with effectively in order to pave way for a product on the market. This is done in the following ways

Carrying out adverts and sales advertising through which the actual consumers will be informed about the great things about the service and advantages when compared with other services

With regards to limited capital very soft lending options can be desired in order to inject more capital to buy high quality goods

Carry out general market trends is inevitable in order to get all the relevant information about what the consumers want, the various market sections, etc

Use of personal sales reps who visit places of various events to clarify to the potential customers about the benefits of the services and just why it stands to be the best as compared to that of the competitors and therefore should go ahead and buy the service


Pricing strategy. As a fresh service on the market I will take up lots of marketing strategies which will change from time to time depending on the situation as below

Penetration costing. since its will be the start I am going to set a minimal price just to attract customers as soon as I have gained the market share then your price will be increased

Price skimming. due to the uniqueness of my service when compared with those the opponents I would at a certain time. people will realize the high quality of the service and hence inclined to pay

Product lining rates. the service will be differentiated based mostly lots of factors for example the time of the coverage, quality etc and then placed price according to the benefit expected

Promotional costs could as well be used for example during graduating season a lesser price could be incurred for the service. this would be considered as a congulgrately message however the sales will also increase

Event coverage strategies

In covering the event I'll employ highly skilled personally in the field and also employ high quality facilities such as cams in order to produce a good quality service. I am going to as well seek for advice with the customers on some concerns related to coverage to be able to provide in their views I am going to as well be up seeing them on the improvement of the coverage

Benefit promotion

Benefit campaign strategies

Customers are so much concerned about the benefits provided by different vendors. As regards advantage promotion the following will be achieved

Advertising. I'll advertise using different media which is aiming at informing and persuading customers to buy the service for example flyers could be hand out on different occasions

Personal selling where by sales staff will plan and speak to possible customers about services of the business

Sales promotion. this will require the business providing a number of offers such as occasional price reductions, small presents such as pens, openers and so on

Trade good and exibhitions. the business enterprise can as well participate in trade fairs of video recordings

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