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Using Standby Tools

Another strategy, suitable for leaders, is the availability of so-called reserve funds. Material resources can be used as a reserve: real available capital or potentially possible means for obtaining a loan; intangible resources: new developments, patents, licenses; development of shares and advertising campaigns to attract a buyer.

This strategy is successfully applied by Anheuser-Busch with respect to its Budweiser beer.

The company prefers not to use additional means of support in the market until the sales of its product begin to fluctuate. Then the company conducts a massive advertising campaign, and sales of Bud again go up. Such a strategy, called pulsation, allows not only saving money, but also creating a reserve, which can be used if the competitor suddenly arranges a total attack. At the same time, many people know the beer Budweiser as humorous, and its campaigns are recognized as the best and awarded prizes.

Russell Akoff was invited by Anheuser-Busch back in 1961 to carry out a study on the impact of advertising on the volume of beer sales Budweiser. During this study, that an increase in the number of advertisements doubled from the existing level leads to a drop in sales, while a decrease in advertising by 25% caused a positive change. Moreover, in some regions even a complete rejection of advertising did not affect the popularity of the product for over a year and a half. Based on the results obtained, Anheuser-Busch began to reduce the number of advertisements. The advertising budget was cut more than 2 times. During the six years that the experiment was conducted, sales increased by almost 100%.

On December 20, 1999, the advertisement of the series "Wazzup, was first used, which was a huge success and led to the release of a series of commercials that spawned a new culture among Americans. The idea was simple and aimed at the "simple American guy" who communicates with friends, watches football and part of the life of which is Budweiser beer. Having won gold at the festival "Cannes Lions" in 2000, the company attracted to the expansion of the popularity of this slogan ( Wazzup ) television videos, as well as the Internet and radio. The success of the project can be judged at least but a huge number of remakes that have appeared afterwards. This advertising campaign lasted until 2002.

Then the company released a video series using the inventions of a fictional institute ( Bud Light Institute), such as a cup of coffee, from which steams constantly (to pretend that you are at work and have recently left the office ), or a fictional tea party, a sale, etc. (to occupy wives who can prevent you from enjoying a beer in the company of friends). On, when you enter the phrase funny commercial in the results, there will necessarily be an advertisement from Budweiser .

The company Anheuser-Busch was founded in 1852. Currently, she wants to return to the origins of her company - in Bavaria. Eberhard Anheiser in 1864 acquired the Bavarian brewery and renamed it "E". Anheuser & amp; Co. In 1864, his godfather Adolfus Bush joined the company, which later became known as Anheuser-Busch. Today, Anheuser-Busch produces the two most popular beer in the world - Budweiser and Bud Light and owns 12 breweries in the US.

The Anheuser-Busch company always has a new advertising campaign in its reserve that will attract attention. Old videos are often viewed, and they fall into the top ten commercial videos, and new ones are waiting impatiently. As a result, Anheuser-Busch captured and firmly holds the leading position of the American brewing market - about 40%, while many brands of beer of this company are popular in other countries of the world.

In 2009, the company launched a new advertising campaign for Budweiser. The video shows how people around the city chant " All Together Now ("Now - all together"), and eventually they gather under the advertising poster Budweiser. In the background, there is a cover version of the song The Beatles, which was recorded group The Hours. In the filming of the video, 300 people participated, and again the campaign was successful. At present, Anheuser-Busch enterprises operate in 30 countries.

The net profit of the world's largest brewing company Anheuser-Busch InBev ( AV InBev ) in 2009 increased 2.4 times to $ 4.61 billion, compared to a net profit of $ 1.93 billion in 2008. Corporate revenues increased 1.5 times to $ 36.76 billion, from $ 23.5 billion. Gross profit AB InBev in 2009 increased by approximately 1.5 times and amounted to 19.56 billion dollars, against the same indicator in 2008 at 13.17 billion dollars

In the United States market of this strategy, the company Danone adheres to its brand "Aktivia". Shares promoting this brand occur approximately 1-2 times a year, attracting the attention of the consumer.

The shares are of a different nature and have different names, but all of them are aimed at increasing the consumer demand for the goods. It can be the propaganda of a healthy lifestyle, the promise to reimburse the cost of purchased products in case of dissatisfaction with the result or the opportunity to win various prizes when buying the product "Activia". To participate in advertising campaigns are often attracted to popular actors, leading programs.

Thus, the goal of any defensive strategy leader is the relative balance and stability of existing segments - the so-called marketing world. For example:

measures, the marketing world is what Kodak achieved in the film market, Campbell - in the soup market (in the USA Campbell's soups are among the top ten most popular food products) and IBM - the scope of computers. Each of these firms has a dominant share in its market. Often so dominant that buyers have to think about who they can put in second place. These leaders are both objective and subjective estimates.

Leaders, however, should always be on the alert. The losing competitor most often does not back down, but prepares a new strategy, repeatedly trying to select a segment of the leader segment.

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