Versions of outdoor furniture - Advertising and public relations

Outdoor furniture options

Dual-use constructions:

o stop pads and pavilions;

o benches;

o road fencing;

o payphone booths

o cabins (canopies) for ATMs;

o Beach cabins;

o urns and trash cans;

o toilet cabins and pavilions.

Information Systems:

o pointers;

o stands;

o stands;

o reference kiosks. Advertising designs:

o pylons;

o scrollers;

o Pillars;

o Cityboards;

o prism-dynamic installation;

o panel-brackets.

New types of outdoor advertising are entering the modern arena of advertising platforms.

1 .LEDs - emit light of a certain wavelength, which increases their light efficiency when used as a color light source. They are used in outdoor advertising in the form of lighting. Most often used for decorative design and manufacturing of light advertising.

2. Cold neon (electroluminescent wire) is a novelty in the outdoor advertising market and a worthy competitor to open neon (neon tubes).

3. Sculptural advertising products - are three-dimensional plastic products, expressed in sculptural techniques. Sculptural advertising differs from other species in its design and complexity of figures.

Road advertising means advertising media made in the form of various devices and technical designs, as well as information and service advertising signs of individual design, distributed on the streets and roads.

General requirements for advertising on the road network:

o It is prohibited to distribute advertisements that make it difficult to assess the actual traffic situation and have similarities (in appearance, image or sound effect) with technical means of organizing traffic and special signals, and also create the impression of pedestrians, vehicles, animals or other items;

o advertising should not restrict the visibility of technical means of organizing traffic or interfere with their perception by traffic participants;

o cause the participants to dazzle the movement with light, including reflected,

o if the engineering structures are located on the span structures, reduce their dimensions;

o be located in such a way that pedestrians are forced to go out onto the roadway of streets and roads for this perception;

o advertising is not allowed outside the settlements at a distance of less than 3 m from the edge of the roadway (except for information and service advertising signs of individual design);

o on the dividing strip if the distance from the edge of the advertising structure to the edge of the roadway is less than 2.5 m;

o outside populated areas, where there are already two advertising tools in the area of ​​1 km of the road for this direction of traffic;

o in one section with traffic signs and traffic lights;

o in emergency areas of the road network (places of concentration of traffic accidents);

o at railway crossings, in tunnels, overpasses, bridges, overpasses and closer than 350 m outside populated areas, and in settlements - 150 m from them;

o closer than 150 m from public transport stops (except for advertising directly in the pavilion);

o on sections of streets and roads with a longitudinal slope of more than 40 degrees;

o is closer than 150 m from pedestrian crossings and intersections on roads outside populated areas, etc.

If you agree on the placement of advertising, consider the convenience of maintaining roads and streets, as well as the ability to prevent accidental damage to it by vehicles.

Advertising stands can be made of various materials that provide a high level of safety in case of collisions and sufficient stability under the estimated wind load and during operation.

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