Why Customer Relationship So Important Marketing Essay

In the highly competitive world, the essential aspect is to retain the existing customers which is inspired by Customer relationship. And for that reason this research is performed, and also for the deep review about Customer romance.

In this century customers are vital part of your business because competition on the market is very difficult. The company is liable to gratify their customers' needs and needs. It means companies' try to provide maximum satisfaction with their customer to are present. It also helps to make an agreeable relationship with their customer, and also more helpful for posting of ideas and also identify the current position of something among the customers. Customer relationship really helps to generate the firms income and goodwill, also draw in new customers in to the business. Customers are a secured asset for the company. (Balanchine, D. (2003), pp. 1242-1261. )

Argos is chosen for to site nice exemplory case of customer romance. Argos is one of the biggest merchants in UK. It offers 700 retail outlets in UK. Roughly 130 million clients are served every year. Argos deals with their customers carefully and also provides more facilities to the customers. In 2009-2010 customer support survey, Argos acquired a better end result. They released several varieties of 'top quality products' with their customers through the period.

In Catalogue shopping Argos attain a good reputation in UK. Customers can simply choose the merchandise from imprinted catalogues, audio Compact disc version, online and phone through this services and can in a position to make better business atmosphere. (www. argos. co. uk)

In Argos, the catalogue shopping is beneficial for the customers as it will enable these to choose from a variety of products from the catalogue. Catalogue shopping also provides 'less expenditure' for the organization in the center of recession as no expenditure to serve the customer but only 'catalogue serving. ' The catalogue shopping gives the customer expectation at a new level until no aesthetic or presence in the live manner. Argos can enhance their sales through their customer connections between the customers. It could motivate the customers to come back. The opportunity it has got in sales is the preserving the stock based on the needs of the customers. The lack of products which shown in the catalogue may bring the clients considered inefficiency about the company. The other stores in the group which offers gadgets in ales expense can be a hazard for the business in the foreseeable future. And more with this the tax and legalities related to the pay also becomes a problem for the company. The economical slowdown has an impact on the sales, but however the efficiency shown on the customer relationship made those to overcome. Social values about the products will create a back fall in the sales eventually resulting in loss for the business enterprise. Technological deficits which come up in the stock room sometimes bring the some confusions and also results in some losing of business.

The primary goal of the research is to deeply understanding the customers and customer support. Steps to make a good relationship with the customers? This research also leads how the customer service will affect the business. Second reason for this research is what exactly are the changes are made in the business for customer service. Critically analysis of the factors as well as how to keep the existing customers and clients are this study's key point.

Every retailer must have to maintain a lovely relationship with their customers to make a specific plan to maintain their customers. Stores need to handle different kind of customers every day. Customers have their own likes and dislikes. Retailers should become aware of that likes and dislikes at the first look to adjust and mingle with them in contrast.

In an company, romantic relationship management mainly influences in 'interior' and 'exterior' marketing, it helps to produce a good romantic relationship between employees within the organisation which help to recognise the clients inevitability within an indirect manner. (George, W. 1990 pp34)

Customers needs: good service to get over the phone, online and home deliveries. Large amount of firms presently ensure to hold customer give food to backs through customer romantic relationship and also this factor is used to learn that the same customer needs huge selection of products to choose in a competitive market. Every organisations' make an effort to provide good customer support set with their each customers. Each firms made good strides in service ability and huge choice of products in right place. (Argos post magazine. (2010), concern 193)

It mainly highlighted to provide maximum satisfaction to the customers through to give best products in affordable price. Marriage management is not a straight way of success. Nonetheless it is one of the top step to reach their position. Long lasting satisfaction is one of the better means to fix discard all negative impressions about the company and reach their goal. (Cornell, C. and Werner felt, B. (1987) pp 337-346)

All firms want to create a good name on their customers mind. Characteristics and services will be the key points to set-up their own good will. If the company wants to produce a good impression on their customers mind, they must present quality product and good service into market. Matching to a business, goodwill bringing up is difficult. If the company is not reliable to their clients, they may easily depend other companies because of current competition is hard in market. Hence the company should aware vibrant likes or dislikes of the clients. (Carson, D. , Gilmore, A. and Walsh, S. (2004) pp431-455. )

Now-a-day's customer romantic relationship is a essential area of the company. It is more good for increase companies' strength and competition energy under the marketplace. Keeping their own customers in a constant way is very difficult because of competition is high among firms. Therefore the company is eager to be paid more on customer romance in the modern world.

The main work of the research is to judge the 'customer relationship' in stores and its own execution. So I took a case study on Argos sellers, is great example of customer service. That is one of the greatest stores in UK. They already have above 700 branches in UK and one branch in East Ham helped me to do the study because I am able to accumulate data's straight from the employees about the customer relationship.

Sampling means collection of data which is gathered from selected range of individuals. My research is based on customer relationship, as much as i considered in this example the most suitable method is convenience method because it is extremely hard to collect data from all customers.

In this method I would like to makes some in person interviews and questionnaires related my research issue with selected amount of people. THEREFORE I can appreciate the customers' views from the limited number of men and women with in limited time. That's why I used this technique very intensively in my research.

For this research I used major and secondary research methods. First of all, I used supplementary data to learn the partnership between customer and company. For this purpose, I used lots of magazines, journals and also collected data by using internet.

Secondly, for key data collection I used different kinds of questionnaires and semi-structured interviews. In questionnaires and interviews there are made up lots of questions which are more correlated to my research topic. Through the interviews, I felt that it's mostly a powerful way to appreciate all the thoughts and predeterminations of the both customers and employees in the company. I think principal data collection is most readily useful for my customer romantic relationship research and also yet whole lot of valuable information recognized in my research.

In my research, data analyses take a significant part. From your assortment of data I can categorize and filter them looking for types, classes, sequences, operations or whole. The target of this activity is to gather or renovate the info in a significant or all-embracing fashion. In conditions of qualitative data evaluation differentiation of data is conceivable. THEREFORE I think in my research qualitative data analysis is more enough. (Jorgensen, 1989: 107).

At the moment, current competition is very high on the market. To overcome this situation we can use whole lot of techniques on the market. In Argos, they are trying to realise the customers' problems and take more initiative steps to reduce the problems. These are mainly using strategies for to take customer feedback, customer dash table and visual unknown shop. THEREFORE I think these techniques will be more helpful to them to reach their position.

From my research I can understand, in Argos they provide catalogue services but it has got a great deal of merit and demerits. Some customers need to see the products and buy them. But catalogue service does not meet their needs. THEREFORE I think display system is more helpful to overcome this problem.

My research is pointed on customer marriage in Argos suppliers in UK. For carrying this out research, I acquired the chance to usage of the Argos through the director and other caring staff. Despite the fact that I have received that opportunity, I have directly attended the client support point in the Argos and directly interviewed with the clients for the data for the research. With the kind co-operation of personnel and supervisor I efficiently completed the research.

The ethical issue that I found in the Argos vendors in UK is that they are recycling the catalogue for to preserve environment. In there I found the 'customer romantic relationship' which motivated the customers to give back the catalogues. And I also observed that several phone calls to the store where I done my research acquired some calls stating of the electric waste from your kitchen and are removed by the council with in joint venture as per manager told me.

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