WordPress Arrange for My Video games Site

Dami Olayemi


The goal and rationale behind my video games site will be talked about. To begin with, the goal of this website is to help gamers learn the approaches for this game and also enjoy playing the game. As well as have a way for people to discuss the game and verify if the strategies work.

Target Audience

I am going to operate a WordPress site that is concentrating on males and female's gamers who are in their 18 to 25 years old. They can be males and females who desire to learn more approaches for the overall game they play; as well as how to boost their scores. Other folks might also follow this accounts, and see the value of it. It would or could include young/inexperienced gamers in their 18 to 25 years to want to find out about the overall game.

Layout / Design

The page layout for each and every of the net pages is really as follows. To begin with, the home web page has rollovers, so people can scroll to what will be centered on the site. In addition, the home web page will have a design, so you will see simple turn to it. On the other hand, the about us site will have a just a little different layout. It will have a variety of 2-3 columns in each. There will be a slider showing the website owner and other aspects of the blog. In addition, in certain boxes discussing the way the site came to be, and the person who owns the website. For the strategies page you will see codes discussed for every single of the several games in several containers. On another take note, the blog webpages will have three posts showing a high 5, checklist, and a guide. People who browse the site can comment for this web page and the strategy web page. Also, for all your pages there will be a Facebook give food to in the bottom, logo at the very top, and across the social media symbols. Finally, the contact page will allow people to either subscribe to the web site or tone of voice their concerns and ideas. Therefore, this is actually the layout for the net pages.

The colours I will be using are red and dark-colored for a couple of different reasons. To begin with, red is an extremely eye getting color and this helps it be useful in case I wish to draw some attention to my website theme. Furthermore dark-colored will be the main colour of the font, so that it will easier for readability for individuals who want through the web site. Altogether, they are the colorings for the web site overall.

The types of images that I am using are as follows. Firstly, the home site will have images of the game that will be discussed on the website. The about us webpage will have images of the website owner and pictures of each character on the game discussed on the site. The blog web page will have images that are contained into the blogs in the web site. Also, the strategy page will involve some tactics to being successful the overall game which maybe it's difficult. Finally, the contact web page will have a graphic of how to locate us. For all the Webpage's at the very top you will see the brand and social advertising icons on the bottom. All in all, they are the images that I would be using on my games website.

The font size and type I am using are as follows. The font type that will be used is Start Sans. It is straightforward to learn, so individuals that have vision difficulties can have an easier time. The main size for the font is 16px. Also, the site subject font size is 36px, so people can identify the web page they are considering. Furthermore, there are similar fonts to the in the game titles discussed on the website. So, that will generate a theme to hook up everything together. Overall, Open Sans is a ideal font for the website.

The overall ideas of what I am trying to attain with this layout will be discussed. First I'll try to interest the mark market that I am appealing to. Also, trust the colour scheme to stimulate my interest to the genders and age ranges I chose. Furthermore, grow my interest from males and females who play more video gaming, PC game titles, and mobile game titles. Lastly each website will have a slightly different style to the website. Therefore, this will hopefully help to achieve the overall idea for my design.

Page Content


When the public comes to the website, the very first thing they'll see is the homepage. Which there will be pictures in the slider of the game that'll be discussed? This page will give a rundown of exactly what will be on each of the page like the strategies and the websites. Also I'll have a Facebook supply attached to this page to let individuals know different ways to discover about the website. Furthermore it will be a fascinating and eye-catching experience for individuals who will understand this website. In addition, you will see a social media link and a logo of the game. Additionally, there will be a navigation club on the right side of the site for the other web site. All in all, this will be the open public facing content on the house page.


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