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Equation of motion of electric drive - Electric drive

Equation of motion of electric drive the sum of the motor torque and the moment of resistance. in some cases, the moment of the engine, as well as the.


Z.2. Normal angles and tolerances of angles - Machine parts. Course design

Z.2. normal angles and tolerances of angles gost 8908-81 applies to angles (angular dimensions) and tolerances of the corners of cones, prismatic.


SHAFTS, General information, Shaft and axle materials, Shaft...

Shaft general the shafts are designed to support the rotating parts of the machine and to transfer the torque from one rotating machine to another. the.


Some special cases of intersection of surfaces - Engineering graphics

Some special cases of intersection of surfaces in some cases, the arrangement, shape or ratio of the dimensions of the curvilinear surfaces is such that.


Calculation of open gear, Cylindrical gears, Bevel...

Calculation of open gear in open gears, it is very difficult to provide an optimum lubrication regime, so that the absence of a liquid lubricant in the.



Shaft connections with connected items general when designing drives consisting of gears and worm wheels, sprockets of chain drives, pulleys of belt.


Lubrication of bearings - Machine parts. Course design

Lubrication of bearings typically, the bearings are lubricated with the same oil that the transmission parts are lubricated. with crankcase lubrication,.


Structural diagram of an asynchronous electric motor, controlled...

Structural diagram of an asynchronous electric motor controlled by a chain of stator windings by voltage change let's compose a block diagram of an.


Design of gear shafts, Tolerances of cylindrical gears...

Designing gear shafts two structural combinations of gears with a shaft are used: • shaft-pinion-gear is manufactured in conjunction with the shaft.


MECHANICAL TRANSMISSION, General - Machine parts. Course design

Mechanical transfer general mechanical transmissions are designed to transform rotational motion or to convert it into translational motion. according to.


Energy losses in transient regimes, Power losses in...

Energy losses in transient modes in electric drives, in which the dynamic mode is the main (ep of rolling mills, cranes, planing machines), it is.


Electrical diagrams and rules for their implementation...

Electrical circuits and their execution rules in the drive control systems, the circuits described in section 7.2 are used. rules for the implementation.


Electrical diagrams and ways of their drawing, Terms, definitions...

Electrical circuits and ways of their inscription terms, definitions, concepts according to the state standard of the united states, the following terms.


Splined connections, straight spline joints, involute...

Splice connections splined joints (fig. 4.7), in comparison with keyed ones, provide a higher accuracy of centering of parts on the shaft, and also have.


Cylindrical gears, General information - Machine parts. Course design

Cylindrical gears general the index n is set for values ​​related to the normal section. index i is set for values ​​related to the circumferential (end).


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