Composition of the explanatory note for the course project...

Composition of an explanatory note for the course project

Explanatory note (PP) should include:

• title page; • body text;

• terms of reference; • conclusions and conclusion;

• content (table of contents); • References;

• Introduction; • Applications (if any).

Cover page

The cover sheet, which is the first sheet, should be drawn on drawing paper. Fill the title page with black ink or pencil in standard font. The title page should not have a title block.

Example of the title page of the explanatory note for the course project on the discipline "Mechanics" (section "Details of machines") is shown in Fig. 2.4.


The table of contents (table of contents) should be given at the beginning of the text technical document on the title and subsequent sheets, and the title sheet should have the main inscription according to Form 2 (Figure 2.1), and the remaining sheets in form 2a (Figure 2.2).

The content should list the headings of all sections and subsections with the page numbers on which the headers are placed.

An example of creating a content sheet is shown in Fig. 2.5.

Fig. 2.4

Fig. 2.5

Terms of Reference

In the form of the technical assignment containing the initial data, the amount and timing of the work, should be placed after the content.

An example of a sheet with a technical task for the course project, in accordance with current standards, is shown in Fig. 2.6.

The kinematic scheme of the drive is drawn on the back of the sheet with the technical assignment drawn with black ink or black ink paste.

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The frame and stamp are made according to the pattern shown in Fig. 2.6.


The introduction follows:

• state the purpose of the work;

• specify the documents on the basis of which the project was developed;

• purpose and scope of the product being designed.

The title should be the word INTRODUCTION.

Construction of technical document text

The main text of the document is divided into sections and subsections. Sections must have sequence numbers within the document weight indicated by Arabic numerals without a dot and written with a paragraph indent. The names of sections and subsections should briefly and clearly reflect the contents of the latter, for example:


Subsections are numbered within each section. The subsection number consists of section and sub-section numbers separated by a period, for example:

4 CALCULATION OF CLOSED TRANSFER 4.1. SELECTING MATERIALS OF WHEELS AND DETERMINING THEIR MECHANICAL CHARACTERISTICS Sections and subsections may consist of one or more paragraphs. The numbering of a paragraph in should be within each section or subsection.

Fig. 2.6

For example:




Headings are written with a capital letter, without underscoring.

Word wraps in headers are not allowed.

Also, you do not need to put a period at the end of the header.

If the header consists of two sentences, they are separated by a period.

The distance between the title and the subsequent text when the document is typed is 3 intervals, the manuscript method is 15 mm.

The distance between the section and section headings is 2 intervals for the typing mode and 8 mm for the handwritten method.

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