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Paint and varnish materials are able to dry out with a thin layer on the surface of the products to form a thin film held by adhesion forces.

Oil paints, prepared in oil and linseed oil in paste-like form (densely packed), form coatings with weak gloss.

Enamel paints on the varnish form coatings, differing in the atmosphere bone, good gloss and increased hardness.

Paint coatings are classified (GOST 9.032-74) by the name of the coating material, the appearance of the coating surface (coverage class) and the operating conditions (Tables 12.2, 12.5).

Designation of paints and varnishes

The designation of paints, enamels, primers and putties consists of five groups of signs, and the designation of varnishes is made up of four (GOST 9825-73) (Table 12.2):

1) the name of the material - varnish, paint, enamel, primer or putty;

2) chemical composition (kind of film-forming resins, esters, oils, cellulose):

AC - alkyd-acrylic;

BT - bitumen;

GF - glyptal;

KO - organosilicon;

MA - oil;

NC - nitrocellulose;

PF - pentaphthal;

ХВ - perchlorovinyl and polyvinyl chloride;

EG1 - epoxy, etc.;

3) Groups of primary use;

4) the serial number assigned to the material by the standard organization for standardization.

For oil paints, instead of the number, you put the figure that defines the varnish on which the paint is made:

1 - linseed oil natural;

2 - drying oil oxol;

3 - glyphthalic drying oil;

4 - drying oil pentaphthalic;

5 - drying oil combined;

the alphabetic index characterizing the features of the material is added after the serial number:

XC - cold drying;

M, G1M - matte and semi-matt;

PG - reduced flammability, etc.,

5) the color designation.

Table 12.2

Groups and designation of paint and varnish coatings



Primary purpose (coating conditions)



To equalize the unevenness of surfaces before painting.

Recommended thickness of one layer - no more than 0.2 mm, total - up to 0.4 mm



Resistant to atmospheric influences in various climatic conditions, are operated in open areas




Operated under a canopy and inside unheated rooms

Water resistant


Resistant to the action of fresh water and its fumes, as well as sea water



Possessing specific properties: resistant to X-rays and other radiation, luminous, thermoregulating, anti-fouling, for impregnating fabrics, dying skin, rubber, plastics, etc.

Oil-resistant resistant


Resistant to the effects of mineral oils and greases, gasoline, kerosene and other petroleum products containing no more than 20% aromatic compounds

Chemically resistant


Resistant to acids, alkalis and other liquid chemical reagents and their vapors

End of Table. 12.2



Primary purpose (coating conditions)

Heat resistant


Resistant to high temperatures




Exposed to electrical stress, current, electric arc and surface discharges



Used for temporary protection of the surface to be painted during production, transportation and storage of products

For example:

hot-drying glyptal primer, brown denoted: "GF-032 HS primer brown";

• perchlorovinyl natural filler putty - HB-005 gray filler

• oil paint for interior work on linseed oil oxol with filler, ready for use - "MA-22N blue paint";

• Oil paint for exterior use in the combined drying oil dough (the number 0 in the third group of digits indicates the dough-like ink ) - MA-015 Green Paint & quot ;;

• perchlorovinyl enamel for outdoor works - "Enamel XB-124 blue";

• Pentafthal varnish for outdoor use - "Lacquer 11F-170";

• Glyftal electrically insulating lacquer - "GF-95 Lacquer".

A variety of paintwork materials (water-borne, water-emulsion, powder, etc.) are denoted by an index placed between the first and second group of characters.

For example, a powder epoxy paint for indoor applications is designated as:

P-EP-219 white paint.

Alphabetic indexes in notation:

B - without active solvent;

B - water-soluble;

OD -organodispersion;

P - powder;

E - water emulsion.

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