The RESEARCH STUDY Of Marvel Corporations Media Essay

Marvel Organization was founded in 1930s that was called Marvel Comics at that time. At the start, the comics were successful and the superheroes the comics included were popular. However, due to negative controversy that it could have some unsafe effect of comics on children, the sales of the comics found a slump in 1950s. After following step of DC Comics that was its main rival, Marvel recovered and created the Marvel World which revived and grouped its superhero heroes. Marvel Universe always offered an opportunity to make popular character types as "guest appearances" in some comic books of the individuals that were newer or not that popular in a proper way with a reasonable historical and appropriate conditions for the personas and history lines. This might not only help catch the attention of more attention on those comics lesser-known or newer heroes, but also make readers a deeper impression on those famous heroes to maintain a higher popularity. There have been over 5000 heroes in its catalogue such as Spider-Man, The Hulk, THE GREAT Four, etc. (n. d. , 2010) Marvel maintained its content catalogue as families alternatively than individuals, which was easy to be categorised.

Many people Marvel created were widely known on earth and possessed demographic charm for a broad age group. The appeal came from the vulnerability of the characters. Even a superhero like Spider-Man was only a normal person when he did not dress up. That they had the same issues that anybody else would have, which could punch a chord with the readers. If the type was so perfect, the readers might enjoy it but they would hardly feel committed in the storyline since it had not been realistic. Only if when the viewers were devoted, they would be attracted by it. That was the reason why the Marvel's individuals always had charm to its readers. Marvel noticed its advantage, so they tried out to make the majority of their characters in a similar model which was most attractive for the readers.

Target Market of the ME Universe

There were three main divisions of Marvel and each of them had different target market. The first department was comic-book posting which came in two main formats before that were periodicals and graphic novels. However, with the development of the internet, Marvel also provided the digital comics on its website that have been online variations of visitors' favourite Marvel Comics created from the original printed files. Visitors could pay for it and read it on the computer systems. The majority of the visitors were in the early teens to past due 20s and expanded to adults who were in their middle 30s. A lot of the readers were well-educated males since almost all of the character types Marvel created were featured as action superheroes. Another potential market may be the collector segment because the worthiness of the comic literature increased a lot after several years. For illustrations, a Marvel comic publication which was worthwhile only 10 cents in 1939 can be appreciated $250, 000 today (Alex, 2006). The hobbyists accumulated the comic literature for some sort of investment.

The second was toy department that was in charging of developing, producing, marketing and distributing a restricted line of toys to market segments. It licensed the toy companies to make and sell action numbers and Marvel would care for the product design, marketing and sales for the companies which also benefitted Marvel itself to regulate the grade of the products. The target market of Marvel playthings was boys from 4 to 12 years old as the sweet place was a son who was maybe five to eight years old. Collectors could also be another market not limited to investment goal, but also to memorize the personas that accompanied them to develop up.

Licensing division was the 3rd part including motion pictures, tv set programs, video games, computer animation and destination-based entertainment. Different motion pictures had different focus on markets. For cases, The Publisher was a movie with R Rating which supposed it was not for kids and young adults could only watch it with men and women accompanied while Spider-Man was a PG-13 movie that targeted all group of audience. The marketplace of animated Dvd disks and Tv set programs was usually kids and young adults and its online games didn't have a particular age group target market but was categorised by the interest in doing offers. Last but not least, the destination-based entertainment such as theme area tended to attract family-oriented market especially the family experienced young kids.

Distribution from 2005 to the Future

Before the first Fantastic Four movie was release, Marvel possessed three main divisions which were comic books, gadgets and licensing and the situation retained until Marvel was received by Walt Disney Co. (Disney) for $4 billion in '09 2009 (Goldman, 2009) and exposed a fresh movie division. Before, comic books got two main types which were periodicals and graphic novels which were all published as papers. However, later Marvel provided a new approach to read comics called digital comics which can be an digital version to be read within the computer. Except the digital comics, other two forms of comic literature are distributed through several channels nowadays. Usually, consumers can buy books in comic-book niche stores, traditional retail outlets or subscribe by period. Some online reserve stores, nowadays, provide Marvel comic literature as well. In addition, as the increasing quantity of consumers use Apple's products such as iPhone and iPad, some of the Marvel comics can be purchased in iTunes for Apple users especially.

Toys are sent out in the outlets included area of expertise toy merchants, mass merchandisers, mail-order companies and variety stores as well as independent distributors who'll ship the merchandise to other stores. Marvel also offered an online store in its recognized website for consumers to buy toys online. Additionally, after the acquisition by Disney, the playthings can even be within Disney both online and physical stores.

For the merchandise that Marvel certified the to the companies including toys, garments, accessories, DVDs, Video gaming, etc, are allocated not only in the vendors, shops, variety stores, but also can be bought online as well. Consumers can enjoy a free US earth delivery in the official Marvel Shop online if they spend over $50 (Marvel, n. d. ). Tv programs such as animated shows or animations can be viewed on TV as well as through the internet.

Movie studio is the new section in Marvel. After efficiently liberating the self-produced movies cooperated with other movie companies such as Flat iron Man II, there tend to be more videos on the routine. For illustrations, "The first Avenge: Captain America" directed by Joe Johnston is likely to be released on July 22, 2011.

Strategy for Lasting Development in the Future

There were two marketing difficulties which were critical to Marvel's success in the future. First was to decide the way to use its character types in the library. On one hand, Marvel should wthhold the famous heroes such as Spider-Man. However, as the buyer tastes changes frequently, they would get tired if the story was similar on a regular basis. In order to avoid this situation, Marvel could change the appearance of the people to let them look more close to current population because many prominent character types were created several generations ago and its appearance might be not appealing to the children nowadays. Making tiny changes cannot only draw in new potential market but also meet the popular preference so that consumers would not lose their interest in the people. Marvel could also release some limited version of its products such as gadgets and books which could attract enthusiasts to buy as well as get the sight from the public to pay attention on these old individuals again.

On the other hand, some new people could be created but should focus more on quality alternatively than quantity based on the lessons discovered from the failed strategy in the mid-1990s decided by Ronald Perelman, the trader who bought Marvel in 1989. In addition, since there were still a whole lot of existing lesser-known personas, Marvel could combine them to the story that related to the famous personas in order to make consumers familiar with them and then these characters could be impartial and this helps you to save the price tag on creating new people because they already can be found. Besides, as the major target market of Marvel's products is male, it could create some new individuals and details for females which will be a really large potential market for Marvel to increase much better in the future. Because the typical storyline of Marvel's comics and films are quite similar and popular a normal person, mostly male becomes a superhero inadvertently, then saves the entire world and falls deeply in love with a beautiful woman, Marvel can just change the hero to be a girl and keep carefully the similar story but will make it more intimate. The key reason why the products get more males is because firstly men like action themes more than females and secondly the heroes are males that can be reminiscent to them. When the hero is a lady and the storyplot is more loving, feminine consumers will be seduced with the same reasons that males have.

The second marketing concern was to choose whether it will change its current business model to more capital-intensive. Marvel published script for videos but it did not make movies. However, it was acquired by Disney in 2009 2009. As Disney had capacity to make movies, Marvel had a strong back again to support it to make movies by itself which could be a huge profitable division in the company. Furthermore, the acquisition helped bring huge capital to Marvel to purchase new project that could get more earnings in the future. Meanwhile, the character types could be presented in Disneyland and other Disney-related products so that they could be known by more folks because of the high attractiveness of Disney.

Suggestion for Keeping the Value and Quality of the Brand

As Marvel was purchased by Disney, the main one of the main product is still comic since even Marvel began to make movies alone; the characters were from its comic. Thus, maintaining the value and quality of comic can make a big effect on retaining them of the brand.

First of most, Marvel should draw in more new customers for the comics by advertising and there are many ways to promote comics. However, since the increasing reputation of the internet, the business should focus its promotion on the internet such as internet search engine like Google and network like Facebook, instead of other methods such as magazines, which could certainly be a more efficient way, because the prospective market of comics who are the male teenagers and young adults from 13 to 23 season old more use internet to get information than read newspaper publishers. Also, Marvel could provide some comics for kids which can expend this group of the mark market. Secondly, moderate amount of new individuals should be created and household personas should keep their principles. Never disregarding quality so that to produce more to increase sales.

Marvel created Marvel studios and began to make films cooperated with other movie companies such as Flat iron Man, which became the most profitable section of the company and the income count more on its videos nowadays. Marvel earnings fell in '09 2009 because there was no new movie at that period (Fritz, 2009). Marvel should continue committing to make films or even make films independently if the business's financial condition allows it to do so.


Even though it seems that Marvel is at its golden years with the increasing level of popularity and profits, its possibility could slump if it creates a wrong decision since its main rivals DC comics also runs quite well. Meanwhile, although self-produced movies bring a whole lot of earnings to the company, it also is actually a risk that makes the company to reduce money because making moving needs huge amount of money which is a risky investment for Marvel. Centering more on the product quality instead of number is the best way to maintain its faithful customers. Moreover, wanting to build the relationship between every divisions in a far more reliable way such concerning have promotion for the comparative products in the cinemas when the movie is on will attract more consumers to choose the products, that may ensure more profitability. Last but not least, entertainment industry needs more creative imagination due to its fickle customers.

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