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Nutrition for children aged 1 to 3 years, Nutrition for preschool...

Feeding of children aged 1 to 3 years in the second and third years of life, intensive growth of the organism continues, the mobility of the child.

Chemical composition of urine - Human Biochemistry

Chemical composition of urine urine contains water, protein decay products: nitrogen-containing substances, salts and some other substances. on average,.

SCULLET OF TOOLS, SPINAL POST - Plastic anatomy of...

Body skelet the body's skeleton is formed by the vertebral column, thorax and pelvic bones. spine post the trunk at the back is divided into two.

TABLE II. VI Surikov. BROOKE - Plastic anatomy of...

Table ii. vi surikov. brother building a shape. the figure stands, firmly resting with both feet on the floor, waiting for the fight. the pelvis is.

Pyelonephritis, Phytotherapy for urinary tract infection...

Pyelonephritis the term pyelonephritis still has no clear definition and is treated differently. bme defines pyelonephritis as a nonspecific inflammatory.


Chronic verb-frame pododermate chronic prosthetic poddermatitis (podpdermatitis chronica verrucosa s. migrans) is a chronic inflammation of the skin of.

Means of metabolic therapy, Cholinergic drugs - Pharmacology

Metabolic therapy tools meldonium ( mildronate ) - a drug that improves metabolism and energy supply of tissues. the structural analogue of the precursor.

Antitussives - Pharmacology

Antitussives butamir ( omnitus quot ;, sinecode ) exerts expectorant, moderate bronchodilating and anti-inflammatory effect. butamate citrate is neither.

Derivatives of vitamins, drugs that improve cerebral circulation - Pharmacology

Derivatives of vitamins 1. pyrithinol ( encephabol ) can chemically be considered as a doubled pyridoxine molecule (vitamin b6) containing a disulfide.

Interaction of medicines - Pharmacology

Drug interactions as a rule, when treating a patient, not one but several drugs are prescribed. it is important to consider the ways of interaction of.

BONE OF THE TAZA (OR BELT) - Plastic anatomy of humans, quadrupeds and birds

Tange bone (or belt) if you put both hands on the right and left just below the waist, you can feel the long bony crests that stretch on either side of.


Hangrain subdermit gangrenous pododermatitis (pododermatitis gangrenosa) is often found in cattle. etiology. infection of wounds of the hooves with.

Wounds of a dental joint - Veterinary orthopedics

Wrength of a knocked joint hoof joint wounds occur both in horses and in cloven-hoofed animals. etiology. wounds of the hoof joint are more likely to.

RASEDINA, EMPTY (RELAXING) WALL - Veterinary orthopedics

Disconnectors russellites (figure 2.17) refer to flaws and disconnection of the hoof horn in different parts of the hoof wall in transverse and oblique.

DRUGS IN DISEASES COPY - Veterinary orthopedics

Drugs in diseases of copy since the hoof is directly in contact with the soil, all open lesions of this area should be protected from contamination and.

Probiotics - Clinical Pharmacology T.2

Probiotics healthy appearance, normal digestion, resistance to an external infection (the state of immunity) of a person is largely determined by.

Organ-tissue level of life organization, Types of...

Organ-tissue level of life organization during the development of living organisms, the cells acquired differences, fixed in the structure of specific.

Main manifestations of bridge lesions, Middle Brain, Major manifestations...

Main manifestations of bridge defeats in case of partial damage to the bridge (for example, with strokes, craniocerebral trauma, some infections, etc.),.

Influence of drugs on enzyme activity, Physicochemical effect...

Effect of drugs on enzyme activity some drugs are based on induction or inhibition of enzyme activity. drugs can be similar to a natural substrate and.

Late Cadaveric Phenomena - Forensic Medicine

Late cadaveric phenomena late cadaveric events are divided into destructive (rotting) and canning (mummification, saliva, peat tanning) . rotting is the.

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