Family Health care Assessment

Courtney Poole

Identifying Data

The family includes four members, the mom, TM, who is a thirty-six years old Caucasian female and was born August of 1980 in the state of Nebraska and is employed as an engineer with her master's degree. TM is committed to the father, JM who is a fifty two years old Caucasian male and was created in June of 1964 in the state of Delaware and is currently employed as a technician lead and attended technical school. TM and JM have two twin foster children who are two years old and both of which are Caucasian males. KL and IL were created in October of 2014 in the express of Georgia.

The family of four attends Evangelical Christian going to a Pentecostal Church where the Bible is recognized as the inspired term of God and the guideline for faith and practice. The family is an associate of the middle class sociable. The family spends their recreational and free time playing outside while doing things like hiking, swimming, and riding bikes. Through the weekends they enjoy seeing family videos and hanging out with their family dog and cat. In addition they spend quality time with the extended family and aiding each other in participating in sporting or school events.

Developmental and Environmental Data

The family's current development level regarding to, Marcia Stanhope and Jeanette Lancaster is, "Family with Preschool Children. " The three main developmental responsibilities that the family happens to be presuming are, "Understanding progress and development, this consists of discipline, dealing with energy depletion, and planning for specific time, family time, and few time" (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2014, p. 313). The family's nuclear history consists of TM and JM who've been married for a decade since Apr 29th of 2006. JM the men spouse has had one previous marriage. During this time period he previously two children, JM who's a thirty two yrs. old Caucasian male and was created in 1985, and AM who's a twenty eight year old Caucasian female born in 1989. TM and JM the married couple, currently have no biological children alongside one another, but are fostering to look at two year old twin boys.

The dad, JM came from an extremely large family where he is the youngest of eight children, consisting of four males and four females. Both of his parents are deceased. His family valued effort and respect for just one another. The mom, TM also originates from a huge family and is the 3rd out of four children, comprising three females and one male. Her father was in the Air Push and her mother primarily stayed at home as a homemaker when TM was little, but later she went back to are the kids become old. The family moved around many times as mid-air Drive relocated them, which in return taught them to depend on each other and seek support and companionship using their company siblings. TM and JM home is a place where they would like to nurture love and value.

They like to enjoy the outside on their twelve acre plantation and also kick their feet up watching movies and play games. Today all of TM family of origin lives near by and they see them several times weekly between attending chapel, getting jointly for family festivities, such as, birthdays and getaways, and just every day play dates. JM oldest brother serves as the head of the family and JM discussions with him frequently. For his or her family that is not local they'll typically see them for graduations and marriages. The social media network, Facebook, has allowed them to stay in touch with all members of the family even those that live far away, and although Facebook is often seen as a way to obtain entertainment, "a the greater part of people use media devices as a means of conversing or linking with others" (Villegas, 2013). Friendly medic is a favorite and affective form of communication today since it is a lightweight and casual form of communication. TM and JM see interpersonal marketing as an, "important resource for upholding family relationships and a platform for socialization with literally distant family members" (Villegas, 2013).

Family Structure and Family Functions

The family talks several times throughout the day to discuss simple things such as, who will picking up the youngsters and exactly what will we fix for dinner, to more serious issues like buying automobiles and trying to get careers. The family uses several varieties of communication such as, face to face, phone, text messages, and facetime. If time is permits, for big decisions they prefer to discuss it, and give one another time to think about them, pray about it and research it if needed, and then come back to one another to discuss issues again and then determine what must be done. JM likes discussions to be more short and the point. Where on the other hands TM will give as much details as possible if you interrupt, in exchange TM will have to start yet again from the very beginning. Extended family, friends, and chapel also impact how family decisions are created and exactly how both TM and JM view different situations. With JM being sixteen years over the age of TM and having more life experience JM typically stays on peaceful and doesn't get worried over things that TM might sometimes.

TM and JM generally take on traditional jobs in the family and around the house. Where JM manages most outside chores and TM takes care of indoor tasks. However, some things the couple talk about responsibility for such as baking. Then based on their strengths the few may decide which one is more suitable for package with certain responsibilities. For example, TM tend to the bank consideration and take responsibility to cover the expenses, however, JM handles getting the fees done. They both discuss major purchases or if indeed they need to move huge amounts of money around and how that might have an impact on other things they want to do later on.

Together their most important family ideals are displaying love, value others, work hard, and caring for your things. Showing love and value are the most important values of their family because they believe if you love and value people, animals and things in your daily life you will work hard to take care of them properly. These beliefs have been passed on to TM and JM from their families of origin, spiritual beliefs, and discovered throughout life experience. Both TM and JM result from fairly traditional family members and entered their relationship with the same value established. By keeping their principles and living by them they could addresses problems and turmoil with less stress. Their communication style has allowed them to deal with very stressful situations as they have come up and in the end the love and value they share for the other person allows these to consider things they may well not have considered once before. Keeping the stress in their life low allows them to sleep well during the night.

To the family children have emerged as a blessing plus they look to increase KL and IL to be self-employed and successful as individuals. TM and JM make an effort to help them identify their skills, gifts, and ability; helping these to increase in areas they are really good in and assisting to guide them to professions that fall consistent with their personal talents. They prefer to provide the chance for their children to participate in activities and extracurricular activities as their finances and time allows them to. In addition they do a whole lot of activities at chapel to help them grow spiritually and emotionally. As parents they offer and instruct their children how to manage themselves through healthy eating habits and hygiene techniques, to how to socialize and treat other folks. Instructing their children how to be responsible and to value each other and being steady with limitations and self-discipline are secrets to increasing their children. As a family group, which include their extended family, support one another in festivities like birthdays and vacations and wearing/school incidents. Also they speak via phone or social multimedia several times a day. TM and JM discussion over their personal schedules to be sure they both know who can prepare dinner that nights and who may have errands to run. They both feel like they have a happy, healthy, and efficient family that is willing to pitch directly into help when the need arises.

TM and JM discuss daily and discuss even the tiniest of decisions. Whenever choosing to adopt the boys their expanded family has been only supportive throughout the complete process. As a family group TM and JM experienced their fair show of stress working with different organizations trying to look at and also the loss of loved ones over time. The few has found that they can count on each other's durability. JM has a reliable and rational view of things and is able to remain calm and gathered. TM's strength comes in by being in a position to organize and complete a plan to help complete a demanding situations. As things have improved very quickly for them over the last few months they experienced to adapt to being a family of four with two small children. They have got quickly determined that there surely is you don't need to worry about the tiny stuff ever again. Their concerns now are to, take care of the two males, and help them feel just like they are a part of the family and the other things will get caught in place and become completed when necessary.

From time to time they offer with stress by getting away for a little while by themselves, to read, pray, or think. Other times they could discuss through things right then. A good night's rest and physical exercise always help alleviate stress for both of these. Prayer is a common method for Christians to cope with stress throughout their life, and "those employing prayer for health issues are also much more likely to take steps to ensure their health by participating in health protecting behaviors" (Wachholtz & Sambamthoori, 2012). There for this is important for nurses to know the value prayer can have on the patient's physical and mental health. Respecting this spiritual and spiritual action has an enormous impact on the grade of care continue.

Health Attention Function

In regards with their family healthcare values, worth, and behaviors the family thinks it's important to remain healthy and fit. Their Religious beliefs teach them to manage their systems. They know that by consuming right and being active they can prevent some sickness throughout their life. Their house is a caffeine free area. TM observed how times where she acquired several caffeinated drinks that she'd be very restless during the night, so that it has been around three years now that they have not experienced any caffeine. This allows them to get better rest throughout the night time. They also reduce the amount of sugars that is within their diet as well. Overall they feel that they are pretty healthy.

The only relative who calls for medicating on a daily basis is the daddy to take care of his diabetes and thyroid disorder. In the family's health record, JM experienced thyroid cancer over fifteen years ago and happens to be managing his diabetes mellitus, and the mother has no major health history to report. They generally do not like going to a health care provider, but they do know there is a time and spot to use health services. They don't want to be the kind of people that run to the doctor for each little thing that arises. They trust the advice, guidance and identification provided by the doctors, but they prefer to use more natural alleviation verses pharmacological medication if they have the decision to do so.

Family Stress and coping and Summary

Short term family stressors include legal hurtles that come along with implementing their foster kids and interacting with questions which come up from the kids and other people as well. Lasting stressors are like job and job planning and progression, raising the kids to have faith in God and to be self-employed as they expand up, and old age planning. These things include endeavoring to be healthy now to avoid diseases that make a difference you has you grow older. Their family durability is that they support one another and that they have a lot of support for prolonged family, friends, and church.

Some of the coping strategies the family has used are praying, walking, and concluding other duties to get their mind from the bringing about a fresh perspective, talking through the problems and worries with one another or members of the family and close friends. Sometimes they choose to seek council from anyone who has gone through an identical situation before. They have got found that most of the items they have a tendency to be anxious about are worse in their mind then the truth of when the function occurs. TM will try to keep her head from jumping to the very worst case circumstance before knowing all the information. Then they are able to keep things from becoming bigger they need to be. Sometimes it is just taking one day at a time and praying through a hardcore situation.

In the lovers earlier years in relationship if was simple to operate dysfunctional techniques and means of dealing with stress as they modified to their new life with each other. At times TM and JM experienced denial of their existing problems and would use displacement to handle the issue, but as their romantic relationship continued to expand and they sustained to actively seek God in times of need these negative and dysfunctional techniques because a concern of days gone by. The family has successful coping strategies that they know works well for them, and also have learned to resolve problems to the best of their skills.

The family provided a great deal of information to where in fact the nurse would be able to create an affective course of action for the family. Through the use of all the assessment tools available an in depth image of the family could be illustrated, and even though some of the information may have overlapped sometimes, it was all taken into consideration to created a proper plan of care for the whole family. According to the objective data gathered the family demonstrates excellent means of coping with stress in their life, and equally balancing and taking responsibility between the two spouses to make a less nerve-racking and chaotic environment for the new parents. It is important that TM and JM devote some time needed out with their busy timetable to also focus on themselves to prevent unnecessary stressors that may occur in the future. It might be important to create an treatment and accurately determine and discourse with the parents their current stress level and how they are coping and working get back stressor to create a positive outcome and prevent negative coping system hobbits from days gone by occurring again. Since TM and JM are new parents to two preschool aged children it is important to go over with them who they see as their main supporter throughout this process and if indeed they feel just like they can affective be based upon them in times of need.

It is essential to take time to evaluate the family's composition of life and in order to formulate a highly effective nursing plan of attention. Learning your patients family is an essential role in caring for every of your patients regardless of what area of nursing in health care your home is in. A family assessment may help you find out about different talents and barriers the family presents. By firmly taking the time to hear your patient you are concluding one of the most crucial jobs as a nurse, developing a trusting relationship in the middle of your patient and the family.


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