Nursing Research Methods: Article Critique Essay

Title: Factors related to academic success among medical students: A descriptive correlational research study

  • Samina Iqbal Kanji

The article under critique is a quantitative research study entitled as "Factors related to academic success among medical students: A descriptive correlational study"; released in the entire year 2013. I will be critiquing this post based on the provided guideline. Subject of the analysis under concern is unambiguous, thus acquiring the population and phenomenon of interest. Additionally, the abstract is organised and is providing information under distinct headings.

The problem:

The described problem is of great importance to nursing, because increased medical lack is posing a danger to the health industry in terms of competency and quality of health care by the nursing personnel. The researcher has critically analyzed the importance in conditions of the relationship between the educational success and its effects on the replacement of existing medical staff The purpose of the research has been explained and the study will accomplish its purpose by providing an insight to the medical education system to bring changes in curricula for improved upon results. As prior knowledge about the variables was already mentioned with other students therefore to precede the amount of inquiry a quantitative methodology is utilized as the reason is to know about the correlations. There was no operational classification pointed out explicitly about the research variables; however their correlation with academic success has been given in other contexts. There was no explicit problem statement within the benefits; however, linkages were made following a broad to narrow approach. Thus, offer an insight in to the nursing practice. The researcher has acknowledged the constraints of the study in terms of sample bias, low generalizability and various results at times due to the spiritual component. There have been no explicit assumptions identified; however one can infer from the introduction that giving an answer to the factors impacting academics success can in long haul help in combat the effects of nursing scarcity.

Review of the literature:

The review provided in the study was comprehensive, reasonable and critically analyzed, hence provided sequential information ranging from the entrance of the nursing students, factors important for their academic success, organizations between different facets and academic success and lastly the itch of the study i-e correlation of factors with academics success of nursing students. The partnership of the books review to the research purpose is unambiguously apparent by using a funnel approach. Furthermore, the majority of the personal references were taken from the entire year 1982-2012. Those with old references were explicitly backed by their presence in the latest literature. The review consists of almost all of the theoretical work, though if empirical support might have made this review stronger. Besides, the vast majority of the researches were from primary resources and were paraphrased sufficiently. The information provided in the review clearly gives a method for conducting a new research; additionally, researcher in addition has acknowledged this gap by the end of the literature review i-e there's a gap of researches done for the improvement of educational success of medical students.

Protection of real human rights:

The proposed review has been designed to lessen the effects of issues occurring as a result of nursing shortage i-e lowered quality of care, decreased amount of skilled nurses, and increased rates of medical student's turnover. Besides, the results of this study will not only affect the complete health care system, but it'll have an effect on the professional development and educational success of specific nursing student. The data of voluntary up to date consent has been talked about explicitly that was sent to participants via electric medium. There is no evidence present explicitly for coercion. As the sampling was done conveniently, therefore, participants were not invited during cycles of high stress; rather these were asked to fill up the research questioners in their own time. There was no way to recognize about the identities of study individuals as their data was incorporated anonymously on review monkey software and also provided with numerical rules. . There is an explicit proof study review by Institutional Review Plank (IRB).