Nursing Self-Assessment Essay

Keywords: nursing self evaluation essay, nursing strengths

This essay provides me an chance to understand the abilities, knowledge and competencies required of a professional nurse as wells as, help me to do a self-assessment of my advantages and weaknesses and how to build on it. It will help me plan my job as a professional nurse The essay will expose me to an array of profession of opportunities within the medical profession so that I can develop strategies and scenarios to be able to match an ever before changing world.

Nursing is a rewarding and fulfilling job and a profession which is extensive. Nurses collaborate with doctors and other multidisciplinary team to restore, bring back to life and minimize pain of an individual. Nurses play a wide of selection of roles in medical delivery system. These assignments include health promotion, providing dignity and personal privacy, enforcing confidentiality, respecting patients' views and values. By performing as teachers, a nurse stimulates self-care, good exercise and healthy life among others. Nurses are good communicators, listeners, and preserves good moral and rapport at all times. As advocates for patients, nurses are with people during critical times of their lives, labor and birth, injury, disease or loss of life. Having distributed their most intimate detailed of their lives, nurses become advocates through assisting the patients, speaking on their behalf and interceding when necessary.

Nursing requires certain central knowledge and skills. These skills and knowledge are central to the performance of my duty as a specialist nurse. As a professional nurse, I'm expected to demonstrate a good patient observation and attention skills, professional skills, recognition and practice of health and safety standard, microbe infections reduction and control, communication skills, medical administration, cover of the prone individuals amongst others.

As part of tolerance observation and attention, I'm expected demonstrate and undertake skills such as plan and record care and attention, plan patient discharge chronic and acute pain assessment; calculating pulse, recognising rate, rhythm and strength, supporting with bathtub/shower, oral hygiene and bathroom needs among others.

Among the professional skills as I'm expected to demonstrate and practice will be the following: evaluate health care, time management, solve problems put together do it yourself and other for psychologically challenging situations as well as setting up individual emotionally for types of procedures. I am expected to promote the self-reliance, the human privileges and maintain personal privacy and dignity of the average person.

As a professional nurse I'm expected to provide good care in a warm, very sensitive and compassionate manner. Break bad reports to a patient/carer, action professionally and correctly in situation where there are limits to confidentiality, and use appropriate strategies to enable patients to understand treatments and other interventions in order to give enlightened consent were applicable.

I have worked in a nursing home and for that reason, I have attained good care skills such as assisting patients with shower, oral health needs, use of hoist, disease and prevention control, health and safeness, and communication. I've the capability to are a team player.

Caring for the elderly in the past made me develop a pastime in adult nursing. I've developed empathy and sympathy towards patients and my whole family all together. I have recognized and respect other folks views, worth and values. The holistic care and NMC code of carry out lays a construction of attitudes and behaviour, when a nurse must be by any means, times and I strongly believe I get into that category.

My other advantages will be the eagerness to learn as well as being a fast learner. I am therefore more than ready to pursue the course of actions which can only help me talk about my weaknesses. I have the psychological and physical strengths to undergo the requirements of a professional nurse

My strengths, notwithstanding, there's a need not and then improve my current skills but also to learn new ones. I want fresh skills therefore as professional, patient observation and care and attention, medical supervision including recognition and restorative uses of commonly administered drugs, their normal dose, actions and effects, side effects, safety measures and contra-indications. There may be need to boost my dental and written communications, negotiating and presentation skills to be able to work in a multi-disciplinary work environment,

The next three years of my studies will be used to close my current skill space and polish up those that I have. Participating in lectures, workshops, concentrate group conversations and projects will help me acquire fresh skills and knowledge. Assignments works and placements will help me learn from immediate observation and partication. The mentoring facet of the ongoing positioning gives me opportunity of learning from senior and experienced nurses through doing, responses and corrective actions, if you need to.

On conclusion of my three years course I'll like to join and use NHS experts for per year to be acquainted and acquire more experience. My aspiration thereafter is pursue a specialisation in midwifery

In summary, the current multi-disciplinary method of health delivery requires the professional nurse play a pivotal role. These jobs require skills in patients observation and good care management, professional competencies in marketing communications with patients and among health occupations and other stakeholders, medical supervision, health and protection, and avoidance and control of disease.

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