Professional Development Arrange for further progress in nursing

My past undergraduate experience includes 13 credits running a business at Penn Point out University, an Associate Degree in Research from Support Aloysius College. Then i attended THE HIGHER Altoona Career and Technology Centre in Altoona, Pennsylvania, to earn my License in Practical Nursing. I then proved helpful as a License Practical Nurse, while getting a Registered Medical degree. I graduated from Mount Aloysius College, Cum Laude. I am presently working toward my psychiatric qualification. I hope to have a 4. 0 in my graduate studies at Walden University or college.

I currently work at Decades, a geriatric behavioral health device at Elk Regional Health Systems in Saint Mary's, Pennsylvania. I am the full-time demand nurse for second switch. I oversee the other nurses on my transfer. Before working at Years, I was employed by The Meadows Psychiatric Middle in Centre Hall, Pennsylvania. I done the Stabilization Device, which has given me critical experience in looking after the serious, mentally ill patient. While in college, I did the trick at the Lutheran Home, a medical home in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania. I have also worked in billing and coding at various medical offices, family, and specialty practices.

During professional medical studies in the nursing program, I analyzed all aspects of the medical field. I've learned to examine and utilize my nursing skills to help patients to the best of my capability. I have explored the psychiatric practices of Altoona Clinic in Altoona, Pennsylvania, and I recently visited New Orleans to attend the Annual Psychiatric Nursing Conference acquiring the qualification of attendance. Through my company, Elk Regional Health Middle, I had received the possibility to take part in the "Comprehensive Turmoil Management" seminar provided by the Western Psychiatric Institute and Medical clinic. This workshop provided many communication techniques proven helpful in crises. I hope to learn new ways of educating students and the general public of healthcare awareness. During my studies at Walden University or college, I hope to get the chance to complete more research in medical and the mental field.

Professional Goals

I want to get my master's level, so which i am better licensed to teach psychiatric nursing. I love the career I've chosen, and furthering my education at Walden College or university will help with providing me more opportunities for my job path. I want to be proficient at my profession. I possess many characteristics that are useful as a nurse and a nursing teacher. I am patient, caring, understanding, established, and creative. I've used all of these characteristics to get through nurturing my two children, working full time, and attending institution. I am calm in tense situations. I use the knowledge that I have been taught to the best of my capacity in every situation that is handed to me. I make an effort to be considered a good listener to my patients and also to my colleagues. Personally i think that I am a good advantage as an instructor. I've a want to learn anything that I possibly can in my job field. I am hoping to instill a love for nursing in all of the students i am given the pleasure to teach. I am living the difference an education can make in the life span of students, and I want to be able to make that difference in the life of a student in the field of nursing.

Course Learning Goals

My personal goal as a fellow scholar-practitioner is to achieve a higher degree of understanding of the power we have as nurses. I would like to have the opportunity to hang out, that i find very valuable, with students and patients in the training process. I would wish to guide students to a greater understanding in the behavioral health field.

Walden University or college has establish a lofty quest to supply the community with job professionals. The School quest is also to aid in the change of both the professional and culture. I am pleased to be associated with a university that has established such high goals to attain. Attaining these goals is the building blocks of the institution mission, and it should be the motivation for each pupil and scholarly- specialist.

The attainment of an advanced degree will help in offering me the chance to reach my goals. I will be in a better position to assist with effecting public change by instructing and guiding students in my field of analysis. Nurses are a scarcity; in Behavioral Health, the shortage is critical. My personal goal is to aid in lowering the student's anxiety in this field by giving them with the enough knowledge and skills to treat and care for the mentally unwell.

I feel Walden University is offering me this opportunity, by allowing me to attend classes on line. The Walden University's education program allows for flexibility, matches it into my schedule, so I am in a position to continue my stressful lifestyle and receive an education. On this manor, the University or college is effecting the change in culture they desire, getting their goals, and preserving the vision for future years.

These are two Walden University or college outcomes; Personally i think to make a difference relevant to my studies, goals, and development as a scholar-practitioner listed below are the regions of concentration

1. "To keep to learn across a lifetime as a practitioner, researcher, scholar and continue to impact social change.

2. To attain professional excellence as effective, and influential experts, and by applying understanding how to specific problems and troubles in work configurations and professional practice. " (Walden, 2007)

I feel to make a difference in contemporary society, I need to be there to teach and support scholar nurses. We will need nurses in the foreseeable future, as part of your before with our aging America. I'd like to be always a good educator in a crucial area to maintain these students. I am here today due to patients and knowledge of some great instructors. What better way to improve social change inside our areas than through education.

Field Experience and Practicum

I am a behavioral health nurse and have a love for the behavioral health field. As I've mentioned, my main aim is to become a nurse scholar-practitioner, an educator and affect change in my own community. I've a great fascination with forensic nursing. I take great pleasure in the enigma of forensic research. I would find it very interesting to take part in a practicum of the field. There are numerous areas of the forensic medical field, of which I've no knowledge. My major interest is in the people that commit the crimes and learning how to profile. I have no experience in research collection, dealing with the dead or sexually assaulted. Forensic medical can be an area I'd be able to apply my current achieved and natural skills along with the knowledge I have accumulated here at Walden University. This is a location, which can extend outside of criminal investigation as well. During times of devastation and devastation, forensic medical will be a major assist with the communities finding and identifying family members. I would like to be always a part of this process in my community, if the necessity arises. With our nation at battle with terrorists, our company is continuously overlooking our shoulder for your day the terrorists break through our security. What will happen if the terrorist accomplish creating a weapon of anthrax or some other biological agent and harm our communities? Who will assist during a nuclear harm if the terrorist have the ability to accomplish this on a significant city? The number of casualties, ill and wounded is unimaginable. It will take everyone available, skilled, informed, and laborer to aid, after and during the disaster. Many organizations have a tragedy preparedness program in place and practice. We were shockingly made aware on September 11, 2001, that people are vulnerable, and it requires many skilled and informed people to get through such a tragedy. I'd like to be one of these skilled and informed people assisting throughout a time of need.


Walden College or university. (2007). Walden School Catalog. Eye-sight. Retrieved from http://www. waldenu. edu/c/Student_Catalog/8893_9124. htm.

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