Pedagogy Essays

Cross-cultural management in the educational environment as...

Cross-cultural management in the educational environment as a technology for the formation of a culture of peace cross-cultural management in education.


Differentiation and individualization of teaching, Differentiation...

Differentiation and individualization of learning differentiation and individualization of learning in the cultural and educational tradition the idea to.


Save the potential of childhood - Pedagogy. Theoretical pedagogy

Save the potential of childhood the personality of a person begins to form already in a seven-day bud. if parents do not want the birth of a child, then.


Types of diagnostics in education - Pedagogical psychology

Types of diagnosis in education usually applied to education, they talk about the diagnosis of the cognitive and psychosocial development of a student's.


The concept of creative meta-technology of personally developing...

The concept of creative meta-technology of personal developmental learning studies have shown that one of the ways of solving the formulated problem is.


Principles of diagnosis of mental development - Pedagogical Psychology

Principles of diagnosing mental development many domestic researchers have been involved in the diagnosis of cognitive development (db bogoyavlenskaya,.


Models of pedagogical communication - Interaction...

Models of pedagogical communication in addition to possessing the functions of communication, each teacher needs to operate with all the variety of.


Associative theory of teaching, theory of learning...

Associative theory of learning theories of learning in the epistemology of the ancient greeks the basis for the development of approaches to teaching was.


Creation of non-violent educational environment and organization...

Creating a non-violent educational environment and organizing non-violent education and training in the concept of a. kozlova if the previous subsection.


Civilizational theories, Theory of cultural-historical types...

Civilizational theories the theory of cultural and historical types n.ya. danilevsky. ( russia and europe ): the negation of the linear development of.


The realization of the personality-oriented approach in the...

Realization of the personality-oriented approach in the practice of upbringing the organization of personality-oriented education for a teacher is not.


The concept of mutual determinism, Self-regulation...

The concept of mutual determinism one of the main questions of psychology has always been questions about why a person becomes who he is, why he does so,.



Pedagogic of interviewer relations as a result of studying this chapter, the student must: know • what is communication; • what is dialogic.


Laws and principles of organization of children's collective...

Laws and principles of organization of children's collective the basis of the theory of the team was developed by a. s. makarenko. he also proposed a.


THEORY AND METHODS OF EDUCATION, The essence of the process...

Theory and methodology of education the purpose and objectives of education; driving forces; modern concepts of education, their socio-cultural.


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