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Dangerous schools

Modern school buildings are built without energy-information justification. Somehow it turns out that for the construction of comfortable school premises the state does not have enough money, so the cheapest projects that require minimal investments are selected. In fact, these are concrete boxes in cities and brick-concrete structures in rural areas. Nobody has ever wondered what kind of energy they will concentrate, how useful or harmful it is for a child's organism.

The places for building educational institutions are chosen randomly. More precisely, in large cities they are determined by general development plans, and in rural areas they are built where necessary. The best places are occupied by shopping and entertainment complexes and markets, and schools and health facilities are tied to sleeping areas.

As a result, instead of energy-consuming, we get energy-dangerous buildings, vampire structures that devour schoolchildren's energy and exhausting forces. How many healthy and intelligent people could be grown for society if the schools were built with the mind and in the right places. How much strength and health could be saved and added to teachers.

No one has ever studied the question of how to lay electrical wiring at school, what and where to mount computer and telephone networks. Some manage to put on the buildings of schools amplifying antennas for telecommunications, equipment for cellular phones and the Internet. Even with the lighting off, the wiring in the walls is under tension and continues to emit harmful fields inside the room. Under these conditions, children spend a considerable part of their time. Radiation permeates the body, causing an uncontrolled reaction of cells. Cells transmit each other information necessary for the functioning of the whole organism, and, having received information in the form of an unconditioned order, change their behavior. When a schoolboy is in a space riddled with hard electromagnetic radiation, his cells receive simultaneously a lot of conflicting commands. Naturally there are failures in their work, the body as a whole. When a lot of powerful electromagnetic devices are turned on simultaneously, conditions that destroy the organism are created.

It is known that energy-information exchange of cells occurs in the frequency range of 40-70 GHz. This exchange ensures the stability of breathing, blood circulation and other functions of the human body. Cells, communicating with each other at these frequencies, form a common torsion field, which is commonly called etheric. It is for a growing person as a mold for casting, which is filled with the dividing cells of a growing organism. Disturbances in the energy-information exchange of cells lead to violations at the physical level.

There is an International Program of the World Health Organization "Electromagnetic fields (EMF) and human health", the opening part of which says: "... medical consequences, such as cancer, behavioral changes, memory loss, Parkinson's disease , Alzheimer's, AIDS, sudden-onset healthy-child syndrome and many other conditions, including increased suicide rates, are the result of exposure to electromagnetic fields. " Why do we so lightly supply schools with harmful electronics?

Pollution of the environment by electromagnetic fields has assumed a threatening character and is almost out of control. No less dangerous are superweak EMFs, emitted by seemingly perfectly harmless household appliances, for example, electronic clocks. Since these radiation can be at the level of biopotentials, our organism does not see danger in them and is not protected. This leads to a gradual disruption of functions. It is dangerous that the biological effect of EmFs accumulates over a long period of time, accumulates. As a result, degenerative processes of the central nervous system, blood cancer, brain tumors, hormonal diseases are possible. A characteristic syndrome of early aging of the body develops, the signs of which are memory impairment and decrease in working capacity, a violation of reproductive function, development of age pathology in the early years.

Studies conducted at the Institute of General Genetics named after NI Vavilov revealed that EMFs created by a computer lead to irreversible changes in dividing cells. In the course of research, the fact of mutation in plants comparable to plant mutations in the zone of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant was established. Scientists at Columbia University have proven that the computer's EMF catastrophically reduces the level of serotonin production, which is responsible for self-monitoring of a person. This explains why the profession of a programmer so often appears on the list of suicides. Up to 60% of PC users suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system, 40% have diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, 10% suffer from all sorts of skin diseases.

Mobile phones, which are used to arm children from their diapers, create dangerous fields in schools. When in England began to produce mobile phones for children, the doctors were the first to sound the alarm, as the number of children with brain tumors increased by 45%. Production of mobile phones was immediately stopped. In a number of schools in Switzerland and other countries special sensors monitor children for the absence of a mobile phone. In some countries, it is legally prohibited for persons under the age of 21 to use mobile phones without protective measures. They clearly take care of the gene pool of their nation. And what is happening here?

We need to urgently tackle the energy security of the premises for training: to conduct large-scale studies using esoteric knowledge; Build a building for mental meditation and immersion based on energy information laws; prohibit permanently the construction of hard radiation devices. Let's remember that there is a limit to everything.

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