Forms and methods for implementing the pedagogical...

Forms and methods for implementing the pedagogical potential of social and pedagogical activity

Like any human activity, each of the varieties of social or social-pedagogical activity has certain pedagogical resources and capabilities that make up its potential. It is the level, size, volume and strength of the pedagogical influence on the personality that determines the significance of a potential available in a specific form of social and pedagogical activity. The realization of the pedagogical potential of social and pedagogical activity for resolving the problems of the socialization of the individual is realized through various forms of the participation of the individual in various types of socially significant activity. At the same time, one should take into account the fact that in this case forms of participation in socially significant types of activities are used that allow solving personal problems based on the use of the potential of this type of activity (legitimate will say the pedagogical potential of the society).

Of course, to solve the problems of socialization of a person or a group, any potential is important. To overcome problems, for example, social disadaptation of an individual, the pedagogical potential of social and pedagogical activity can be an effective means of solving it.

The resources of this type of social activity are manifested in the requirements and functional responsibilities of each participant, the conditions for accomplishing the tasks of the activity (as a rule, this is manifested in taking into account social factors, primarily interaction), the requirements for the results of joint actions and the role of each in this result. All this creates a special social background for the realization of their own resources and opportunities, their manifestation in the mind of other participants in social activities. So, the conditions created by the specifics of social and pedagogical activity affect each individual, forcing him to make his own decisions about setting goals, on the activity and direction of his actions in achieving it.

The criteria for assessing the level of implementation of the pedagogical potential of social and pedagogical activity can be: the completeness of information provided by a specialist about the resources and opportunities for social activity that are relevant to the client; the reality of the choice of the variant of pedagogical resources, the possibilities and methods of their development; success, realistic use of selected pedagogical resources; qualitative changes in the personality (mobility, adaptability in solving difficult situations increased); customer satisfaction with the presence of positive changes in the resolution of his problem; the willingness of the client to solve the problem independently with the help of resources and opportunities; the willingness of the client to help others.

The most important methods of implementing the pedagogical potential of social and pedagogical activity include: methods of social learning; methods of social education; methods of studying (cognition, analysis, evaluation) of socium potential; methods for realizing the potential of the society (mediation, partnership, trust, joint activities, mutual information, coordination, mutual assistance, communication).

The potential of different types of social activity for each person has a different level. One person from this activity will take everything, for the other this potential means nothing. Everything is determined by the level of development of the individual, his needs. Therefore, in order to realize the potential of the society, it is necessary to form the potential of the individual, concluded primarily in her social needs and social abilities.

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