Forms of family and school cooperation, Parent meetings and...

Forms of Family and School Cooperation

School is appropriate to build a system of diverse forms of interaction between children and adults. This system should be updated every school year.

For information on such forms, a set of school-relevant cases should be presented to the parent community so that each family can determine its form and participation in the list of cases so that parents can choose the most appropriate co-management scheme for themselves.

Parent meetings and conferences

The conference is the final form of working with parents. It is held, as a rule, once a year. Its goal is to generalize and systemize the knowledge received by parents and other family members as a result of the school's work on pedagogical education; summing up the results of joint work on co-management, partnership. When organizing a conference, it is important that the actual problem, or the broadest aspect (for example, the role of the family in the education of schoolchildren, the activities of the parent council, etc.), or more private, would be put forward for collective hearing and discussion. In practice, various organizational forms have justified themselves. If the parents' meeting is held as instructing parents, how to influence them on children, so that the school with their children becomes comfortable, sooner or later parents will simply stop walking. If, nevertheless, the parents' meeting is held as an attempt of the pedagogical team to hear what parents are offering in order for their children at school to be more useful, convenient, and comfortable, then parents will go to such parental meetings and, moreover, participate not only in joint family activities and schools, but also to take an equal part in the management of the school.

Master classes

The master class is a practical form of the teacher's interaction with parents and parents among themselves, organized by teachers for the purpose of mutual exchange of skills, the necessary experience in the field of family education. Master classes with parents discuss: author's educational programs (including parents' programs), event scenarios, individual forms, methods and methods of work, innovative aspects of pedagogical activity of parents and teachers. Unlike round tables, in the lessons of the master class an important place is occupied by the practical mastery of pedagogical experience; and this can be realized in various forms: from viewing video materials and solving pedagogical problems to organizing business games with the participation of parents and teachers.


Themes of master classes in primary school.

"You - me, I - you: the pros and cons of parenting."

Child's birthday & quot ;.

"The older generation in the family: participation in the upbringing of the schoolboy."

Favorite city. Sunday walks .

Why does not a schoolboy like reading?

How to raise a strong owner?


As a rule, a teacher (psychologist, subject teacher, class teacher, social teacher, etc.) conducts consultations individually or for a small group of parents. The topic of the consultation, in contrast to the theme of the parental meeting, is more private. When organizing a group consultation, remember that its topic should be relevant for all participants. On the topic and date of the upcoming consultation, parents should be notified in advance so that they can prepare for it: formulate questions to a specialist, recall individual situations, collect actual material, etc.

One of the important tasks of the consultation is the joint (parents and psychologists, educators) drawing up an individual development program for the child.


Topics of primary school counseling.

If the child does not like to learn. "

If the child is difficult to learn

When the child is naughty .

How to bring up assiduity. "

Why does the child have no friends?

The child does not like math (read, draw, etc.)

Kids are slow-moving. "

Sluggish children .

How to nurture a child's independence. "

Research activity of younger schoolchildren: the role of parents

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