Hygiene of mental work - Psychology and pedagogy

Hygiene of mental labor

Mental work involves the use of certain rational forms of work. Tense theoretical work is important to combine with rest, relaxation, switching lessons. Some students literally terrorize themselves with a continuous vigil over books. They believe that the result of their work is fully determined by the expenditure of time. Meanwhile, psychology helps to build preparation for exams rationally, taking into account the capabilities and resources of the human psyche. If you looked at your notes and went for a walk, this does not mean that you turned out of work. On the contrary, your brain continues to work, looking for a rational solution to the problem. The interrelation of mental, emotional and motor activity improves the results of your work.

A huge role in knowledge is played by intuition. But the constant intense work of consciousness often reduces the intuitive possibilities of cognition. That is why relaxation, a temporary respite in enhanced mental mobilization, will at times yield valuable heuristic results. The facts of creativity in a dream are widely known. About them shows J. Condorcet, B. Franklin, J. Michelet, E. Condillac, D. Arago. The French philosopher Voltaire in a dream created a whole song of his "Henriady", and French fabulist J. Lafontaine - a fable "Two Doves". Mathematician E.Menyan found two important theorems in a dream.

The English poet S. Coleridge, fell asleep while reading, and when he woke up, he felt that he had 200 or 300 verses that only had to be written down; He wrote down verse 54 quite freely and as quickly as the pen went on. But someone came to him and stayed for about an hour in one case. And Coleridge, to his great chagrin, felt that he had only a vague memory of his vision, and only 8-10 separate poems remained in his memory, and all the others were irretrievably gone. The Italian actor E. Rossini used to put a paper and a pencil from his bed and sometimes, suddenly awakened, wrote down important thoughts that had come to him in a dream. Very important subconscious activity can take place both in reality and in a state intermediate between sleeping and waking. What is called inspiration, very often comes in a state of more or less total eclipse of consciousness.

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The French writer T. Gauthier wrote about Balzac: "He looked like a frenzied, somnambulist, sleeping with his eyes open. Immersed in his deep reflections, he did not hear what was being said to him. " G. Hegel calmly finished his "Phenomenology of the Spirit" in Jena, on October 4, 1806, not noticing that a battle was raging around him. L. van Beethoven, completely captivated by inspiration, came out once on Neishtadt's street half-dressed. The philosopher Schopenhauer spoke of himself: "My philosophical postulates were on their own, without my intervention, at moments when my will was as if asleep and my mind was not directed to a pre-determined side ... My personality was, as it were, alien to work ...

Sometimes the subconscious movement is so clear that it seems suggestive from the outside. This is expressed in the verses of the French poet de Musset: "You do not work, listen, wait ... // Like someone unknown speaks in your ear". Similar examples in Socrates, Pascal, Mozart became classical.

However, it does not mean that mental work, inspiration can do miracles by themselves, as a heavenly gift. The culture of intellectual work presupposes something else. Before you start solving a problem, you need to think it over carefully, organize your thinking, and sketch out a plan. Inspiration is the result of tremendous preliminary work, the result of the discipline of the mind and creative possibilities, so the fruitful work of the student has nothing to do with the endless cramming or the ultimate stress of the mental faculties. But it is not a sweet product of easy slumber, a work of human imagination or a dream.

Students, tired with hard work, can be recommended for self-training, which is used throughout the world as an element of the correct organization of mental work. Here, for example, one of the options for auto-training:

Sit up straight, put your hands loose (you can on the table). Close your eyes. Tune in to auto-training. Now I will relax the muscles of my face. Smoothes wrinkles of the forehead. Eyebrows, like rivulets, spread out in different directions. The eyelids are closed. Mentally I try to open my eyelids, my eyelids are closed ... The cheeks have sunk. Appear folds in the corners of the lips, the chin is symbolically omitted. All facial muscles are relaxed. I see my face at arm's length. It is completely relaxed. The face is masky, lifeless ... The neck muscles are relaxed, I find in my mind clamps in the back and relax ...

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The right arm is heavy. It is poured with leaden weight. The left hand becomes heavy, it becomes leaden. My hands are heavy, mentally trying to tear them away from the table. Hands are heavy. The right leg becomes heavy, it becomes heavy. Both legs are heavy. They are shackled. I'm trying to make a step. Legs do not obey. They are heavy ...

The whole body is strikingly heavy. On the shoulders lies a bag with a load. Back slightly bent. The driver's pose. The whole body is relaxed, in this position I can rest for a long time, feeling relaxed muscles.

Now I will warm up my body. All attention is focused on the tips of the fingers, where they touch the surface of the table. Here in the pads of the fingers heat is born, I feel the pulse beating. Heat rises on the phalanx of the fingers. I feel the palpitation in my hands. They are wet, and heat rises to the elbow joints, to the shoulders. Mentally I see myself at the fire. A hot flame enters each cell of the hands. Hands are poured with warmth ...

Now I switch attention to the soles of my feet. There is a gradual pulsation. Heat is born. Mentally, I walk on hot sand. My legs are hot. It is important to catch this feeling of heat coming from below. Heat rises to the ankles. I feel a pulse pulse in the calves. And the heat grips the hips, it rises higher and higher. Attention: heat in the solar plexus, in the lower abdomen. It is a blessed feeling of relaxation and bliss. Heat rises higher, past the chakras to the thousand-petalled lotus in the head of the head. I see myself lying on the hot sand. Sultry hot sun caresses, nezhit every cell of the naked body. I'm hot ...

Now a feeling of weightlessness is born. I myself am in place, and the body suddenly moves to the left ... To the right ... Back, forward ... I feel like a roll-field. The wind picks up me and carries me across the plain. Now I, like a paper snake, soar up ... I'm drifting, I'm getting attached to a white cloud, I'm floating ... I see a caravan of camels, a desert, a jungle, a railway line. And slowly sink to the raft in the middle of the ocean. The wet wind caresses my naked body, it creeps me, caves me ...

(The rest of the text is pronounced with a different intonation.) Each time I learn more and more deeply the technique of auto-training. Now I can easily cause a feeling of warmth, relaxation and weightlessness. The dream is deep, barely the head touches the pillow. Memory noticeably improves, anxieties, fears, problems seem to be solved.

(The intonation changes again.) I lie next to a huge pond. Heard the noise of the waterfall. Easy, free ...

Now I will exit this state. Mentally I see a cloud, fraught with rain. I pull her up to the window of our room. Attention! Now open the window. Attention! Cold and moist air poured into the room. My whiskey is cool ... I open my eyes ... The session is over ... "quot;

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