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Chapter 9. Learning-Learning Mechanisms

As a result of studying this chapter, the learner must:

- know what is innate ideas & quot ;; how the psyche is arranged; what stereotypes and archetypes are; how the upbringing takes place; mechanisms for the emergence of knowledge;

- be able to distinguish the effect of the mechanisms of education and upbringing; manage the formation of stereotypes;

- own the skill of the analysis of the process of education; method of calculating the process of assimilation-forgetting; ways to optimize the educational system.

Diagnostic indices:

The minimum time required (in minutes) to study the material of the topic is 122.

The difficulty (in conventional units from 1.00) of the material being studied is 0.76.

The time (in minutes) required for the full mastery of knowledge is 214.

9.1. What does heirs get?

A mechanism is a word from a technical lexicon. Maybe it is not quite suitable for describing the subtle processes of education and training, but there is no other. After all, we want to understand how the upbringing-training takes place, where it is born and how it comes out. When something with something is linked, interacts, gaining strength, a better word than the mechanism does not find.

Let's start from afar. Are the knowledge, skills, and moral qualities of his parents transferred to a newborn person? The modern science answers this question clearly and unambiguously - no. Only makings are inherited. But what exactly are makings, we still do not know exactly. It is assumed that these are certain vague notions in the genes (prints, traces) that, in the process of development and formation of a person, can affect both the process and the result, i.e. the link between generations is not denied categorically, but recognized in very small limits.

The influence of heredity is regarded by researchers as very significant to almost zero. In general, heredity is projected onto a physical person - growth, weight, skin color, hair and eyes, features of the structure of the body, the functioning of organs, hereditary diseases, etc. On the inheritance of spirituality, morality, morality, it does not go. Until recently, Soviet science denied moral heredity.

What new facts about the inheritance of spirituality and related qualities can we extract from the energy-informational nature of a person?

Let's talk simple. The human conception comes from a cell in which everything related to its species development is encrypted. The transfer of information from one organism to another occurs in direct physical contact. One can only wonder how in a tiny cell everything that is necessary for human development fits. In connection with this, the question of the content of the genes of the newborn in the genes of his parents and the associated physical identity of people does not raise any doubts and further arguments. That's the way it should be.

And what happens to spiritual qualities? The soul does not inherit. There is something to think about. Many philosophical and religious doctrines assert that after the death of a person the soul returns to the vast expanses of the Universe, where it continues its life. Those souls that God decides to send to earth again, undergo thorough cleaning from the accumulated pollution. It can be assumed that the returned soul must be sterile, all the ideas about the former life must be erased from it. If such cleaning takes a long time and carefully, the soul does not remember anything, and if for some reason the soul is not cleaned to the required level of sterility, then it must be preserved "footprints" former life. It is likely that they can appear in the next life as very vague memories. Some philosophical teachings tell about this with knowledge of the matter. Everyone heard about the migration and return of souls. Or maybe the Almighty deliberately leaves some future memories of future lives in future souls, so that people can more easily unravel the secret intricacies of a new existence.

What should happen to the person next? Gene heredity is directly manifested in bodily development, and the former very vague impressions of the soul are reflected in the spiritual, directing it into the channel of Universal spirituality. Otherwise, without such a clue, it's hard to even imagine what a person could become. Sacred footprints such weak, perhaps, also because the Universal mind, knowing about fast-moving changes in human life, is afraid to form very persistent mental stereotypes, so that it would be easier for a person to adapt to changes. One way or another, a person's body-soul life does not start from scratch, not with a "clean sheet", but from some genetic energy presence.

If this is the case, then in human genes, in the maximally curtailed, actually encrypted form, all the knowledge that his numerous ancestors possessed, continuing the genus since ancient times, should be preserved. Genes, according to modern science, remain unchanged, which ensures the permanence of the human species. During the life on earth, a person has not changed, despite the harsh tests that could cause vague mutations. The structure of the cell, and hence of the entire human genome, has not undergone any changes.

If we agree that: a) the carrier of heredity (primarily physical) are genes and b) they remain unchanged - it turns out that each person saves "traces" knowledge and experience of their ancestors. This essentially means that a person is born with "traces" absolute knowledge, which are encoded in the cells of his body.

In the deep layers of our brain, exactly where trillions of cells are located, seemingly for nothing intended, because they are not demanded throughout human life and they remain unoccupied, the most powerful of all is the gene memory, where it is encoded information about everything that was, is and will be with a person. This is to the extent of minimized information education.

A person comes into the world knowing everything, possessing absolute knowledge. Neither in Shambhala, nor in Tibet, nor under the Sphinx or in the pyramids of Egypt, nor in any -or another place on the Earth or another planet of the Universe, there is nothing that you do not have this minute and what you would not know at this moment in your life! All knowledge of Truth is in us from the beginning, only we do not remember them, and if we remember, we can not use them, because the sleeping Consciousness is not able to give practical recommendations on their use. "

Earthly teaching and upbringing is only the actualization of these innate knowledge. All that remains for a person in life is to strain and extract the necessary ones. Separate can be lucky: their innate programs are launched under the influence of some forces unknown to people. It will be for the good or to the detriment of man - no one can say, everything depends on whether their amazing abilities will be in demand at the given time.

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