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Reminder for drawing up a detailed plan

- carefully read the proposed topic and recall the content of the corresponding section of the social science course;

- divide the content into semantic blocks, highlighting the main idea of ​​each of them;

- title the parts;

identify those parts that need to be supplemented, concretize;

- the subpoints of the plan should disclose the main point of the paragraph;

- the wording of the plan items should be correct;

- in paragraphs and subparagraphs, avoid repeating similar language;

it is important that the plan corresponds to the given topic and covers its main content.

The most difficult task of the USE is the writing of an essay. This task involves checking students' abilities to identify the problem, to argue their point of view, applying knowledge from history, literature, modern reality; possession of students with basic concepts, terms, theoretical material of the course. As you know, topics are asked in the form of brief statements by representatives of social thought, political figures, scientists and cultural figures. In some cases, statements have an aphoristic character. Each topic-statement is conditionally correlated with one of the basic sciences of the social science course, but graduates have the right to disclose it in the context of any social science or several sciences.

It is advisable, before starting to write an essay, to consider the topic according to the following plan:

1) it is necessary to get a grasp of the formulation of the topics offered in the exam and ask yourself the question, but what is the meaning of the statement?

2) Do I understand the problem expressed by the author?

3) What is my attitude to the author's opinion? Do I agree with the author? Or do not agree in everything? What is my own position on this issue?

4) can I argue, justify my own point of view on the author's position?

5) what social science terms, concepts are needed to justify a position at a theoretical level?

6) what examples of history, literature, facts from public life, perhaps from my experience, I can bring in the work on the chosen topic?

If you could think over the topic and find the answers to these questions, then you should start writing an essay on the chosen topic. If the graduate finds it difficult to answer these questions, it may be better to change the subject to another one.

After selecting a topic, you should refer to the draft. It is not necessary to write a full essay essay. On the draft the graduate makes only a plan of his essay, an approximate short outline of the meaning of the phrase, his argumentation, the points of view of the scientists, the concepts and the theoretical propositions he intends to give in his work, and also the approximate order of their arrangement one after another taking into account the semantic logic of the essay.

The structure of the essay on social studies suggests:

1) Quotations;

2) the problem raised by the author, its relevance;

3) the meaning of the statement;

4) own point of view;

5) argumentation at the theoretical level;

6) at least two examples from social practice, from history, literature, confirming the correctness of the judgments;

7) output.

Algorithm for writing an essay on social studies

Precisely determine the problem, which is mentioned in the statement. What is it about?

In the statement, the author raises the problem ...

Explain why you chose this from the following statements:

This problem is relevant in modern society ...

This problem is relevant to me ...

Explain how the author understands the problem.

The author understands this problem ...

Express your attitude to the problem:

I totally agree with the author ...

I do not agree with the author ...

I partially agree with the author ...

Formulate your point of view on this issue: I believe that ...

Argument your point of view, relying on the knowledge of the content of knowledge on this issue, the point of view of the authors known to you, the example given by you, your own social experience or the experience of your closest associates. Use concepts and terms in the right context:

In social science this problem is considered ...

As counts ...

The example above shows ...

I (my friend) encountered this problem ...


So, ...

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