As a result of studying this chapter, the student must:


• structure of pedagogical science;

• the main categories and concepts of pedagogy;

be able to

• Analyze the basic models of education;


• skills of self-actualization and self-realization of personality.

Structure of Pedagogical Science

Pedagogy (from Latin pais - boy and agogos - leader) - the doctrine of education, the art of education, the science of education. Pedagogy in the broadest sense of the word is a set of phenomena that are related to the field of education and education. Education first of all forms the spiritual appearance of a person who develops under the influence of moral and spiritual values. It also implies the process of education, self-education, influence, polishing, i.e. the process of human formation. The main thing is not the amount of knowledge, but the combination of the latter with personal qualities, the ability to independently dispose of their knowledge. In education, you can fix as a formal side, i.e. spiritual activity or spiritual ability, and material, i.e. the content of education.

Pedagogy has, above all, a huge arsenal of theoretical knowledge, which has been enriched from century to century. It also includes didactics, i.e. theory of learning.

In SI philosophy, the idea of ​​holistic education was developed by SI Gessen. He regarded education as a multifaceted process, proceeding at the level of biological, social, spiritual, cultural and spiritual-religious life. At the first level, upbringing comes in the form of teaching skills, forming habits, "guardianship" and training & quot ;. On the second, social level, education is associated with the formation of a member of a social group, with "processing" young generation in accordance with the needs of society. At the third, spiritual-cultural level, education means becoming involved in cultural values, carried out through education, that is, education. absorption of the cultural heritage of mankind. Finally, on the fourth, spiritual and religious level, the meaning of upbringing is to save the soul; in the spiritual transfiguration of man, his second, spiritual, birth.

Main categories and concepts of pedagogy

Already called such categories of pedagogy as education, training, education. Pedagogy also uses the term "pedagogical activity", which means a special kind of social (professional) activity aimed at achieving the goals of education. The pedagogical process is the progress from the goals of education to its results through the unity of teaching and upbringing. Pedagogical technology (or technology of education) denotes expedient and optimal steps and ways to achieve the goals of education. "Pedagogical technology is a consistent interdependent system of the teacher's actions connected with the application of a certain set of methods of upbringing and education and carried out in the pedagogical process with the aim of solving various pedagogical tasks: structuring and concretizing the goals of the pedagogical process; transformation of content into educational material; analysis of intersubject and intrasubject connections; choice of methods, means and forms of the pedagogical process. "

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