Pedagogical technology as a method of organizing and managing...

Pedagogical technology as a method for organizing and managing the pedagogical process

Technology is a collection of receptions applied in any matter, skill, art. It should also be noted that the concept of "pedagogical technology" It is very often used to describe methods of work in the field of upbringing. The above sequence of principles and rules for the construction of pedagogical technology makes it possible to identify its main structural parts. Each of these parts reflects the stages of the organization of the pedagogical process and creates a basis for the effective management of its integrity with simultaneous indication of the possibility of its implementation on the basis of a set of existing methods of organizing and managing the pedagogical process, one of the most important components of which is upbringing (Table 3.9)

Table 3.9

The structure of pedagogical technology

Structural parts of pedagogical technology

Substantial filling of each structural part of the pedagogical technology

1. Conceptual framework

Justifies the philosophical and methodological foundation that underlies the development of activities and the forms of its organization

2. Substantial part of training

Formulation of training objectives, both general and specific; content of educational material

3. The procedural part - the technological process

Consistently reveals and describes:

- the organization of the learning process;

- methods and forms of educational activity of schoolchildren;

- methods and forms of the teacher's work;

- the teacher's activity in managing the process of assimilating the material;

- diagnostics of educational process

However, speaking of pedagogical technology as a reception for the organization and management of the pedagogical process, it should be distinguished from the teaching method. Its difference lies in the fact that pedagogical technologies can be reproduced in a different place while maintaining the guaranteed high quality of the educational process or solving those pedagogical tasks that pedagogical technologies are aimed at, while the techniques often do not guarantee the proper quality. This is due to the fact that mastery of pedagogical technology is always associated with the level of pedagogical skill of the teacher, which allows the whole complex of techniques for implementing the procedural part of the technological process to be implemented on the basis of preserving both the technological and, later, personal characteristics. Therefore, pedagogical technology can be considered as a set of external and internal actions aimed at the consistent implementation of all methods in their objective relationship, in which the personality of the teacher is fully manifested. Pedagogical technology as a reception of the organization and management of the pedagogical process implies the addition of the teacher's personality to her in all its diverse manifestations.

Pedagogical technology as a means of organizing and managing the pedagogical process

According to MV Clarin's definition, pedagogical technology means the "systemic set and order of functioning of all personal, instrumental and methodological means used to achieve pedagogical goals" . This definition of pedagogical technology quite reasonably reveals its importance as a means of organizing and managing the pedagogical process, since one of the important properties of pedagogical technology is its optimality. The term optimal (from the Latin word optimus - the best) means best suited to certain conditions and tasks. K. Babansky several criteria for the optimality of the pedagogical process, then, based on them, it can be argued that any pedagogical technology can be an optimal means of organizing and managing the pedagogical process if its application:

1) contributes to the achievement of each schoolchild level of education, development and upbringing in the zone of its nearest development;

2) does not exceed the scientifically justified time spent by the teacher and students, i.e. gives the maximum possible in the given conditions results for the intervals of time determined by the standard of education and the school's charter.

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