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Simulation Modeling

In order to solve this or that problematic task, it is important not only to discuss it in detail. A very productive way here is simulation simulation. The necessary task can be "played", imitating its real development, participation in it of various partners, the possibility of a successful resolution of the problem. For example, we can play preliminary interaction with partners, laying down their "reasons" in the game, their possible ways of responding, as well as ways of eliminating the conflict. In the course of simulation simulation, mistakes and possible omissions are especially clearly visible, which makes it possible to make the necessary corrections to the course of events.

Game Technologies

The game is of tremendous importance for the development of the child's personality. The game recreates the general meaning of human labor, norms and ways of people's relationships. In it, in an ideal form, the meaning of human activity and the system of those relationships in which adults enter in their real life are reproduced. DB El'konin as follows defined the significance of the game for the development of various mental processes of the child:

- The game is an activity in which the cognitive egocentrism is overcome, the lack of limitedness of one's point of view from other possible ones;

- the game acts as such an activity in which the formation of prerequisites for the transition of mental actions to a new, higher stage of mental actions for speech occurs

- in the game there is a significant rearrangement of the child's behavior - it becomes arbitrary.

Business game. One of the features of a business game is that it can act as an imitation scheme of that situation in a broad sense (object, field of objects, processes, etc., which interests professionals, and as a model, the business game has the "sign capabilities" of a wide range.If the use of iconic means can be clearly fixed (for example, using rules of operation), it is much more difficult to limit and control the actions of the players Hence the relation itelnaya freedom of behavior of players. Before their choice, free, within certain limits. Each decision the player limit above all his own actions.

Another feature of the business game is that it organically realizes the forms of game consciousness. In itself, the game consciousness in terms of serious activity gives little. However, in conjunction with the modeling function, it becomes an effective tool for solving a number of business problems and tasks. In a business game, you can create a variety of situations that deviate significantly from the original, but still satisfy the organic logic of its existence. These can be situations of extreme modes of behavior of the system, logically conceivable, but unusual states and relationships, various "subject monsters" and freaks.

As noted by Rozin, in many ways the art of conceptualizing a business game is to build a game reality in which you can play a variety of conflicts and problems related to this business area. The game implies the simultaneous realization (rather than a consistent change in time) of practical and conditional behavior. The player must simultaneously remember that he participates in a conditional (not a genuine situation) ... and do not remember this ... is working a special mental attitude of the player who at the same time believes, and does not believe in the reality of the conflict being played out. " Since business games are often characterized by an element of competition and against the player acting "opponent", it can be argued that the game material is not passive, it changes, immerses the player in new situations, affects it.

Educational business game - is a varied, dynamically developing form of organization of purposeful interaction of activities and communication of all its participants in the implementation of pedagogical guidance from the teacher's classroom. The essence of this form is the relationship of simulation modeling and role behavior of game participants in the process of solving typical professional and educational tasks of a sufficiently high level of problems. The business game reveals the learner's personal potential: each participant can diagnose their own opportunities separately and in joint activity with other participants. Students become creators of only professional situations, but also "creators" own personality. They solve problems of self-management, search for ways and means of optimization of professional communication, reveal their shortcomings and take measures to eliminate them. In this they are helped by the teacher .

Significant losses are noted in other areas of the mental development of the preschooler, which is also associated with subjective factors. So, despite numerous protests of our psychologists, in the country there was a substitution of the leading type of activity of a child of this age from gaming to a functioning educational form, which contradicts the very essence of age-related psychological development. In pre-school children's institutions, educational programs are introduced everywhere with the involvement of game actions, whereas it is necessary to expand, supplement, develop the game activities of pre-school children by introducing educational components into it. As a consequence, there is a significant decrease in the level of the story-role play of the preschooler. At the majority of children of 3-6 years it remains at a level of objective actions. But the primitive undeveloped game does not perform the function of leading activity in the child's mental development, as a result of the new formations associated with the game (imagination, arbitrariness, imaginative thinking, etc.), remain unformed in preschool children. Disadvantages in the organization of the game space led to the fact that modern children of older preschool age are less able to control themselves than their peers 20 years ago. In fact, they do not have the ability to perform arbitrary actions, and the relationships of children are significantly weakened.

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