Social activity of the individual - Social pedagogy

Social activity of the person

One of the most common forms of personality activity is its social activity, ie. the way of existence and development of the individual as a subject of social life, based on her conscious and unconscious desire to change social conditions and the formation of their own qualities (abilities, attitudes, value orientations). The prerequisite of conscious social activity is the conscious choice by the individual of the possibilities of his participation in public life. Each person first determines the nature of his participation in public life, the measure (degree) of the intensity of his activity, and only then he occupies this or that social position. The choice of an active life position by the individual is due to reasons both objective and subjective. Sometimes she has to behave actively to keep her balance with the environment.

Social activity is not the only form of development of a person as a social subject. It is opposed, as we know, by the social passivity and apathy generated by crisis phenomena in society, by growing alienation, by an existential vacuum.

Being an object of social relations, a person at the same time is also their active subject, capable of changing the environment of his existence and himself.

In accordance with the main spheres of society's life, social activity can be divided into three main types: labor (production), socio-political and social activity in the field of spiritual life. Each of these types of social activity, in turn, can be subdivided into other types.

So, industrial and labor activity includes: directly labor activity, expressed in relation to a person to their labor, official duties; activity in the management and management of economic activities.

Labor social activity - is a measure of real-practical change by people of the material world. It acts as the basis for the development, self-assertion of the individual, the functioning and development of society.

The second most important type of social activity is the the socio-political social activity - a measure that expresses the degree of the individual's participation in the transformation of political relations, institutions, agencies. Specificity of this type of social activity is due to the fact that in the system of political relations a person functions not as an employee of mental or physical labor, a city or a village, but in his political capacity.

An essential feature of labor and socio-political social activity is that they are directly aimed at the physical change of the world. This is less characteristic of scientific and cognitive social activity, which manifests itself in the ideal reproduction by the individual of the world and its individual manifestations, in the acquisition of knowledge about the world.

Social activity naturally acts as one of the sources of man's spiritual development. In other words, the personality in the system of social and pedagogical relations is not only the object of this complex phenomenon, but also the subject, an active participant in the process of self-improvement. Inclusion of a person in self-creative activity is the most important condition for a dynamic and purposeful positive transformation.

Social activity of personality can be considered in two main aspects. The first aspect presupposes the consideration of it as a property of the personality, conditioned primarily by its natural data and reinforced by the qualities that are formed in the process of education, education, training and practical activity. From this point of view, social activity as a significant result of social development is a social quality of a person, reflecting a person's attitude to the social environment, social experience and the ability to independently solve the problems of socialization, and others, by helping them. The second aspect proceeds from an understanding of activity as a specific measure of activity. Social activity is a degree, a measure of the person's involvement in the system of social relations, an indicator of her participation in all types of social activity.

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