The influence of emotions and the mood of teachers on the socio-psychological...

The influence of emotions and the mood of teachers on the socio-psychological climate

In people's professional activities, emotions and mood play a crucial role, since they act as their everyday sensations, manifest in the way of thinking and behavior. Scientists recognize not only that human feelings are the most important components of the socio-psychological atmosphere, but also that they are composed of two types of sensations: emotions and mood. It is known that emotions are open reactions expressing feelings towards any events. Emotions can be positive and negative. People get angry, offended, upset, happy, anxious about many professional occasions and react emotionally to them. Emotions are distinguished by four main properties:

1) the existence of the object, i.e. the one who (or what) causes an emotional reaction;

2) the presence of six main categories: anger, fear, joy, love, sadness and surprise;

3) the expression of the basic emotions is universal, therefore, analyzing the facial expressions of a person, it is possible to determine with accuracy the emotions he experiences;

4) the way and place of expression of certain emotions is influenced by culture, therefore the level of emotional culture and its manifestations can be subject to unwritten behavioral norms and standards (for example, from complete restraint of emotions in the UK to full emancipation and rapid manifestation of emotions in Italy ).

The more vague and less certain feelings are moods. D. Greenberg and R. Bairon define the mood as an indeterminate, relatively mild sensation, existing as a background to everything that happens during the day. It is believed that the mood is more elusive and difficult to recognize the phenomenon than emotion. In addition, it can change during the day and depend on the person's reaction to emerging situations. One worker will perceive the same situation as negative, the other as positive. Thus, the mood is a combination of who we are due to personal characteristics, and the specific conditions of our environment.

The depressing effect on the mental activity of the teacher of the psychological situation at work and at home, negative emotions caused by unpleasant news, offensive remarks, insults, etc. is well-known. In the predominantly female OS team, the supervisor should always choose the situation when it is advisable to make comments or make claims for work. The best way is to wait for the right moment (not to cause negative emotions) and do it without witnesses and at the end of the day, including in an informal setting (so that the spoiled mood does not negatively affect the quality of the work).

Production failures and resentments can lead an employee (including the manager himself) to a state of affect, which will negatively affect the SPK of the collective or group. In this state, a person develops a psychogenic (emotional) narrowing of the volume of consciousness ("twilight consciousness"), while there are sharp movements, aggressive and destructive actions. It is very important for the OS leader to be able to diagnose the emotional state of an employee (for example, observing facial expressions and moods) in order to properly manage it and not harm it, as well as create an ecological space that forms a positive emotional atmosphere (winter garden, relaxation rooms, laughter, sports constructions, etc.). People, as a rule, sympathize with those who are able to positively influence the emotional state of another person.

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