The Problem of Multifunctionality in Educational Institutions...

The problem of multifunctionality of educational institutions

Objective conditions of modern socio-economic reality require the transformation of the kindergarten, school, gymnasium, college, university into a multifunctional institution that combines the actual educational (didactic) functions with the functions of cultural preservation and culture, health preservation, social protection and rehabilitation. Educational institutions, at least the best of them, also become centers for the education of adults (parents, family members), career-oriented institutions, i.e. - complex educational centers. State support (financial, personnel) of such centers is necessary. Rural cultural and educational centers play a special role. However, questions about the status of such centers, about their resource provision have not been solved yet.

A very acute, though still veiled average, staffing problem in education . Average vacancy figures, salaries hide the increased workload of teachers (up to 1.5-2 rates) , beggarly wages of preschool teachers. But the matter is also in the other. Pre-school institutions and the school are replenished by graduates of pedagogical schools, pedagogical colleges, pedagogical institutes. Contests for admission to them are low. The best graduates do not reach the school or do not stay in it. Graduates of more or less prestigious universities, primarily universities, do not want to go to school due to the low prestige of the teacher's work and low pay. Preschool, school and additional education is threatened by personnel impoverishment and even a latently growing personnel catastrophe, since a significant part of talented youth does not enter or leave education.

There are many problems in the very process of training teachers, and improving their skills. How to attract more talented and humane teachers to work with kids and adolescents? In France, this was done by raising the status of training specialists for preschool institutions and primary schools to the level of university specialties and equalizing the salaries of teachers in the upper grades of gymnasiums and teachers of the junior level of education. In Finland, the prestige of the teacher is so high that there are contests among dozens of applicants for the job of this profile.

It is necessary to change the character of teacher training, which should include not only the training of subject teachers, but also pedagogical psychologists, educators, culturologists, human scientists, the development of their intuition, artistic and aesthetic and artistic abilities, full knowledge of modern information technologies .

And, finally, the whole tangle of problems of financial support and education management .

Unfortunately, both in educational policy and reform practice, cardinal goals are often replaced by more specific tasks or conditions that are necessary for development. For example, as goals are declared, and with the help of a unified state examination, the presence of knowledge and the mastery of skills and skills are monitored. Often the aim and the product of education is the quantity and quality of educational services. In this regard, it is worth recalling that education, in fact - the sphere of culture, the public good, and the provision of services - a means of communication education with its consumers.

Now, often, the reorganization of educational systems and institutions is appropriate from the point of view of a very imperfect mechanism for its financial and resource support. The acute problems of this plan, of course, need to be addressed, of course, this is an important condition, but not the goal of its effective reform.

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