Philosophy Essays

Standard incorrect arguments - Theory and practice of argumentation

Standard incorrect arguments here are some incorrect methods of argumentation, which are used quite often and got their own names. argument to the.


The structure of the foundations of the division of...

Base structure of the physics section the result of these methodological revolutions can be represented in the form of a structure, which in the case a =.


Roman Stoicism. - History of ancient philosophy

Roman stoicism the heyday of the roman stand gives to the i - ii centuries. at this time, philosophy in rome is no longer an alien fashion , but an.


Philosophy of man, Philosophical anthropology as a branch of...

The philosophy of man philosophical anthropology as a division of social philosophy philosophy of man, or philosophical anthropology, is a section of.


Aristotle. About the soul. Politics - Reader on philosophy

Aristotle. about the soul. policy about the soul the second book. chapter first. this is what should be said about the previous opinions of the former.


Fundamentals of Social Philosophy and Philosophy of History...

Fundamentals of social philosophy and philosophy of history history of social philosophy and historiosophy the subject of social philosophy are the most.


Principles, goals and explanation - History, philosophy...

Principles, goals and explanation as it was repeatedly noted above, the most capacious conceptual concepts are the principles. their nature deserves.


Understanding culture in socio-cultural anthropology. - Social anthropology

Understanding culture in sociocultural anthropology. the considered philosophical approaches have become a methodological basis for understanding culture.


Middle Ages, Patristics, Middle Eastern Philosophy, Scholasticism...

The middle ages patristics the middle ages fundamentally changed the situation in philosophy. this was facilitated by two global changes in the life of.


Teachings of Plato on knowledge and knowledge. Four...

Teachings of plato about knowledge and knowledge. four cognitive abilities quot ;. although plato's main dialogue on the topic of knowledge is theetet -.


On Ideals, On Beliefs - Philosophy

On ideals an important part of the worldview are ideals. man in his life, in his constant modeling of the future can not do without striving for an.


Mass culture and anticulture - Philosophy for technical universities

Mass culture and anticulture at the very beginning of the xx century. o.spengler's gloomy predictions about the decline of europe , the death of a high.


Coaching - methodology for effective problem solving - Research methodology

Coaching - methodology for effective problem solving coaching - instructing, inspiring, training for special purposes, preparing for specific tasks ) is.


Analytical project, Stages of development of analytical philosophy...

Analytical project to date, analytical philosophy is perhaps the most developed philosophical direction dominating in english-speaking and scandinavian.


Culturological characteristics of science, Interrelation...

Culturological characteristics of science the representation of science as a specific form of culture is justified only when it is possible to prove that.


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