A political man in the information society: anatomy of virtual...

A political man in the information society: anatomy of virtual destructiveness

As a result of studying this chapter, the student must:

know about the main problems of political anthropology in the information society, about the political man in the postclassical picture of the world, about the anatomy of virtual destructiveness;

know how operate with the concepts virtual world & quot ;, identity decay & quot ;, risk society & quot ;, virtual destructiveness & quot ;;

own representations of modern political anthropology.

You are the product of our era. Or not. It's too easy - all to fall on the era. You are simply a product. Since globalization no longer takes into account individual people, you had to become a product, so that society would be interested in you. Advertising turns people into yoghurts - perishable (that is, mortal), zombie with a spectacle - in other words, aimed at destroying their own kind.

Frederic Begbeder

Welcome to a wonderful new world!

Writers and artists at all times were the first to feel the onset of the crisis on a new round of civilization. Honore de Balzac and Victor Hugo saw convulsions of the feudal era and the onset of a market society, Aldous Huxley and Robert Orwell anticipated the decline of bourgeois democracy and the triumph of totalitarianism. At the beginning of the information era, a novel by the French writer Frederic Begbeder (born 1965) "99 francs" about the crisis of a virtual society, rapidly degrading under the influence of advertising. The novel, performed in the genre of sharp satire on the advertising business, exposes the insane and full of vicissitudes of the world in which everything is sold and bought, the world where His Majesty is advertising, and man is the same commodity as everything else.

Begbeder drew a bright artistic portrait of a virtual society in which any criticism is swallowed without choking, impudence is welcomed in every possible way, denunciation is paid, and reproaches are ordered by those who are reproached. In this world, they are going to establish the Nobel Prize for the best provocation: a riot enters the rules of the game. The former dictatorships feared freedom of speech, uprooted dissent, planted writers, burned freedom-loving books. The venerable times of the vile auto-da-fé allowed to separate the lambs from the goats, good from evil, but advertising totalitarianism is a much thinner thing. To turn humanity into slavery, advertising has chosen the path of cautious, skilful suggestion.

From the source

This is the first system of human domination over man, against which even freedom is powerless. Moreover, she - this system - has made her weapons of freedom, and this is her most ingenious find. Any criticism is only flattering to her, any pamphlet only strengthens the illusion of her sugary tolerance. It subordinates you to the highest degree of elegance. All is permissible, no one will touch you, until you put up with this mess. "

The main secret of the information society is simple and ugly - advertising producers have become the secret overlords of the virtual world: advertising is everywhere, it is impossible to hide from it, it prohibits boredom, it prevents thinking. It makes everyone dream of things that he will never have: about eternally azure skies, about invariably seductive beauties, about the ideal happiness, colored with the help of bright computer graphics. Terrorism, called the "novelty", helps to sell emptiness. In order to instill in the person's soul a thirst for acquisition, it is necessary to stir up envy in it, bitterness and greed are weapons of advertising. Today, advertising producers determine that there is Truth, Good and Beauty, and the more bravely they play with the human subconscious, the more obedient the obedient consumer obeys them.

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"Mmm, it's so nice to get into your brains! How sweet to own your right hemisphere! Your desires do not belong to you anymore - I impose my own. I forbid you to desire, as God puts it on your soul. Your desires should be the result of multibillion investments in Euro-currency. I decide what you want tomorrow. "

With this it is almost impossible to fight. You can not defeat an opponent who is omnipresent, virtual and insensitive to strikes. But at the bottom of this world protests grow: the main thing is NOT to participate! Young people burn other people's cars, and this is not because they can not buy themselves the same: it burns them just to not want to buy cars. Once, at the dawn of the manufacturing era, the workers broke the first cars that deprived them of their work, it was the Luddite movement. However, it did not end with anything and nothing, a naive protest burst in a new industrial society under a pile of other problems, like a balloon. "New Luddites," protesting against a virtual society where "everyone is inspired by desires that depress us", are also doomed to failure.

The solution of the problem can not consist in the destruction or escape from the virtual world. First of all, we need to understand: what really happened to a person under the influence of virtual reality?

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