A Review Of Different Man Characteristics Philosophy Essay

Human being is the most perfect creature which is established by God. Human being has brain and feeling which is not had by other creature in this world, such as creature and place. Every individual has the same physical. We've eyes, nose, mouth area, ears, hands and legs. However, taking care of that distinguishes one individual to some other is human feature. Every person has different feature, even in a single family, it could be that each relation also offers different attribute. So, siblings, bloodstream marriage or kinship cannot make two different people or more to have the same attribute because there are other factors that happen to be related with individual characteristic.

The main factors that form someone's personality is environment. Person's attribute is built given that they were created. How their parents manage them, how their parents give attention to them, how their parents give justification about worldview when they begin to mature and in the type environment they develop up. All that are several factors that effect person's characteristic. We are able to determine someone quality by seeing their daily behavior, their attitude to other people and their habit. Usually, someone attribute is formed when they are four or five 5 years, however their attribute still can be modified based on the environment and people around them. The older person, the actual feature will emerge and rub off to them.

Every person, alone must have two kind characteristics, good feature and bad attribute. It is impossible if someone only has good attribute without bad characteristic or only has bad characteristic without good characteristic. If one young child grow up in a family group which is filled with devotion and good environment, so that child will expand up become a person who is jolly, low degrees of emotional and adoring. However, if one young child grow up in a family which is chaos, no passion, no attention from the parents, so that child will increase up become someone with high levels of psychological, do not care with other folks, hostile and obstinate. So, the final outcome from above assertion is parents action with their child and the surroundings are the most crucial factors in shaping the attribute of a kid.

Now, we will see impact that'll be look from the dissimilarities of characteristic in every people. Sometimes we see between two person or more, mismatches is often and then by the end quarrel will be happen. That problem might be induced of the difference characteristic which is owned atlanta divorce attorneys people. Different character causes someone favorite and someone patterns is different from a to some other. This is not hard for quarrel to happen. We will take easy and simple example because of this statement, several sibling and sister often to battle when they are alongside one another although they are preventing for a tiny problem. That problem can be induced because that sibling and sister have different attribute. Even as already talked about that siblings or blood relationship cannot guarantee for a couple of brother and sister will have the same attribute. However it will not mean that a couple of people who have different characteristic will always fighting. Some of people who have different characteristic can also live together such as a couple of couple. They can live jointly although their attribute is different, that is basically because they want to admit surplus and shortage which is possessed by their few.

Until now, there are still many of individuals who don't realize about the differences between characteristic and nature. Many people presume that characteristic is merely the same with characteristics. Characteristics are typical of noticeable personality of the type and character of this person. Example; people who have firm frame of mind in the idea of view and pose will stubborn. That example makes us easier to understand this is of character. Many people said that feature is long lasting whereas character is not permanent or can be altered. Another example to the statement, there is certainly someone who has bad behavior such as resting. Bad habit is not quality but nature. The type of lying down can be transformed, it depends upon desire from see your face whether he or she want changed or not and then support from people around her or him.

Now we will discuss about romance between characteristic and our daily activities. Maybe we never realize if our attribute has a major influence for our life. Without our awareness, every of our own action or activity that we do is related with our characteristic. We will take someone simple attribute for example. You can find some people who like to go to crowded place and meet many people or there are also some people who rather in maintain a calm place or from the crowds. People who like crowded should go to place such as shopping center, caf, or amusement park that many people been to. That kind of place gives satisfied or happiness for these people like crowded place and meet may people. For many people who like noiseless place, maybe they'll go directly to the place such as catalogue or they will go to remote place such as villages that we now have still less filled. Another example for individuals characteristic will there be are some individuals who are easy to communicate or talk to many people although they just know them for a while. There are also some individuals who are difficult to have interaction or communicate with other folks although they just know for some time or already meet before. To them who easy to interact or speak, maybe they are working as a presenter, Director of Human Resources or other job which is related with communication. On their behalf who difficult to have interaction or communicate is more desirable if they are working as an accountant or financer which is a job without so many conversation or communication numerous people. From those declaration and instances, we can make final result that there many aspects of our life which is have related to our characteristic and sometimes we are not aware with this.

Characteristic consist of 4 types which is established that every person has one from those four quality. Types of characteristics are:-yahoo, http://cityofenjie. multiply. com/journal/item/44-"

Sanguine (extrovert/positive/speaker)

Koleris (extrovert/subject/optimistic)

Phlegmatic (introvert/observer/pessimistic)

Melankolis (introvert/thinker/pessimistic)

Before we discuss more about all sorts of characteristic, we have to know or know very well what will be the meanings of extrovert and introvert. The simple interpretation from extrovert is wide open and then introvert means closed. In here, this is of available an d finished are for many who have this kind of mother nature, extrovert, they prefer to share their stories with other folks, they also like to meet new people, they also easier for them to close with people who just known for a while and then for individuals who has had introvert in themselves, they tend to be quiet, they do not like to speak about a lot of things especially about level of privacy and they also do challenging to close with others who just meet. Those are a simple declaration which can help us to learn more about extrovert and introvert.

Now we will clarify more about each characteristic in detail. The first kind of characteristic is sanguine. Sanguine contain many natures and today we will discuss it one at a time. "They are the general natures from sanguine: google, http://cityofenjie. multiply. com/journal/item/44-"


Attractive personality

Like to talk

A strong memory space for color

Have a sense of humor

Good on stage



Enthusiastic and expressive

Sanguine is popular in job

Volunteer for duty

Begin with an excellent way

Creative and innovative

Looks great on the surface

Energetic and enthusiastic

Sanguine popular as a friend


Loving people

Like to be praised

Look interested

Not vindictive

Easy to apologize

Like spontaneous activity

Avoid boring situation

Emotional: individuals who have sanguine characteristic has high level of emotional. They may be easy to get upset with the problem which is make the despondent or situation which is not appropriate using their desire, sometimes sanguine also easy to get angry for a tiny thing. This mother nature is including in bad mother nature from sanguine.

Attractive desire: sanguine has attractive personality, because of this sanguine easy to connect to other people, there is also a great deal of friends and many people like sanguine because of their attractive personality. Sanguine know how to founded interesting situation when they meet many people. That is a surplus from sanguine characteristic.

Like to discuss: sanguine people is talkative, they prefer to talk about a lot of things from general problems until privacy. When two people who've the same characteristic, sanguine, they will talk for constantly without tired or fatigued. If someone want to talk about private problem t other folks, maybe people who have sanguine feature is not suitable for that. This is one of the lack from sanguine with the type is like to talk. So, from that justification we can know that mother nature have two aspects, first is positive and the second is negative.

Have a sense of humor: eventhough someone ith sanguine attribute have higher levels of psychological but sanguine likewise have higher degrees of a feeling of humor. They like something funny, something can make them laughing. Sanguine will be feel safe when they are talking about something consist of a sense of humor, they will really enjoy that.

Listener: we already discuss in above declaration that sanguine maybe are not the right person for us to share our problem especially our private problem, but there still many people who want and like to share their testimonies or their problem to sanguine because someone with sanguine attribute is a good listener. Their character can make other people who are showing their stories feel safe and feel cared.

Curious: sanguine have higher degrees of curiosity plus they also like with something new. When they find something new plus they do not feel content with what they already get, so they will keep find out about that thing until they feel satisfied with what they already find and get.

Good on stage: we already see that natures from someone with sanguine characteristics are extrovert, presenter and attractive personality. Those natures have a romantic relationship, related and support the other characteristics from sanguine, such as good on level. Natures that already have in sanguine make sure they are have a capacity to perform well in front of many people or when they are on the stage. From that assertion, we can make a summary that sanguine is very suitable to become presenter or psychiatrists.

Enthusiastic and expressive: someone with sanguine quality always enthusiastic in anything, especially for thing which is has relationship with their hobbies and interests or their favorite. Their enthusiastic make sure they are always founded a good bring about every job that they do. In here, enthusiastic can be illustrate as spirit or strong desire whereas expressive is character when sanguine brave expressing their desire or their view to other folks.

Now, we will talk specific natures from sanguine attribute in job. Every one of the natures that people will discuss is related to job.

Volunteer for responsibility: sanguine is absolutely like to socialize and help their friends. In addition they like to become a volunteer. For example, if there is a job where everyone do not need to adopt that job because some reasons, sanguine will take that job happily. Another example is when they may have employment they never sigh or sluggish because sanguine is similar to to help.

Begin with amazing way: when they want to start their activity or their job they'll start it with great way. The meaning of fantastic way can be an idea which maybe other people never think about that kind of idea. That fantastic way is a good beginning on their behalf where we know in above that sanguine always success in their job.

Creative and impressive: if we discuss activity which is managed by sanguine, maybe we won't get confuse anymore because we already listen to about how they start their job, commence with fantastic way. That imagination has a big influence for their job. That is a mother nature which is has a whole lot of advantages for someone who has sanguine characteristic. If creativity is more about checking out ideas which is already is present or add more idea to make it better, impressive is where we set up new ideas or we set up breakthroughs.

Looks great on surface: we already discuss in the above mentioned about one of many natures from sanguine characteristic, which is great on level. This characteristics is the same with the nature which we already reviewed. Appears great on surface, sanguine people has a good personality which help them to have a capability to succeed before many people. They learn how to avoid or be mindful their shyness and nervous. They also understand what they need to do before many people. That is support them if indeed they want to become leader of an company.

Energetic and enthusiastic: sanguine has higher degrees of spirit in their job. That higher degrees of spirit also affect their energy in their body. If someone does employment with full soul, automatically he or she also has so many energy to finish that jib and at the end, the result to the job is actually good. This is of enthusiastic in employment is they'll always make an effort to the best. If they face a challenge or something difficult, they will not easy to give up but they could keep striving until they obtain it.

After popular in job, sanguine also popular as a friend. These are the reason for each dynamics

Friendly: we already discuss for most times that sanguine people is straightforward to have interaction and build romantic relationship with many people. Those assertion gets the same interpretation with friendly. Everybody in this world of course always want friends which is friendly. They can obtain it from sanguine. The definition of friendly is nice, kind, tolerance, adoring and understanding.

Loving people: sanguine people is really caring. They value other people plus they prefer to help them. We can not see or get coolness from the sanguine, it isn't a mother nature in them. When their friends are in distress, they will make an effort to help or solve their problems. This one of many factors why sanguine people has many friends.

Like to praised: many people like sanguine and then sanguine has so many positive characteristics in themselves so maybe it is make them like to be praised. They enjoy when there may be someone or when their friends discuss sanguine surplus. It'll give special enjoyment for sanguine visitors to notice that.

Look interested: sometimes although we have not know yet about someone's characteristics, we can easily see or assess if that individuals is interested. Many people have this surplus, maybe this is what we called as charming. Sanguine people are look interested from the exterior and they are charming without we have to know their real natures.

Easy to forgive: one more surplus from sanguine people which is they may have higher levels of affection which will make them easy to give forgiveness for someone do a blunder although they thought disadvantaged from that blunder. They also don't need much time to forgive someone, when that folks already apologize to them, they'll directly forgive that folks.

Not vindictive: this sanguine dynamics has a marriage with the previous nature. Instead of easy to provide forgiveness, sanguine people is not really a vindictive. They do not like to always remember with a blunder which is made by someone to them. If we see, natures that had by sanguine such as effortless to give forgiveness and not vindictive may become shortage for sanguine people because it can make other folks are easy to make a mistake which can provide disadvantaged to sanguine people.

Like spontaneous activity: instead of doing an activity which is already compiled at length, sanguine people is more interested with a task which is spontaneous because they feel just like they get difficult which is should be done. If they can finish that activity well, they'll feel satisfied for what they already get.

Avoid monotonous situation: natures that are had by sanguine people such as like to speak, good on level and attractive personality make people with sanguine characteristic comes with an potential to avoid boring situation. They really know what they have to do to founded interesting situation or situation which is not boring. Sanguine people also have creativeness which is also can help to set up that situation, because they'll give many ideas for that.

We already discuss all natures from sanguine attribute. From what we should know and we already discuss, we can make many conclusions about someone with sanguine characteristic. The conclusions are sanguine people has many surplus in themselves and that surplus aren't only give advantages from themselves but also for other folks. Overall, sanguine people is a nice person an many people like them. The condition is there are some surplus from sanguine people which is can change to be their surplus, such as easy to forgive.

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