Advantages And Disadvantages Of Situational Ethics Idea Essay

Situational Ethics - it was developed by Joseph Fletcher. Decision making should bottom part on circumstances of a specific situation, and fixed law shouldn't include in it. Virtually, it is "Something of ethics that evaluates operates in light of their situational context rather than by the use of moral absolutes " Besides that, situational ethics is also perceived as a Christian ethical theory. It is because its critics follow as what's written to be the moral beliefs from the Bible.

Advantages of Situational Ethics

It uses guidelines to give a construction but allows people to break guidelines to reflect life's

complexities. The quota system in Malaysia could possibly be the best example. Malaysia techniques the quota system in its education ( especially in public areas universities ), open public industries ( i. e. Polis, Hospital Servants and military), and so on. Along with the latest is football team. Within a country with combined culture, quota system should not be applied. Because of it could be a discrimination for the Chinese and Indians who are better off or who are at par alongside the Bumiputeras. The government are thinking about a removal of the system in a few of its sectors. Corresponding to Malaysian Reflection (2010), Kudat DAP chief Alex Wong advised to eliminate quota system in military. Based on Situational Ethics, if the implemente of quota system is not good or beneficial to its "Rakyat" it could be abolish as well. It really is incredible to say that 70% of bumiputera must be represented as a minimal majority.

Situation Ethics makes the important link between justice and love. Justice can be relatively achieved by somebody who fulfills each situation with a heart of love. For instance, The warfare torn Iraq during 2003 were intruded by American army. America invaded Iraq to be able to disrupt Saddam Hussein's governor and to free the Iraq people, also to end Iraq's weapons of mass destruction programs as well. People in Iraq were moving into fear by the governance of Saddam Hussein, so justice had to be done ! If America did not to intervene in this matter, would justice prevail for Saddam and his fans ( cabinet and government ) ? The people of Iraq are much better off now after his conviction. Critics blamed that the people of Iraq didn't know the Mischievous function of its " SUPREME" head. Situational Ethics associate that there surely is a link between justice and love.

Disadvantages of Situational Ethics

In most conditions (situations of normality) moral guidelines work flawlessly well. It is when

situations are extreme that the rules appear to are unsuccessful. The currently situation occurring in Egypt is most beneficial lustrate it. The united states is under corrupting now, everyone is protesting and the president of the country has lost capacity to control citizens, and denies to resign. So that the rules and regulations of the country didn't control over citizens right now, whereas personal moral guidelines which pressure the president to resign is working flawlessly well.

Can the decision to act in the most caring way be impeded by self-interest? You will find disavtange of doing thing that ourselve caring because of we mighty only do it for our own need and satifaction, and sometime we take action just for our own benefit despite other folks. There is a ship of 86 people from Dominican Republic who illegally migrant to American. Sadly, the ship's engine transpired and the captain kept his passengers by escaping the motorboat. The foodstuffs resources can maintain only three times before fifth day they began to die and people demanded breast dairy from the ladies up to speed. Two mothers agreed to nourish them but one mother who refused was disposed of cruelly to the sea. In this example, the migrants to order the mom to breast breed to satisfy their need, usually will be thrown to sea which confirmed they judged by self-interest.

The end does not always justify the means. There is a female who suffered malignancy which turned her down and to commit suicide at the retail center. her parents make an effort to convince her to claim down, to conserve her life her parents was required to rest to her that the disease can be treated. for the reason that situation, If we inform the real to her, It will result that she'd get depress which will encourage her internal brain to commit suicide.

When a situation commences and ends, Situation Ethics cannot deal with the large scale issues of public morality. because situational ethic can be apply only by self applied perception and might not exactly apply by overall in the contemporary society such example A killing case of an old man crucifies his precious wife who experienced disease in yr 2011 January in Taiwan. An 83 calendar year old man who's retired engineer laid his 79 yr old better half to swallowed sleeping supplement. When she was sleeping, the man used a screwdriver with a hammer knock on the better half until fatality. The man was arrested, he was very promise, and spoken to the media, said that "A definite conscience. " He said he cannot keep to look at his wife endured the pain of Parkinson so he killed her for a good reason.

So in line with the examination of situational ethics, we think situational ethics is not the best ethical principle to utilize.

What are a few of the problems or problems with Situational Ethics?

Problems and issues

The major problem of situational ethics is that it is hard to recognize the standard of value and define situation. The issues can be futher described by folowing

There are times when it is acceptable to disobey God. If the situation demands it, nearly every demand of God can be reserve. Relating to Jesus state that success is important than keeping the God Law. We must value what's most important among our life style. For example, doctors have to work on anytime when there isn't enough doctors to treat the patients even in the God's festival, such as Xmas. Keeping life is more important than following a God's command. We disobey god legislation when it contributes more.

The final result may be undesirable by others although when one thinks that the particular action is right thing to do. I. e. to be able to destroy Al-Qaeda after 9. 11 took place, George W. Bush made a decision to send armies to Afghanistan in 2001, although they overthrew the regimes than it, but it helped bring devastation to the people in Afghanistan. To the people Afghanistan, the overthrowing of regimes brought the societies into chaos, they could not have peaceful life. However, to Bush, it might be right action, it fulfilled his goal to overthrow the regimes of Taliba.

It can happen to be unfair for several people when the decisions require unneeded victims. I. e, in the final stage of World Conflict II, to be able to against Japan, USA fallen two atomic bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki respectively. There have been numberless residents were killed, and numerousness were afflicted by rays after bombing as well. In that situation, U. S was going to force Japan to surrender, but it killed numberless victims.

What do you think would be the best ethical process/s for your group to check out?

Utilitarianism theory is tightly linked to the school of thought of consequentialism. This means that the morality and honest value are judged based on the results of actions. In utilitarianism as stated above, activities may be consider as moral if the results is benefits to almost all or maximize positive resources. Outcome of your action that gain bulk is our main reason for choosing utilitarianism as our group guide.

First of all, we feel that benefits and good stuff should be shared together as entire rather than enjoy it alone. For example, France illegalizes the utilization of 'CFC' propellants because it depleting the earth Ozone layer which is important for our dynamics although 'CFC' propellants is easy to use and produce. The France possessed benefited most people on earth, because it allows these to have fresh air and prevent these to come in contact with the harmful ray.

Secondly, with the rationality of utilitarianism, although it sacrifices of interest of 1 section people in the world, but it benefit the people in whole society. For example, the "family planning" in China, it allows the parents only to have one young child rather than have more than one. It sacrifices the advantage of the parents who want to have significantly more than one young child, however, it regulates the population, and reduces the responsibility of large society to the modern culture and avoids the problems that will bring to society because of the large human population.

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