Are Humans By natural means Violent?

It's evident that most human beings think that war can never be avoided and then for these reason many of the societal ideas have been based on the idea that violence is part of real human nature. Human sociable, scientific thinking, spiritual and politics ideas are in essence based on proven fact that every person is born a killer. Assault is much in us that it is almost never questioned by the society and other people. As human we have a tendency to look for the reason for evil things or those that are believed to be vile for illustration violence once we neglect to look for the cause of the nice things that are going on around us. Assault is regarded as caused by annoyance and this is most beneficial explained by the hostility theory. For these reason one of the many questions in the human being minds is how violence became part folks (Senker and Gifford 8).

Violence is one of the dominant things in our civilization. Smell of warfare and assault has still left its victims lost about what some might have done to deserve such a severe treatment. As those who induced the much affliction and pain to humanity defend themselves by declaring that was all that that they had to do; we can not help it but ask yourself if violence is truly inborn in us. Even though violence is one of the better way that is applied by human being to repay their interior emptiness and stress it usually brings more injury than any good. For example those who have been victims of bombing and conflict are usually still left with a scar that can't ever disappear or cure. Its very unpleasant and difficult to loose your whole family in battle which are a few of the daily happenings in our contemporary society (Kurtz and Turpin 100).

Despite the controversies and discussion surrounding these principle there are organizations which have produce some evidence to dispel the concept of violence being perceived as innate human trait. For example UNESCO developed a statement to oppose these notion and they further planned to include their research in to the student curriculum in order to mould the teenagers in the rightful way. Sigmund Freud argues that there is a spontaneous and natural aggression energy which is reserved within humans. And in order to avoid dangerous deeds he suggests that one should do competitive athletics more often for this energy to be removed. Freud argues that those who do not do exercise are more likely to indulge into assault as a way of removing the extra energy (Senker and Gifford 10).

Many have viewed this model to be wrong since other behaviorist have indicated that the foundation of violence is something is external as opposed to internal stimulant. Some irritant external factors are thought to energize violent deeds and behavior. They support this reality by the aspect that many communities live quite nicely without any form of hostility and secondly he argues that there is no evidence to verify that there is an in build pressure within people that makes them to behave violently. On the contrary whether it's true that there is energy that accumulates within us then we aren't supposed to be competitive as Aristotle signifies in his theory. Research that is done indicate that folks become violent by constantly watching or taking part in violent deeds. That is attributed to the fact that engagement in ambitious deeds enables one to react aggressively therefore if one has not gathered violent scenes in his mind's eye because of this of viewing or practicing violent deeds they can not become violent.

Scientist concluded in 1986 that there is no scientific facts to verify that hostility and violence is inborn. Despite the fact that it cannot be clinically proven whether men are naturally violant the idea of the same is highly presented by our culture. Some dispute that family pets are normally violent and since we reveal the same ancestral brand we can not alienate ourselves out of this truth. Our history has many experiences about battle, and cruelty and at the same point the physiologist has indicated that our brains have some hormones that are related to hostility and then for these reason biologically man is created violent. It is important for humans to attract a line between themselves and family pets since humans are very sophisticated than animals. There are various aspects that are in humans which can be absent in pets. For instance humans have the ability to reason whereas pets are not in a position to critically reason (Kurtz and Turpin 57).

In spite the actual fact that science informs us about our ancestry we ought to not limit our mind to the activities of family pets. Let's not allow the animal patterns to impact our actions as a population. For these reason we ought to not allow our intuition to affect us the same manner animals are inspired. Whenever we are violent because our relatives which are pets or animals are also violent then we are not using the knowledge that we were given as humans. Alternatively animal are not very violent as much think unless they equate hunting to assault. Animals unusual form aggression groupings and when this actually happen it must be because of this of the situation pets or animals found themselves in or because of the environment. Among the list of humans you can find violate behavior but that does not give us the reason why to opinion that violence is innate. Therefore it is important for us to realize that by the fact that something is universal done will not imply that it's natural and innate. For instance, by the actual fact that several communities may be producing pottery is not an indication that there surely is a pottery gene for the reason that community (Baumeister and Bushman 306).

Therefore hostility is not a universal thing since there are some cultures which can be peaceful. For these reason humans aren't born violent due to the fact not absolutely all people are violent. It's also true that men who are incredibly primitive aren't war like; battle like personality has increased among the present day men. You can choose to be violent or peaceful and a good example is Sweden which before years was a violent region but at the moments it's scored among peaceful industrialized region. On addition assault and battle has too much to do with politics, personal interest as well as the communal environment therefore this practice has little to do with nature.

The undeniable fact that war is a prominent facet of our history does not men that battle is part of any humane aspect. Therefore whether we think that we are normally violent or not it's our decision. The opinion continues to be rooted in our society and the countless controversies about the same will still continue. Finally everyone has a responsibility to make a rightful decision. Therefore one can choose to be peaceful or violent because there is much knowledge that is bestowed upon humanity to help make the rightful decision. Our bad options and character should not be excused in the name of nature because them that succumb of the ill remain in a state of bafflement as they keep pondering about the flip of things. Life is valuable and peace is a wonderful experience that every wise person may ever miss (Baumeister and Bushman 304).

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