Caring For Parents In LATER YEARS Philosophy Essay

In society, many people do not wish to take care of their parents. That's the reason I assume that this theme is vital to be reviewed. People think it is as a hassle because they could not have enough money to aid everyone in the family. Others might not have a good or close romantic relationship with the parents, so if they were to be asked to look after them they might reject the question.

Personal View

From my understanding and experience, I feel that we should manage our parents, regardless of what the consequences. They did so much for all of us. We should manage them when they are fragile, old and need our support.

Most kid has truly gone through thick and thin with his or her parents before. Some individuals manipulate the bad thoughts with the parents and use them as motives to send their parents away as revenge.

By carrying out this, they may be channeling their negative feelings towards their parents. I disagree because they need to focus on the positive memory they have spent as well as them rather than the negative ones. Permitting them to say to you during their gold years can bring good memories to all or any.

Though my eye, I can never go back the favors for all your great and wonderful experience they have directed at me. Doing something as to ingest your parents is a tiny favor but it is best to have started rather to have not.

National View


Most Asia culture procedures family values, for example showing their kids to care for them when they have grown old. This has been given to us as a note at a very young age. When we have grown older, we then know very well what they were wanting to tell us. By then we'd have implement it to your heads to take care or them. THEREFORE I have interviewed with a few Malaysians to see what are their response. I asked them a standard question

1 In the event you take care of your parents when they have become old?

2 Any kind of disadvantage if indeed they lived along with you?

3 Do you think because of these disadvantages do you want to still manage them?

4 Do you think it benefits you as well as your parents if they lived with you?

5 Perhaps you have every argued with your parents before?

6 Do you really feel that because of these arguments you had with them do you want to still let them stick with you or will you let them be as a revenge for those arguments?


He agrees that people should take care of them because they were responsible for boosting us. Taking care of them is his way of appreciation. He believes that we now have no disadvantages for these people living with him. It benefits him more because they can help each other and exchange experience. He has argued along with his parents before but he will not think it's grounds to carry it against them. They were telling us whatever we were doing incorrect but we take it as a poor sign.

From here on I placed a circumstance that if your parents were dependent on alcohol/drugs do you want to help them or let them continue what they are doing.

Jo Teing (JT)

He agrees that people should look after them because they bought him to the world and has been discussing care and attention of him since. His downside is that there surely is less privacy but still he will care for them. It benefits him because they can manage his kids in the future and they'll be nearer to one another. Yes he has argued with them but it will not change his decision and yes he would help them get back on the right track.


She agrees that we should look after our parents since it is our liable. She says that we now have no disadvantages because they needed attention of her and they never felt as though she was a burden, so if we were not an encumbrance to them they are not a burden for all of us. It benefits here because she still can obtain the advice she needs and she'll be happily returning the things that her parents have gave her. She's argued with them but its no strong enough to leave them be, she is convinced that if she is successful it is because of them. She'd help them because if it was her that was an alcoholic or drug addict they will help her and she would do the same for the coffee lover.


She will abide by the previous interviewer Jo Teing that people should look after them, as it is our responsibility to do so when they can't do in themselves any longer. There are down sides for example if indeed they had a stroke or got paralyze, it might be trouble some but it isn't an excuse never to take care of them. She still would look after them despite having these negatives. It benefits them with techniques like she would have more family related memories rather then lonely one. She has argued with her parents however in here family they get over it quickly. She agrees with Ms Nagini that if you were in big trouble they might help you and if they're in trouble she will do the same to help.


Outside of Asia, which is the Western side has some other kind of culture. On their behalf it is not though to these to take care of their parents. The reason behind this may be that, Westerns have their liberty at a very young age. The age for westerners to get committed is at a range of 14 - 18 but also for Asia this that we are allowed to get marry reaches a variety of 18 - 21. Which means that Asians have an extended time frame to remain will our parents rather then the westerners. So I have interviewed some individuals outside of Malaysia.



He agrees that we should take care of because they're to weak to do work so we ought to help them. He says that it is a downside because they'll be old to help him. He says that we now have benefits if indeed they stayed with him. From what he said he has argued with them but he'll take care of them.



He believes that people should take care of our parents because they did a great deal for him and thanks to them he is here. There are many disadvantages for them coping with you but because they're old plus they need someone to take care of them. If he can do it himself he'd. He thinks that it will not advantage him or them because he would be out working the benefit he sees is that, if someone else manages them all the time. He has argued with them but he is older now and he would not make a huge deal out of it.

From here on I put the situation.



She agrees that we should look after our parents because they are caring for her since she was young. The downside is that you will see less freedom nevertheless they can help her care for her kids but if they are fine living by themselves, it's fine with here. It'll advantage but it depends upon the situation. She has argued with her parents before but it not that big a offer on her behalf. She thinks if the problem has gone out or control she'd send them to an old people but if can be managed she'd help them.



He agrees that we should look after our parents since it is our work as their child. He says that it's not a disadvantage because if what you are is exactly what they have done then that's that. He says that it's an advantage because they can given you the mental support. It could benefit both of these but it is determined by their get older/health nonetheless they can help him giving some advice if he needs it. He has argued with them before but he says that maybe that they had another view of what he was doing incorrect but he could not see it. He'd not keep it against them because at the end he knows they were right. He would help his parents but using an indirect way for them to bring it up but if nothing happens he'd go ahead with the direct methodology but with a very soft tone.

As a final result, after everything that they had gone through with one another, Irrespective of where you are from they will still manage their parents.

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