Coaching - methodology for effective problem solving - Research methodology

Coaching - Methodology for Effective Problem Solving

Coaching - "instructing, inspiring, training for special purposes, preparing for specific tasks") is a system of principles and techniques that promote development of the potential of the individual, as well as ensuring maximum disclosure and effective implementation of this potential. The main task of coaching is to facilitate the adoption and realization by the person of conscious and responsible decisions on problem issues.

Coaching was widely used in business management in the early 1990s. as:

• technology moving from the zone of problems to the zone of its effective solution;

• A system that allows you to see, feel new approaches and opportunities, reveal the potential of the learner, find an unusual solution to the problem;

• a special interaction between the learner and the coach, where the latter does not act as a consultant, does not give advice and recommendations for solving the problem, but promotes the student's potential discovery;

• a process aimed at achieving goals in various areas of life and based on knowledge, logic, life experience.

Thus, the main goal of coaching as a creative method is to help the learner to independently find a solution to the task. A distinctive feature of coaching is that the coach helps the learner to find his own solution, and does not solve the problem for him. Therefore, the coach need not necessarily be an expert in the field of problem situations, but he must be an expert in how to help others in revealing their own capabilities.

Coaching is primarily a tool for increasing the personal effectiveness of an employee. This term combines two different directions, which have much in common, but nevertheless differ from each other.

The first direction: coaching as a management style in the company. It implies a special relationship between leaders and subordinates. The role of the coach is performed by the head himself. The goal is to increase the efficiency of the work of employees.

The second direction: the method of individual work with senior managers. Typically, for him to invite a specialist coach from the outside. This method is especially popular. Partly this is due to the fact that such a service is actively promoted by consulting companies. In addition, many top managers need an incentive or a hint for further development, but, for example, training firms can not meet such needs - most of the trainings are designed at best to average management. An alternative would be the Executive MBA programs of Western business schools, but not all managers are fluent in English. Discussing their problems with the team members, many managers are simply not ready. In this case, it makes sense to use coaching. It is believed that the coach helps to understand what the person is inefficient, and together with it finds development opportunities.

Coaching is built on discoveries that are mostly made in other areas. It can be considered as an integrated collection of effective principles, technologies, techniques and methods for teaching problem solving.

Coaching begins in counseling and therapy, mentoring, training, managerial consulting. However, it is not aimed at analyzing problems and difficulties, but on finding solutions and improving the performance of professional activities.

In the XXI century. coaching has spread widely in all economically developed countries. He especially found application in the field of human resource management ( HR -management). Singapore and Hong Kong are experiencing a boom in personal coaching. Almost at every enterprise, whose managers care about stability and developing business, there is an official position of coach-coach. Its technology helps people grow up on themselves, learn new skills and achieve great success. Personal and corporate goals became more conscious and coherent. Coaching is called the profession of the XXI century. It develops in several areas: personal coaching, professional coaching, business coaching, corporate coaching, etc.

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