Man in the Rays of the Universe - Philosophy

Man in the Universe

Along with the considered dimensions of man, one can also speak of its cosmic dimension: we exist precisely these afterwards) that the Universe is that, and the Universe is what it is, what it is created. We exist in it on the planet Earth, and it is part of the universe. The cosmos is, as it were, conceived taking into account the birth and existence of man, and the conditions of being are, as it were, prepared for the living on Earth and man as his peak.

Who among us does not feel fusion with nature, does not feel the hidden meaning of the natural elements? We experience a sense of the unity of our being and cosmic boundlessness every second. A person can not regard himself as a being free from relations reigning in nature, for he himself is also a natural being - his social essence does not remove his natural principle. Man, like any other living entity, has its own habitat, which is peculiarly refracted in it in the interaction of all its components. Recently, in the sciences of man, the fact of the influence of the environment on the state of the body, the psyche, which determines the feeling of comfort or discomfort, is becoming increasingly recognized. The philosophical comprehension of a person would be substantially incomplete without considering it in the system "man-Universe".

Our life is more dependent on the phenomena of nature than we think. We live on a planet in the depths of which a lot of yet unknown processes affecting us are constantly bubbling, and it itself, like a kind of grain of sand, rushes in its circular motions in the cosmic abysses. Dependence of the state of the human body on natural processes - temperature fluctuations, geomagnetic field oscillations, solar radiation, etc. - is reflected most often on his nervous-mental state and in general on the state of the body. Different places of the Earth are more or less favorable for humans. For example, the influence of the benevolent underground radiations can help relieve nervous stress or alleviate some of the body's ailments. Most of the natural influences on the human body are still unknown, science has recognized only a negligible fraction of them. So, it is known that if a person is placed in a nonmagnetic medium, he immediately dies.

Man exists in the system of interaction of all forces of nature and experiences from it the most different influences. Emotional balance is possible only on the condition of physiological and psychological adaptation of man to the natural world, and since man is first and foremost a social being, he can adapt to nature only through society. The social organism acts within the framework of nature, and the oblivion of this severely punishes a person. If the value orientations of the society are not aimed at harmony with nature, but, on the contrary, isolate the person from it, preaching the ugly expanded urbanism, then the person who takes this value orientation becomes sooner or later a victim of his own value orientation. In addition, it creates a kind of environmental vacuum, as if a lack of scope of activity, and no social conditions can compensate a person for psychological losses associated with "alienation" from nature. Being not only a social being, but also a biological being, a person just as he would have died without a society of people will perish without communicating with nature. In this sense, both social and natural forces act mercilessly.

The concept of nature is not limited to the sphere of the Earth, but includes the cosmos as a whole. The Earth is not a cosmic body that is not isolated in the universe. In modern science it is firmly established that life on Earth has arose from the influence of cosmic processes. It is quite natural that any living organism interacts in some way with the Cosmos. Thus, solar storms and associated electromagnetic disturbances affect cells, nervous and vascular systems of the body, the state of health of a person, his psyche. We live in unison with the entire cosmic sphere, and any change in it responds to our condition. The problem of inscription living organisms in the context of energy-information interactions occurring in the universe, is being intensively developed. There is an assumption that not only the emergence of life on Earth, but also the second-running functioning of living systems can not be separated from constant interaction with various kinds of radiations (known and not yet known) coming from outer space.

We are brought up on a rather limited view of life as a result of the game of the elemental forces of earthly sojourn. But this is far from being what intuitively understood the thinkers of the distant past who viewed man in the context of the entire universe as a microcosm within the macrocosm. This inscription man and all living things in the context of the universe, his dependence on all events taking place in him has always been expressed in mythology, in religion, in astrology, in philosophy, in scientific views, and in general in all human wisdom. It is possible that life is much more dependent on the influence of the forces of the cosmos than we think. And the dynamics of these forces forces all cells of a living organism, without exception, and not only the heart to beat in unison with the "cosmic heart" in infinite harmony with celestial bodies and processes, of course, above all with those that are closest to us - with the planets and the Sun. The rhythms of the Cosmos exert a tremendous influence on the dynamics of the change in the biofields of plants, animals and man. Our time is characterized by increased attention not only to cosmic problems, but to the same extent to the microcosm. An amazing rhythmic uniformity is discovered, suggestive of the universality of rhythmic structures. Apparently, there is a relatively synchronous pulse beating in the macro- and microcosm, including in the energy systems of the human body.

In this respect, the views of KE Tsiolkovsky, VI Vernadsky, and AL Chizhevskii seem to us relevant and perspicacious. Their ideas are that we are surrounded on all sides by cosmic energy streams that come to us, overcoming huge distances, from stars, planets and the Sun. According to Chizhevsky, solar energy is not the sole creator of the realm of life on Earth in all its lower and higher levels of structural organization and functioning. The energy of cosmic bodies immensely removed from us and their associations was of great importance in the origin and evolution of life on our planet. All the cosmic bodies, their systems and all the processes taking place in the infinite distances of the universe, in one way or another constantly influence all the inorganic and living things on Earth, including the human: "... Somewhere in deep underground, in underground seams of human thought, observations of great importance accumulate little by little and the initial impulses of grandiose generalizations of the future ripen. And if someone, standing on the surface of this living ocean, is angrily and angrily laughing at attempts to connect the world of astronomy and the world of biological phenomena, then in the depths of human consciousness, for many millennia, the belief that these two worlds are undoubtedly connected with one another is maturing. And this faith, gradually enriched by observations, passes into knowledge. We are no longer surprised by the most amazing discoveries

Q. I. Vernadsky introduced the term noosphere to denote the realm of life and intelligence on our planet. The noosphere is the natural environment of a person who exerts a formative influence on him. The combination in this concept of two points - biological (living) and social (reasonable) is the basis of an expanded understanding of the term "environment". There is no reason to regard the noosphere as a purely terrestrial phenomenon, it can also have a general cosmic scale. Life and reason, apparently, are also in other worlds, so that man as a particle of the noosphere is a social-planetary-cosmic being.

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