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Motion as an attribute of existing

The great Aristotle, wondering whether there was once a movement or whether it always was and always will, came to the conclusion that the movement is indestructible and inherent in things as something immortal and unceasing, being a kind of life for everything that exists. Contemplation of the eternal movement of being can cause a deep religious feeling:

In space, the chorus of the spheres is enveloped, The sun gives its voice, Completing with a thundering rush The prescribed cycle. The angels of the Lord marvel at the whole limit. As on the first day, and today, the glory of God's deeds is immense.

The world does not have a "weekend", it never "gets tired": the wheel of what exists is forever spinning! Quietly moving juices in plants, and the plants themselves spread out, twist, rush to the sky; animals walk, run, fly, swim, crawl, jump. The myriad of stars that we admire on a clear night and that seem to be motionless move in a complex manner with colossal velocities: along with their satellites revolving around them, they rotate around their axis and participate in the rotation of the entire galaxy around its axis, and various parts of the galaxy have different periods of rotation. In turn, the Pasha Galaxy moves relative to other galaxies. And with this bizarre curve, but with which the carousel of the world is spinning, there is no end: they go into the abyss of being. "First of all, the circular movement really seems to be the most widespread in the world and especially significant; everything revolves around something and revolves around its axis - the galaxy and the nebula, the stars, the sun and the planet, atoms and electrons ... even photons and those do not seem to constitute an exception. "

At a certain stage of its evolution, some stars explode, flare up with mighty cosmic fireworks. Our Sun is a future fiery hurricane. Its entire surface is excited, bubbling and erupting. The colossal fire waves move along an agitated solar surface. Huge fountains of flames - prominences-beat hundreds of thousands of kilometers in height. Giant currents of internal heat, discharged to the surface of the Sun, pour into the space in the form of radiation: And the sun splashes with a handful // My own rain on me (S. Yesenin).

Movement is innumerable in many ways. For example, in the organisms of animals and humans, complex physiological processes are taking place: bioenergies and bioinformation are flowing in orderly streams. The heart, pushing the blood through the vessels, beats, not ceasing for a single minute, and so all life. The man himself moves, mastering space; creates various spatial forms in the process of labor. Human society is a complex dynamic system in which everything moves, interacts, fights. From this movement, history develops. The searching thought is unstoppable: creative innovation is also a movement - in the sense of moving forward. At a completely different level of existence, the molecules and atoms from which the bodies are composed oscillate relative to one another or are displaced. Inside the atoms, elementary particles move, sometimes with enormous velocities. Numerous vibrating fields permeate space.

Cosmic rays plow the universe in all directions, from them, as in the ocean from the water, there is nowhere to hide: they are that cosmic ocean of rarefied matter, through the storms and stitches of which our little Earth is floating. Everywhere, everywhere traffic! ..

Summarizing all the empirical and theoretical experience, the observation of generations, philosophy affirms: "Movement in all its diversity is the mode of being of all material and spiritual," the immanent activity of being, its eternal "torments" and "anxiety", a relentless impulse, a desire for change of place and state. To be is to change, move. In the world, everything is composed and disintegrated, and there is never something forever finished: everything in the world is in a continuous flow that does not allow anything to take forever fossilized form. You can not even imagine that something in your being suddenly numb and stiffens in absolute dumbness, for movement can be defined as that part of being that does not reduce to pure identity. Motion is a change, the antithesis of equality .

Thinking about the eternal nonstop movement came into philosophy in ancient times. Gorgius also said: what exists does not exist! It in fact at every moment changes its state, form, content, position in space and in the stream of time. In the ancient world, this idea with astonishing force was expressed by Heraclitus: panthers - Everything flows & quot ;! Is it possible to overestimate this maximum? Brilliant all flows! pronounced Heraclitus - and the molten crystal of the eleatic being rushed with an eternal stream. Heraclitus subordinated both being and non-existence to change, to motion: everything flows! nothing remains motionless, the same; all - whether quickly, quietly - moving, mutating, transforming, fluctuating between being and nothingness. "

The sun is constantly being updated. In the same river can not enter twice: we are already flowing new water (Heraclitus). One can not touch the same body twice: our bodies flow like streams, and the substance is renewed in them, like the air we breathe. The world is conceived as a single stream, eternal emergence and disappearance: some things go away, others come; some blossom, others wither and dry up; some become stronger, others weaken; The cold warms, the warm colder, the wet dries, the dry moistens; some things are created, formed, others are destroyed. Formed with time again transformed. Everything constantly passes from one state to another. Appearance and disappearance, life and death, birth and death - being and non-being constantly pass into each other. Change, origin, disappearance is an endless process of transition from non-existence to being, and vice versa: something that does not exist, or disappears what it was. Everywhere birth and death everywhere!

Heraclite's choice of fire becomes clear as a primary star. Fire as the visible form of the combustion process is the most appropriate definition for the element, understood as a substance, for which it is characteristic that it is an eternal process, blazing. the dynamics of existence. Everything moves and nothing abides - this is the general principle of everything. The idea of ​​absolute movement leads us to the idea of ​​real being only in the form of being, as it were, of a guest stay. In the human plane, it is the elegiac thought that we are all guests in the this world, the idea of ​​the temporality and transience of our here finding. The inscription on the tombstone "You're on a visit, and I'm at home" limiting, concise and profoundly philosophical: from perpetual motion we turn to eternal rest.

So, the idea of ​​movement has its own subtleties. There is movement local, i.e. moving in space, changing the location. Another kind of movement is also a change, but not of its location in space, but of a change in quality, state. There is also a movement in the domain of being - appearance this object and its disappearance, leaving the scene of its being behind the "backstage" his nothingness: something was and he was not.

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