Movement, Space and Time - Fundamentals of Philosophy


The world is in constant motion - it does not have "weekend days" for rest.

Movement - This is the way of existence of being. Being means being in motion, changing. There are no immutable things, properties and relationships in the world. The world is composed and decomposed, it is never something complete. Movement is uncreatable and indestructible. It is not imported from outside. The movement of the existent is self-movement in the sense that the tendency, the impulse to change of a state is inherent in reality itself - it is the cause of itself. Since motion is uncreatable and indestructible, it is absolute, immutable and universal, manifesting itself in the form of concrete forms of motion.

If the absolute movement is due to its universality, then relativity - a specific form of its manifestation. The forms and types of movement are diverse. They correspond to the levels of the structural organization of existence. Thus, elementary particles are carriers of various processes of interconversion, elements of the atomic nucleus - carriers of the nuclear form of motion, elements of the atom - carriers of the intra-atomic form of motion, elements of molecules and molecular compounds - carriers of the chemical form of motion, etc., up to the social form, which in the series of known forms of motion is the highest.

Movement of any thing is carried out only in relation to some other thing. The concept of the movement of an individual body is pure nonsense. To study the movement of an object, you need to find a reference frame - another object , relative to which you can view the motion of interest to us.

In an endless stream of never ceasing movement of a being, there are always instants of stability, manifested primarily in the preservation of the state of motion, and also in the form of equilibrium of phenomena and relative rest. Whatever the subject , as long as it exists , it retains its certainty. The river does not cease to be a river due to the fact that it flows - the existence of the river and lies in its current. To find absolute rest means to cease to exist. Everything that is relatively at rest inevitably participates in any movement and, ultimately, in its endless forms of manifestation in the universe. Rest is always only visible and relative.

Space and time

All bodies have a certain length - length, width, height. They are arranged in different ways relative to each other, forming parts of the goy or the other system. Space is a form of coordination of coexisting objects , states of matter. It consists in the fact that objects are located outside each other side, bottom, top, inside, rear, front, etc.) and are in certain quantitative relationships. The order of coexistence of these objects and their states forms the structure of space.

Phenomena are characterized by the duration of existence, the sequence of stages of development. Processes are committed either simultaneously, or one earlier or later than the other; such as, for example, the relationship between day and night, winter and spring, summer and autumn. All this means that the bodies exist and move in time. Time is the form of coordination of changing objects and their states. It consists in the fact that each state is a consecutive link of the process and is in definite quantitative relations with other states. The order of changing these objects and states forms a time structure.

Space and time are universal forms of existence, coordination of objects. The universality of these forms of being consists in the fact that they are the forms of being of all objects and processes that have been, are and will be in an endless world. Not only the events of the external world, but all feelings, thoughts occur in space and time. In the world everything stretches and lasts. Space and time have their own characteristics. The space has three dimensions - length, width and height, and time is only one - a direction from the past through the present to the future.

Space and time exist objectively, their existence regardless of consciousness. Their properties and patterns are also objective, they are not always a product of the subjective thought of a person.

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