Peculiarities of preparation for a research seminar...

Peculiarities of preparation for a research seminar

An integral part of the research practice is a research seminar. It is an active form of research work and provides operational interaction between scientists and undergraduates.

The purpose of this seminar is to publicly discuss your research work and build the skills of scientific communications among undergraduates.

Based on the goal, the scientific seminar solves the following problems:

1) getting acquainted with the current problems of undergraduates in the scale of the chosen training program;

2) the formation of skills in the development of scientific findings and research work

3) public discussion and presentation of interim research findings;

4) approbation of scientific results by undergraduates (in the form of scientific reports).

Direct participation in a research seminar allows you to acquire missing core competencies:

• ability to master the skills of scientific and public speech;

• the ability to justify the theoretical and practical significance, as well as the relevance of the chosen research topic;

• Ability to independently use and acquire new knowledge and skills;

• Ability to independently conduct research in accordance with the program;

• the ability to present research results in the form of a report or an article to researchers;

• Ability to self-use and master new research methods;

• the ability to develop and improve your overall cultural and intellectual level;

• The ability to critically evaluate and generalize the results obtained by foreign and domestic scientists.

General management the seminar is carried out by the dean of the faculty of magistracy (director of the institute of magistracy). The scientific supervisor carries out the scientific management of the research seminar. On the scale of a separate program, the overall leadership is exercised by the head of this master's program. According to the master's program for scientific management of the seminar, a supervisor from the graduating department is appointed. This research seminar is planned for the entire period of study for each master's program. The draft plan of the scientific seminar is developed with the participation of leading scientists and is discussed at the meeting of the graduating department.

The draft plan of the research seminar consists of:

• from the date and subject of the conference;

• forms of holding;

• Recommended categories of undergraduates involved in the seminar;

• Information about the scientists involved in the seminar;

• a detailed plan for the seminar;

• practical recommendations for the preparation for the seminar.

The coordination and preparation of the draft seminar plan should be completed within the set time. Then the plan is reviewed and approved by the scientific and methodological council of the magistracy. If necessary, simultaneously with the approval of the plans of the research seminar of undergraduates of the first year of study, the plans of undergraduates of the second year of study are adjusted.

After the approval of the preparation plans but the programs for the preparation of masters, they should be published on the university's website and brought to the attention of undergraduates and teachers.

The research seminar is included in the curriculum for the preparation of undergraduates and is an obligatory form of lecture classes for undergraduates. It is held at the end of each semester of training, starting with the second. The exact dates are determined depending on the training programs. The subjects of the issues considered at the seminar are developed on the basis of the direction of scientific research and within the framework of specific master's programs.

The research seminar is conducted as part of the training program. It can be done in the following forms :

• Scientific conference;

• Discussion of the results of scientific research;

• Round tables;

• disputes;

• business games;

• lectures by leading scientists.

Based on the results of the research seminar, the final attestation is carried out in the form of a test. The decision on certification is made by the scientific leader of the seminar.

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