Substantial field (vepolny) analysis, Criticism of...

Substantial field (left) analysis

Vepol (substance + field) is a model of interaction in a minimal system using characteristic symbolism.

F. S. Altshuller has developed methods for analyzing resources. A few of the principles he discovered openly examine various substances and fields for resolving contradictions and increasing the ideality of technical systems. For example, the teletext uses a television signal to transmit data, filling in small intervals between television frames in the signal.

Another technique that is widely used by inventors is the analysis of substances, fields and other resources that are not used and that are in or near the system.

As it was said in the previous paragraph, ARIZ is a step-by-step program (sequence of actions) to identify and resolve contradictions, i.e. solving of inventive problems (about 85 steps).

ARIZ includes the program itself, as well as information support, fed from the information fund, methods of managing psychological factors that are part of the methods of developing creative imagination (RTV).

There are other approaches that help the inventor to reveal his creative potential. Most of these methods are heuristic. All of them were based on psychology and logic, and none of them pretend to be a scientific theory (unlike TRIZ).

Criticism of TRIZ

However, TRIZ has some disadvantages:

• There is no general methodology for solving problems, despite attempts to form it based on certain patterns of technology development;

• the dialectical approach is distorted due to the introduction of some new concepts that require additional arguments;

• the appearance of new ARIZ modifications complicates the algorithm instead of eliminating the inaccuracies;

• the mechanisms of transitions from the formulated contradiction to its solution, suitable for real problems, are not found;

• many TRIZ tools were a search of options, despite the declaration of rejection of them;

• use in the vernal analysis of physical fields, the existence of which is not proven;

• The complexity of introducing TRIZ into production due to strong dependence on a person's personal choice.

Modern TRIZ includes several schools that develop classical TRIZ and add new directions that are not in the classics.

Deeply developed technical core of TRIZ (techniques, ARIZ, vepolny analysis) remains practically unchanged, and the activities of modern schools are aimed mainly at rethinking, restructuring and promoting TRIZ; has more philosophical and promotional than technical, character.

In this regard, modern schools of TRIZ are often reproached (both from the outside and from one another) in inefficiency. TRIZ is actively used in the field of advertising, business, art, early development of children, etc., although initially it was designed for technical creativity.

Classical TRIZ is a general technical version. For practical use in technology, it is necessary to have a lot of specialized versions of TRIZ, differing among themselves in the nomenclature and content of information funds. Some large corporations use TRIZ elements adapted to their fields of activity. It seems that for application in the conditions of startups it is necessary to create a special version of TRIZ, adapted to the process of active commercialization

Currently, there are no specialized versions of TRIZ for stimulating discoveries in the field of science (physics, chemistry, biology, etc.).

The main obstacle in the development of TRIZ is the lack of a methodology for analyzing the initial problem situation, diagnosing and forecasting problems as a source of setting goals for improvements in socio-technical systems. To overcome this shortcoming, the development of a modern methodology of futurodization - "designing solutions adequate to the future" - is aimed at.

One of the trends in technical progress is the aggravation of the struggle for copyrights of product developers. Therefore, there is a growing demand for innovative activities of personnel and, accordingly, for methodological and software support of these works. From this perspective, we need to expand the database with a full range of theoretical approaches. Meanwhile, Altshuller's heirs reject any deviations from the position in the original source. They naturally have the right to insist on their interpretation of the name "TRIZ and at the same time act and appeal to humanitarian environments and aspects, to pedagogy with art and up to memoirs. An alternative is loyalty to new approaches, born of new, recently emerged conditions and realities that support TRIZ as a brand of theoretical developments.

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